PS 8-28-15 Clock, Salusa, Solar

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This information is from Daniel Teague. He’s a “walk-in” and, since that Time, has had special dreams, the ability to do psychic healings and is in contact with a few Star Visitors.

This is his message… Posted on August 28th:

  • “Have you ever said you feel like time is going by too fast?”
  • “During a deep meditative state on August 19th 2015 Daniel Teague received information from a guide on a light ship that the 24 hour Earth clock has been eliminated.  Please transition to the Arcturian 36 hour daily cycle. Daniel was unsure if this was only meant for him?”
  • “On August 20th 2015 a being named Sphinx from Arcturus came to Daniel. Sphinx said “this change should slowly be awoken to all Starseeds and humans. We understand this change will come with hesitation but will be viewed and reviewed”.”
  • “It is obvious a galactic event is coming but it’s unclear exactly what will happen. Please prepare to act when you feel the moment has arrived.”

My comment: This is yet another Source of information who is pointing to the same TimeFrame as a lot of other information relayers… “September”… but are we still being deceived?…

  • …Is the Cabal simply “mind-feeding” those people the false information they want them to spread?… or
  • …are the “Sources” simply picking a current “New Age” topic and echoing it to the Masses?… or…
  • …Is all of this real and we’re about to step through the “Veil”? Only Time will tell.

I couldn’t find anything which explains how this new “36-hour day” works… do we simply insert “36” hours in place of our current “24-hour Earth rotation” or is each “new hour” made up of (for instance)72-minutes? If so, how long is a “new minute”?

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to his interview with Alexandra Meadors:

Here’s the link to his personal website:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”.

My comment: The 1st paragraph, which I didn’t include here, seems to “me”, to be somehow disconnected to a “positive” Channel. I was really surprised when I read this statement:

  • “It could have been so different had you accepted that you are your Brother’s keeper…”

I thought the phrase “your brother’s keeper” meant you are poking your nose into someone else’s situation when you should simply be keeping your own life in order.

Maybe I’m just not understanding this correctly.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “There is a grand sorting out that at this time is elevating all aspects of the Light. There will come a time quite soon, when the Light has risen to such a level that it literally leaves the lower vibrations behind. It means that any soul that has not ascended will move to another cycle that continues to meet their needs. All works out perfectly in the end so there is no need to worry about the future of any particular soul.”
  • ” You can of course help yourselves by keeping calm and focussed on the Light. You may read of many frightening occurrences around the world but that is inevitable when cleansing is taking place. Plus the fact that the Press enjoys exaggerating conditions by using very emotive words. The dark Ones also enjoy creating fear, as the energy feeds their lower energies and draws more people into them.”
  • “The Galactic Federation is at the ready for instructions to round up the dark Ones, who are no longer the force they were. They are now very restricted in what they can do and are unable to proceed with their plans to take over the Earth.”
  • “Soon events will occur that will indicate what is coming.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is a bit strange. I found this through 1 of the alternative news “digest” sites I use for feedback. Someone on THAT site found something on a New Zealand website and Posted this:

  • “Sky Television in New Zealand has issued a warning to expect solar disruption in 8 – 14 days from now. Sky TV has issued a warning to expect signal disruption due to solar interference and that viewers may receive a ‘Blue’ screen and ‘No Signal’ message. This will be caused by the ‘position of the sun in the sky’. We are unsure if this ‘position’ will be different to the normal ‘position’ of the Sun, no other indication has been given by Sky TV as to why this ‘position’ will cause outages.”
  • “The warning states that this will occur from September 5th through until September 11 between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:20pm local time.”
  • “Do Sky TV have the ability to see into the future and predict solar activity that has not yet taken place or have they be warned to prepare by others with knowledge of the future ?  Is this something to do with the 500 days and other predictions for the month of September. When did Sky develop the technology to see solar activity that has not taken place yet.”
  • “This warning is also in the printed edition of the online publication. This edition of the ‘SkyWatch’ TV listing guide states clearly to expect disruptions and was delivered to customers several weeks ago. This would indicate that Sky TV New Zealand has had at least 3 – 4+  weeks of advanced warning to expect problems with the Sun.”

My comment: In order to see if the television station’s information was real, I “backed into” it by searching for the name of that station, which is “sky tv”, and navigating through THAT site to the same page quoted by the person on the “digest” site.

Of course, you should do your own research.

This brings up a few mind-bending questions:

  • So how could a television company know something about the Sun 3-weeks before it happens?
  • Why would that television station tell its customers: “You may see a “No Signal” message on your screen and be unable to view some services during the 2pm – 5.20pm window each day.”. How can they know, so accurately, that this “problem” will last until “5:20pm”?… Not 5pm or 5:30pm but “5:20”?

Also, this statement by the station doesn’t make sense:

  • “Between 5th – 11th September 2015 the service will be affected intermittently between 1pm and 5.20pm 2pm and 7pm.”


Question everything.

Here’s the link to the “digest” page:

Here’s the direct link to the New Zealand page:

PS 8-27-15 *Ships, Soul

*First a comment:

If you know someone who’s dealing with “hospice” or the “crossing-over” of a Loved One, I’ve written-out some of Sylvia and my experiences on this and placed them on the “Hospice and Grief” page of our new Blogsite:

We’ve also created an “Explorations” page, which contains some interesting sayings and a few (non-physical) exercises. (Clicking the various “Crystals” will reveal that particular “Lesson” [“exercise”].)

This was a light information day. I did look at several articles and video interviews but I didn’t feel that any of them were needed in this eMail tonight.

With that said, there’s a 3-hour audio interview of Host Michelle Walling, which is called: “Cosmic Awakening Show- How To Prepare For Wave X With Dr. Simon Atkins”. I almost included it but didn’t. I’m just mentioning it here in case someone feels drawn to listen:

Here’s the link:

Today, while eating lunch, Sylvia brought-up the “possible” scenario of “StarShips landing”…

  • She showed me… The “Cabal’s” Ships will land only “IF” an Earth-wide catastrophe is permitted to happen. These Ships will land and state that they are here to save Humanity. All Humans are to get onboard and will be taken to safety until the Earth is once again inhabitable. All of this is how everyone will know this a game being played by the “Cabal” and no one should enter those Ships.
  • Sylvia also showed me another situation… In this, our Star Visitor “families” and “friends” do land but instead of stating that they must “take you to safety”, they will explain that they are here to help heal the Earth AND to provide you with an education… a real education of the Earth’s true history, how Humanity came to be and how to use the advanced technologies they will be making available to us.

So, in these scenarios, there is s very clear difference of how to tell which Ships are truly friendly.

  • Note to the Cabal:
  • If you cause any harm to the Earth or Humanity, in order to bring-out your exotic Ships, remember this…
  • We are the “99-percent”. We are now awake. If this scenario unfolds, we will capture your mindless slaves, destroy your holographic projections and keep your Ships from taking any Humans and even from leaving the atmosphere.
  • “IF” any of your Ships escape us, take a look at the skies above you and you’ll notice OUR MANY friends in “high places”. These are REAL Ships and will simply disable all of your craft.
  • So what’s it going to be… you go peacefully, but with more delays on your part, or do you pull the final Card out from your sleeve and reveal yourselves out in the open… allowing us to disable everything you’ve been controlling us with?
  • Guess what? Either way, we win!


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This helpful article is called: “12 Things Your Soul Wants You to Remember”. I wasn’t certain that this article needed to be included tonight. Then I saw a line, that was so well-put, I knew I had to include this information. The line is:

  • ““You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body”- C.S Lewis”

The information is too long to include here. So I’m going to list the 12 topics and let you visit the following page to read the details provided for each. (I included the text for number “12” and I think the quote in number “8” is very insightful. So I also included that.)

  • 1. You are exactly where you a supposed to be.
  • 2. Everything is temporary
  • 3. Everything you need is already within you
  • 4.You’re OK just as you are
  • 5. Self Worth is measured by you, and only you
  • 6. When times get tough, change your perspective
  • 7. Live in the Present
  • 8. Release Your Fears
  • “Fear knocked,  love answered and no one was there.”- unknown
  • 9. Release Your Need for Control
  • 10. Remember Where You Come From
  • 11. Accept
  • 12. You are never alone.
  • It is said that Albert Einstein believed that there was indeed an alternate reality or another world, beyond our own vision. As the physical eyes were only capable of viewing the 3D spectrum in a limited amount of colors.

What is beyond the veil of our physicality is energy. Immense energy, sometimes you can feel it, other times you may pick up slight irregularities. We are never truly alone. You are always surrounded by the unseen, and if and when you choose to call out, trust me, you might just be surprised with an answer.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-26-15 *Earth, Cobra, Ships, Dimension

*First a few comments:

This morning, while Sylvia and I were getting ready to go to work, my mind drifted to thoughts of “the shape of the Earth”…

My thoughts, this morning, pulled-in these puzzle pieces:

  • • “IF”, as some say, “NASA” has lied to us about EVERYTHING, then this is a valuable piece to consider.
  • • From many different Sources, over hundreds of years, it’s been said that: “All things are possible”.
  • • Let’s also assume that all of the reasons, each “shape-based theory”, are true.
  • • Another puzzle-piece I’d like throw into this mix is that… some say the “Earth” and all its inhabitants have been living in the 4th dimension for several years now.
  • • Sylvia reminded me of a special puzzle-piece which may help us understand all this… Many years ago, she read somewhere that Humans / the physical body (maybe “animals” also) process various diseases throughout their existence. It’s just something these “Units” do… similar to the food we eat… our bodies don’t utilize all of the particles we consume. It simply processes what it needs “at that Time” and allows the rest to continue on its journey to the outside (of our bodies).
  • • The last piece that “I’ can think of is that we must keep an “open mind” about this.

So, where does that bring us?

  • Considering all these aspects, what if ALL of them were true? What if “Time” and the “physical” aspects of this planet are constantly changing?… and what if the 4th dimensional properties causes the “inner-Earth”, “flat-Earth” and “concave-Earth” to either exist at the same Time or to fluctuate between them?
  • We wouldn’t sense these changes because we’re used to them. This would be similar to riding in a car for the 1st Time… We notice every turn, acceleration and braking. After several trips, we “typically” begin to “adjust-to” and “ignore” them.

I’m not saying any of this is true. I’m saying that we all need to pitch-in and create “mind-opening ideas” that we can all examine and learn from. If we simply take the Cabal’s “science”, “math” and “medicine” for granted, by building our “new ideas” on their “half-truths”, we will fail before we begin.

By stepping outside the box 1st AND THEN building on THOSE ideas we will begin to put this puzzle together and eventually remove the “Veil”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

  • This is Cobra’s “Planetary Update”:
  • “Planetary Situation Update”
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The majority of sublunar operations have been completed, the focus is now clearing the Chimera group and their plasma exotic technologies from the surface of the planet.”
  • “One of those technologies are miniature plasma chambers, put into most of cell phones, personal computers and wi-fi routers since a few years ago. The function of those plasma chambers is to reinforce the Veil and they will be removed soon.”
  • “A little more disturbing is the presence of plasma strangelet and even plasma toplet bombs that were put into implants of some of the most evolved and most powerful Lightworkers and Lightwarriors as a hostage control mechanism to ensure they do not escape from the quarantine. These will also be dealt with very soon.”
  • “The Cabal is trying to bring the Eastern Alliance to their knees by attacking China with events such as Tianjin explosion, which was ordered by the Jesuits and carried out by the Bush faction. Needless to say, their plans will not be successful. The Blue have been successful in calming down some of the Red and the Yellow (the political Dragon families) who wanted to retaliate and that could lead to a global war. Here the influence of DouMu is strongly felt. The Goddess wants peace and peace it will be.”
  • “If you would like to understand more about the Red and their role in the coming events, here is a good summary:”
  • “The Jesuits are trying very hard to infiltrate the BRICS alliance and hijack the process of the financial Reset:”
  • “Current stock market corrections are signs of the coming Reset, although we are not there yet. It is interesting to see that instructions for preparedness for the Event have reached the mainstream media:”
  • “Perhaps Damian McBride should read this document, which will be vital at the time of the Event:”
  • “It would be good if someone can inform him about this.”
  • “When the Reset happens, it will be a »glitch in the Matrix«:”
  • “The truth about the existence of the Cabal will be exposed to humanity. How they artificially create poverty:”
  • “How they control science:”
  • “The exposure process is accelerating. One of the major Black Nobility families, the Thyssen family, has been exposed:”
  • “The Disclosure process is accelerating also. Talk of superluminal travel has reached the mainstream media:”
  • “Whistleblower Corey Goode has posted an interesting and very accurate description of his visit to the Pleiades:”
  • “And correctly described the Sun as a plasma hyperdimensional portal, connected with the Galactic Center:”
  • “We will end this update with something beautiful:”
  • “The Breakthrough is near!”

My comment: Of course, this statement caught my attention…

  • “The function of those plasma chambers is to reinforce the Veil and they will be removed soon.”

THIS, the removal of the “Veil” is what Sylvia and I (and MANY others) are waiting for!

Be sure to visit Cobra’s web page, below, in order to access the images and many links he has provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 40-minute video is of Michelle Walling talking about:

  • Should we go on to the Ships if they land?
  • Ascension
  • The Earth splitting into 2 worlds.
  • Wave-X
  • The Matrix and the “organic template”.

My comment: Personally, Sylvia and I don’t believe everything she states. As always, you must use your own discernment.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In following a link from the above video, I discovered the following article. It’s called: “What Would People Think If You Instantly Disappeared Into A Higher Dimension?”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “An anonymous source was shown how the transition will take place”
  • “Michelle Walling recently received some information from an anonymous source stating that she was shown, in slow motion, how the transition to the New Earth would occur. This source had a near death experience at the age of 8 and has been in contact with a 6th dimensional being who remains in contact with her to this date.”
  • “Basically, this source stated that Earth has broken free from a time loop distortion and is moving toward a stargate, back to the time dimension she came from. Earth is basically being towed by some sort of unstoppable energy beam and is moving towards a blue stargate.”
  • “She received a vision of watching a blue wave of energy flowing across the planet and affecting everything on the planet. This will happen in an instant. There’s a lot more that Michelle will be writing about this source’s information in the upcoming days including the transmutation of our bodies into crystalline bodies. This source warns of a fake ascension that may be planned along with interaction from the Pope and involves CERN. Stay tuned to In5D for more details!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-25-15 *Veil, Nidle, A=432

*First a few comments:

It seems that the various energies that surround us are continuing to increase. So I’m probably going to keep saying: “Things have changed again” quite a bit.

I’ve been mentioning “Time” in these last few weeks or so… saying that the amount of Time that “I” experience is not matching with what the “clock” and “calendar” show. Today, it did NOT feel like a “Tuesday” and when I thought about “how much” Time has passed “today”, it feels like Sylvia and I have spent 3-to 4-days in THIS “Tuesday”.

“Things have also changed” in what Sylvia and I talk about during supper. Tonight, she showed me that area between THIS “reality” and the other side of the “Veil”. She used her crossing as the image.

  • She can’t display what she experienced correctly and even if she could, I can’t perceive what she’s showing me very clearly — because of our different “realities”, I guess.

All I can see is very dark “walls” and “ceiling” with a shiny, deep-brown “floor”. When Sylvia showed me this, I said: “Corridor? Like a tunnel?” The image is so dark, I couldn’t tell where the “walls” were and thought this “room” was just some type of “hallway”.

To describe this in another way, Sylvia gave me the “inner-knowing” (she sent me a larger image through my “understanding” circuit)… she gave me the “inner-knowing” that this “room” or “area” is similar to a “donut”… it’s a circular, closed-in area that surrounded that Point in Space where she crossed-over from.

  • That “room” is not really that dark. This is only what “my” understanding has created from Sylvia’s information.

Sylvia brought this, the “Veil” and “working through these many puzzle-pieces” up a few times during supper. This tells me that she wants me to focus on unraveling this mystery because (“I’m” feeling) that this information… this “energy ball of information” is needed now, in order to push-through this last phase of getting through the “Veil”.

  • I wasn’t sure I was pulling-in those words from the “Stream” but as I calmed down and focused, I saw “some” of those words waiting for me. Once I agreed to type it in, another would appear. (Not all of them, though, because I’m not as connected to the “Stream” as I’d like to be right now.)

Question everything.


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “You are to be freed from a seemingly endless debt slavery and a constant need for survival. These two items are to end with a debt jubilee and a coming prosperity. The dark cabal understands that its basic underpinnings are to be transformed and that they are to be isolated from you. These things are an anathema to them. Their fight-to-the-death attitude may have delayed things, but their fate is truly sealed by Heaven. The dark sits in a corner of its own making. It is bankrupt, filled with a useless fiat currency and unable to maintain its lies and massive innuendos. In short, it is quickly setting the stage for its demise. Forces are currently reviewing a number of scenarios by which all this is to end. This is to involve arrests, scandals and a reform of governance that is to permit you to learn the truth…”
  • “The present world is in a lockdown as to what our allies and us are setting up. We have promised both Heaven and our Earthly allies not to disclose much more. The dark knows that a number of cases were adjudicated against them and that a grand legal force is readying to take them down.”
  • “Together, we are to remake this realm and unite with our spiritual, Inner Earth and space families. In this time of full consciousness, you are to learn about your spiritual and intuitive abilities. Notice how these powers are rising…”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I included a similar article quite a while ago. I’m including THIS article because it appeared in tonight’s research AND as a reminder that we need to change our music…

  • If you’re a musician, read this article and take responsibility to bring “peace” into your music. Change the Tuning or your instruments. Right after Sylvia had us buy this Korg Krome keyboard, I changed its Tuning to “A=432”.
  • If you enjoy listening to music, whether you’re a musician or not, do some research. I’ve heard that there are website, and maybe even software you can download, which will change your songs to a different Tuning.

You owe it to your Auro and the energies which surround every thing.

It’s Time to wake-up and take back our true “reality”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-24-15 *Insights, Willow, Valiant, Wilcock, Fulford, Rother

*FIrst a few comments:

I’m still feeling that “Time” is out of place with itself. Yesterday didn’t feel like a “Sunday” and today didn’t feel like a “Monday”.

Also, for the last week or 2, while Sylvia and I are at work, it feels like “it’s going to be a long day” but as soon as we clock-out and go outside, we have a sense of “did we even GO to work? Time really passed fast.”

For a few months now, whenever I would experience a rare “headache” or “dizziness” or other head-based interference, within that 1st second or 2, I was always indecisive about what to do… I knew I should allow the Unit to give-in to it and ride that energy, which may help my overall energies to rise and allow me to see Sylvia. At that same instant, I was concerned that THIS wasn’t the energy-wave to ride and that I should hold back, contain my energies and guard-against any changes within me.

I listened to Willow’s talk (below) 1st. So maybe I was primed for a change in thinking on this but after listening to Valiant (below), I now feel as though I understand what those sensations are about and that I need to ride them out.

I also feel I can more-easily discern, without “questions” entering my mind, the many article titles I read each night for this research. I used to always look at those titles and wonder if I was rally doing the right thing by ignoring them. Now I have more confidence in that.

Maybe the listening of those radio shows was just a coincidence and I’ve reached this new level from the upgrade-energy coming in from the “Galactic Central Sun”. Only Time will tell.

Am I correct in all of this? In “my” world, “yes”. Each of us sees their experiences through their own “rose-colored glasses” and our “Truth” is our own.


In last night’s eMail, I mentioned “Willow” and her radio talk tonight. I missed the 1st hour but I’m listening to the rest of it now. She covers a LOT of information quickly and with a British accent. (She runs a “mile-a-minute”. So I may have heard a few things incorrectly.)

Here are some highlights:

  • One of the things she mentioned is a “communication” that someone had with an “Entity”, in 1994 through 1999. The “Entity” told that person our TimeLines would merge soon and that some of us could jump to THAT new TimeLine at that Point. The “Entity” mentions this will happen just after a “Cosmic Sonic Boom”.
  • The “Entity” mentioned “CERN” several times… saying that its existence is why our 2 TimeLine will merge.
  • Her sister said that CERN is trying to jump dimensions.
  • People are experiencing Time-fluctuations… faster, standing still, etc.
  • We’re all born with “psychic” abilities but we’re “taught” / “trained” that these are “wrong”.
  • Every time we “blink”, we move to an alternative TimeLine.
  • Her sister stated that the “Roman Catholic Church will probably dissolve in our lifetime”.
  • A “Pulse”, which no technology can stop. It “neutralizes dark forces”.
  • Lights in the sky… comet or UFOs, etc. It wasn’t clear.
  • The “trees” are beginning to “tell a story”. Regarding “Seasonal changes, which are way too early”.
  • We’ve encountered this “Energy Wave” before and we got through it. There’s nothing to fear.
  • Whatever is going to happen has already happened. We’re just waiting for it to unfold.

As I said, she moves VERY fast. In addition to the above, she also talked about:

  • Jewish Shemittah
  • Pope’s year of Jubilee, starting December 8, 2015
  • Cliff High’s social bot Stock Markets
  • Financial situations
  • Yom Kippur
  • the French official stating that we have 400-days till… which will be September 2015.
  • Ascension
  • September. Lots of Sources pointing to this month for “something” happening.
  • Pope

My understanding is that she read a very long document, which is supposed to be available to those registered on their website.

My comments: Basically, she covered some of the topics “I’ve” covered in the past. She used “some” of the same Sources that “I’ve” included… but she went WAY BEYOND any of my research with “topics” and “Sources” that were not on “my” radar. As with anything though, I have to coat this with “IF” any of this is true… then this radio program is worth it for you to visit the link below, go to their “Archives” and listen to all of tonight’s broadcast.

What “I” got out of her talk is that LOTS of “subjects” and LOTS of “Sources” are saying “something” really IS happening right now and is building to some Point in “September”… within the next 36-days!

She also describes how the energies are ramping-up and as they increase those people who are “living” and “carrying” a lot of “negative” baggage will become angry and filled with chaos and confusion. So their tempers may flare-up for almost no reason… and this includes the “Cabal”. Those of us who are NOT in that camp, need to really find our “Core”, don’t RE-act to any situation and “think” through your Heart Center… and we’ll be ok.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the radio station’s website:


I learned about “Valiant” from Willow’s radio show. He seems to be connected to some other energies, which allow him to know some things about what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

Here’s the Summary, that is Posted on the following website, for this 1-hour interview:

  • “One of Valiant’s life purposes, that being in connection to a promise made to help others”
  • “More and more people wanting to find answers and wanting to connect to others”
  • “Valiant’s journey of awakening and his life goals”
  • “The effects of the coming (and ongoing) energies on the populace”
  • “Valiant’s sleeping issues, diet and healthy eating”
  • “Cosmic entities (aliens) and their involvement on Earth — one topic focused on how aliens know about worlds that suffer cataclysms and that they are very curious because of that”
  • “Valiant’s direct interaction with aliens in the past.”
  • “The info Valiant received from an ET around the topic of technology that was provided to Earth, in relation to time manipulation.”
  • “The role whales play”
  • “The pulse and revisiting wave x”
  • “How Valiant sees spirituality progressing, as we move forward”
  • “How December 21st, 2012 was postponed because of the time manipulation”
  • “His artwork and the background stories around what some of them depict”
  • “Who we are as humans”
  • Around the 40-minute mark, “Wave-X” is explained… saying that it comes to this part of the Galaxy (I think he said “Galaxy”) every 3,500 to 4,000-years and it causes “Evolution”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:



This article was Posted today by David Wilcock. The title is: “Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The stranglehold that has been suffocating the life out of our planet is finally about to be released.”
  • “The “fear porn” out there wants you to think we are headed into epic chaos, starvation and pain once this happens — but this seems highly unlikely.”
  • “I have some degree of survival supplies, but I am not going crazy trying to stock up on water and food. Most likely that is not how this is going to go down.”
  • “Many, many steps have been taken to ensure that once the public finally sees the truth, peaceful resolution can quickly occur.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. (He’s on vacation until next month.) The title is: “A review of the current alliances of secret societies and visible power centers”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This trance / channeled message is through Steve Rother. Here are some highlights:

  • The subject will be where Humanity is on their Path and how we can anchor our energy in a new Dimension of Time and Space.

I’m including this in case you’re Tracking these messages or would like to benefit from his channeled assistance.

Question everything.

Here’s the link (The message begins at the 4:05-mark):

PS 8-23-15 *Blogsite, Physical, Gaia, Zap, Willow

*First a few comments:

This has NOT felt like a “Sunday”. Ever since Sylvia and I woke-up this morning, it’s felt like either a “Monday” or a “Tuesday”… but not a “Sunday”.

I’m still feeling the “days” passing quickly lately but this “year” is taking a VERY long Time just to get this far.

I don’t know why but Sylvia suggested, yesterday, that I create another page on our Blogsite and use it for “Sayings” and “Lessons”. So I did. It’s called: “Explorations”. I placed the “Sayings” on supporting images and the “Lessons” are not obvious. They are hidden. I placed images of the same “Crystal” on that page. Clicking them will display a page containing a “Lesson”. In this way, a Visitor can’t quickly look-over all the Lessons and instantly understand them without doing the homework.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting project… and there are a few more I haven’t added yet. I’m confused though because this extra Time takes away from the Time Sylvia and I could be using to work on our album.

I’ve been thinking about that, since she suggested that new page. It almost feels as though she’s nudging me to do this now… to help more people with more “levels” of energy, because there’s not enough Time left to complete our album. I don’t know.

In looking at the “Statistics” on our Weebly Blogsite, it shows the “most Visitors” and “unique Visitors” for each day. We’ve only had that site up for 10-days now, with no “getting the word out” and our highest number of Visitors was “55”. However, our highest “unique” Visitors was “6”… and that was when we were settling-in and getting the Weebly Tech Support people to help us with some things. So, we really haven’t had any Visitors. Yes, there were a few of you who were kind-enough to help us with that site when we 1st set it up. Sylvia and I thank you for going there, looking it over and providing us with some very good feedback.


In these 2 forum Posts, both OPs (Original Posters) state that they recently experienced physical changes in their body.

In this Post, the OP is having leg cramps and so are his neighbors:

In this Post, the OP is a skeptic and noticing something randomly touching his forehead:

I’m including these because “I” feel “these” and other “new” and “temporary” physical changes within us are being caused by the upgrade energy, which is being sent to this Solar System by the “Galactic Central Sun”. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.


Here’s the latest Posting about “Gaia”…

“Sporadics of exclusion no longer carry weight.”

“Recognition from Higher Essence remarks on all of Hue-manity, and refreshes hu-manity.”

““Prophets” are viewed as the zero point.”

“Inner Inclusions reap the rewards of Light.”

“Star Portals now shine with Higher Essence for all.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Zap’s weekly update. Here are some excerpts:


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

  • Revolution Radio on
  • **** This Monday on ‘Willow’s World’ with Willow Andreasson ****
  • Monday 24th August 2015, 6-8pm Eastern, Studio B
  • With September around the corner, Willow will be focusing on the the subject of the Frequency Shift. She will be sharing information detailed by the amazing team on the website covering predictions and other corroborating material indicating that next month may well be significant indeed.
  • She will also be sharing her Sister’s information about the changing energies connected to the Shift… and that this is something humanity has experienced before.
  • Willow will welcome calls during the second hour; the call-in number is 310-421 4053 or you can Skype – freedomscreen2.

You’re also invited to come along and join us in the Station’s lively and friendly Chatroom:

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Willow’s Monday night radio show:

Here’s the link to Willow’s Blogsite:

PS 8-22-15 *Spirituality, *RedLight, Christmas

*First a comment:

This morning at breakfast, I was thinking about what “some” are saying… that 3 or 4 comets are coming close to the Earth in September, as well as the other “physical” problems currently laid on Humanity’s table to think about.

While I was thinking about all these puzzle pieces, Sylvia brought something to my awareness…

  • Humanity is facing its final challenge. Up until now, this Earth and its inhabitants were controlled by a “masculine” energy on various “physical” properties (of those energies).
  • We re now under the influence of “feminine” energies, which work from the “Spiritual” realm.
  • This means, our final challenge isn’t something anyone can blow-up, attack, visit or hate.
  • This final chapter of our 3rd dimensional Earth is on the “unseen” levels. It’s for us to “go within”. To cooperate.

This means, “negative” and “physical” energies have no place in our future… which is happening “Now”.

Several Sources, over these last few months, including input from my own observations, provide me with feedback that “something” is happening… “something” is changing throughout this planet. Is it from the energy now coming into us from the “Galactic Central Sun” or are we feeling these changes because the Cabal’s “psychic” and “technological” grip is continuing to lessen? Only Time will tell.

I mention this because, in “my” small world, I’ve had a few people tell me that they have been feeling a bit “different” lately and something happened to me, “personally” / “directly” today that also tells me “yes, there IS something happening”…

  • I’m a very careful driver. In fact, ever since Sylvia and I met, she always feels most at-ease when “I’m” driving. After the 1st few times of me driving us somewhere, Sylvia will not ride with another Driver unless she absolutely has to.
  • With that said, this is what happened this morning…
  • When we go to work, as we did this morning, we always travel the same route. So I know the:
  • • “roads”,
  • • “general traffic pulse” and the
  • • “rhythm of the signal lights at the Intersections”.
  • So, we’re traveling a little under the “Speeder’s Limit” (about 40mph) and the Signal Lights of the Intersection up ahead are about 60-feet in front of us. It’s a 3-lane road (in each direction). As we got to that point, I looked at the Signal Lights and all 3 of them were “Green”. So there was no need to slow down. We’re in the far-right lane and the only vehicle in that lane.
  • As we approached the Intersection, we saw a car, in the Turn Lane in the opposite direction, turn in front of use — across our path. I didn’t think much of it and continued.
  • A 2nd, 3rd and 4th car were behind that vehicle, waiting to make their turn across our Lane.
  • We got a little closer and that 2nd car crossed in front of us and barely made it.
  • That 3rd vehicle started to do the same thing but we were now in the middle of that Intersection. That vehicle stopped and blew its horn.
  • Now directly under the Signal Lights, I looked up and saw that ALL THREE LIGHTS were RED! There wasn’t enough time for them to change to “Yellow”. They never did.
  • We did make it through that Intersection without anyone “connecting”. As soon as we did, I asked Sylvia: “What just happened?”. I couldn’t find her response within my Senses but I did feel that either something influenced my energies or we went through some type of “TimeFold”.
  • Once that situation had passed, the feeling of everything being “surreal” set in. It was a bit strange.
  • At this point, the “accident event” had passed. So we continued driving but now the Signal Lights ahead of us were out of sync with what we usually experience.
  • Then we saw something strange in the sky (while driving). The Sun was behind some clouds and there was a small, bright, yellow object in the blue patch of sky just under the Sun. Thinking that “something” finally happened that we can actually “see”, we pulled into a nearby parking lot to get a better look.
  • When we stopped, the object had “lengthened” and became an airplane flying and leaving a contrail (water vapor). Although this turned out to be nothing, we were now back in-sync with our typical energies. So “Sylvia”, my “Guides” or “something” side-tracked us, in order to adjust us back into the TimeLine. Of course, your mileage may vary.

So this entire “happening” was very unusual for us.


The OP (Original Poster) of this forum thread is going through a similar situation with his Loved One from another lifetime.

Basically, he began having dreams of “this girl”. They would talk, go on trips together, be in class together, etc. One day he asked for more and he had a breakthrough… He remembered her from another lifetime. He remembered her name and that they “were” and “still are” married and that, for some reasons, she “didn’t” or “couldn’t” incarnate this Time with him.

This forum thread also contains more “very interesting” (and helpful, to “me”) information… At least 1 other person Commenting, said they were in the same situation.

The “OP” states that he’ll have to wait until his mission here is complete before he can be with her again. Then someone wrote this Comment:

  • “RavenSpeaks – posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 09:59 PM link”
  • “There may be another way other than medicina and meditation.”
  • “It is out there in the future.”
  • “How far , I do not know.”
  • “Maybe in our life time, or perhaps not.”
  • “My “teacher” has hinted as to it’s coming.”
  • “But I was made aware of it only perhaps because I asked the right question ,or was seen doing something that signaled it was time to for me to come to the knowledge of it.”
  • “You must ask the right questions.”
  • “Maybe your shaman knows more.”
  • “I suppose that you will have to ask the right questions.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: