PS 5-11-17 Financial, Cabal

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In addition to the Sections below, I found these 4 pages of information to contain some helpful information but it’s very late right now and I’m too tired to see how they fit in with my and Sylvia’s current Mission of helping to remove the “Veil”:

Question everything.



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This 1-hour video is an interview with Karen Hudes, whistleblower of the Cabal’s world financial system.

Although some of this information is “background”, some of it is current. She covers these topics:

  • World banking cartel
  • Global Debt Facility
  • Global Collateral Accounts
  • the world’s (the “people’s”) gold
  • the IRS
  • the Federal Reserve
  • International Monetary Fund
  • the World Bank
  • the almost detonation of a bomb in South Carolina
  • England is considering impeaching Tony Blair
  • Global Transition Model
  • “911”
  • the gold stored under the Twin Towers
  • and more.

She does state: “…that banking cartel is going to be history, in VERY short order.”

They also say…

  • In the “Wizard Of Oz”, Dorothy wore “silver” shoes and they followed the “yellow” (gold) brick road. The banking cartel wants you to watch the Viewing Screen (she says “that’s the main stream media”) but where we are today… is that everyone is now looking behind the curtain.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In this 53-minute video, Clif High explains his software’s predictive-analysis beginnings.

I’m including this because around the 44-minute mark, he mentions that the “deep state” / “Cabal” are now afraid of something and it’s Time is quickly approaching.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: