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*First a comment:

I’ve mentioned in other eMails, that, to “me”, it seems like it’s taken about 4-years for Humanity to get this far into “2015”.

Although the slowness (to “me”) of July was something I took for granted after a while, it seems as if… once “August” hit, the TimeLine began to move a lot faster. For the last few days… each day I can’t believe we’ve gotten past the middle of the month so fast.

Is this just each of us adjusting to the incoming energies from the “Galactic Central Sun” or is the “Master Program”, which controls this “reality”, having problems? Only Time will tell.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is the astrology reading for September by Carl Boudreau. Here are some excerpts:

  • “As noted in July’s report, the charts are now dominated primarily by mutable energy. This is a dramatic shift from the fixed and cardinal energies that dominated the charts during the concluding cycle.”
  • “The fixed and cardinal energies led to bright colors, hard, sharp edges, clear boundaries, sudden transitions, simplistic ideas, polarized feelings, and unrelenting confrontation. The mutable energies now coming in will bring the opposite of that.”
  • “The world will become increasingly fluid. Our response to issues will grow increasingly nuanced. Efforts to continue the oversimplifications and harsh clashes of the previous cycle will fail.”
  • “As noted in recent posts, a bracelet of major and minor supportive aspects between the slower moving, outer planets is providing an astrological bedrock of positive synchronicity.”
  • “On an individual and global level, innumerable attitudes will shift quickly, definitively and irreversibly. The already rapid pace of change will quicken considerably.”
  • “September is such a vastly complex month and will change so many lives in so many different ways…”
  • “Eclipses separate us from the past…”
  • “Eclipses play favorites. Those who make the right choices are favored. Those who persist in error and neglect lose ground that they will not easily or soon regain.”
  • “According to a widely used birth chart for the United States, the Sybly chart, Sagittarius is the US rising sign. With Saturn entering Sagittarius, we can expect the US to be pervaded by a sober, settling energy.”
  • “Expect the US to have to confront many issues fundamental to its well-being and long-term survival, including and especially financial issues.There is every reason to believe that the US will face these issues successfully and be far better off once they are settled than it is now.”

My comment: Maybe I’m Reading too much into this but, Carl’s last 2-paragraphs above seem to “me” to talk about the upcoming “Financial Reset” and “Disclosure” (the official revealing that Star Visitors are in our Solar System.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

For those of you who don’t mind entering the “facebook” realm, here’s a link to Carl’s facebook page where this article is Posted:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “…We know that many of you are eagerly waiting to see what happens, when you will be moving through a higher and purer field of energy. Caution is wise in any event as with the best of intentions information is given to you in all good faith, only for the circumstances to sometimes change… We will not be unduly surprised as to whatever happens, as the changes are destined to take place very soon. More will certainly follow as the New Age begins to become established. However, do not expect too much too soon, as there is much work to be done in particular to distribute the funds. Even by our standards it will take some time to reach you all, yet it will be judged as an exceptional achievement by you. We have planned well for this time and are well prepared for what lies ahead.”

My comments: I’ve been reading about 3 versions of the upcoming unfoldings for many, many months. Are these from “positive” and “well-intentioned” people or is this a sprinkling of disinformation by the Cabal? Here’s the upcoming TimePoints, according to “some” Sources:

  • • 1st there will be a positive change in governments. Followed by a financial reset and new currencies. Next will be “Disclosure” (official Star Visitor acknowledgement). Then we have “Enlightenment” and last will be “Ascension”.
  • • 1st there will be “Enlightenment”. Because of this, Humanity moves almost instantly past the idea of “money”. Governments become minimalized. Disclosure happens at about the same Time. Ascension follows, once we’ve, individually, had Time to “pack our things” (clear our energies and reorient ourselves to our true reality).
  • • 1st there will be “Ascension”. There is no “Step 2”.

My personal understanding is that whenever “Enlightenment” happens, the “Veil” will be removed and we will be reunited with those who are on the “other side” but have not yet reincarnated.

…and “Ascension” means “that individual” or “every Being on Earth” moves from 3D existence to 5D. (I’m still not clear why “most” or “all” Sources of this type of information don’t think we’ll be dropping-in on the “4th” dimension.

So for some Sources to state that the “Financial Reset” is coming in a few weeks and for other Sources to say we all “Ascend” on September 23rd… is a bit confusing. Are they all just tuned-in to a different facet of this TimeLine? Maybe each is seeing a different alternative flow of this single unfolding. We’ll see.

(Back to “SaLuSa”)

  • “Soon you shall become able to identify Galactic Beings who have incarnated upon Earth by their actions and words. They shall become more outward in their work knowing that it is comparatively safe to be recognised for what they represent. When Lightworkers come together their power increases two fold or more, and they present a formidable group that continues to grow all of the time. You will find your leaders amongst them who will share their advanced knowledge with you. In turn they will be supported by Higher Beings who will also give the benefit of their most advanced knowledge. So you can see that once matters start to quicken advances will take place in quick succession.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this 2-hour and 14-minute audio-only video, whistleblowers Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower provide information on the Cabal’s Time-Jump program, known as “Project Pegasus” as well as them becoming the next “president” and “vice president”.

  • I didn’t listen to all of it. I’ve heard some of their backgrounds before.

I’m including this for those of you who have either forgotten this information or who need to fill in some “blanks” about this facet of what “may” be happening behind-the-scenes.

“IF” this information is true, it IS something worth knowing about… in “my” opinion.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-20-15 *Blogsite, Cobra, Gaia, Calibration

*First a few comments:

Around late afternoon today, we heard something fairly loud and very heavy flying over our home. By the time we got to the window (we thought it was someone mowing the lawn), we only saw 2 helicopters. It sounded like there were at least 2 more. These were not “medical” choppers. These were serious flying machines. They were traveling in what I would call “formation” and were flying “west” to “east”.

Not only did Sylvia “nudge” me, a few weeks ago, to get our daily information “out there” to more people (by starting a “Blog”) but a few days ago she suggested I find another Blogsite, in order to get the word out to more people.

So between yesterday and today, we spent MANY hours looking over a few Blogsites and finally settling on 1 and building a Blog page.

I don’t really want to bore everyone with a review of the Blogsites we tested. Basically… We created our 1st Blog on “Weebly” ( then we went, in this order, to:

• Svbtle (

• Medium (

• WordPress, where we built this Blog page:

For creating and maintaining a Blog, Weebly is far and away better than the others. Its “free” options are more flexible, broad, forgiving and intuitive than the “free” options on those other sites.


This is the latest Posting by Cobra:

“Secret of Immortality”
“The secret of physical immortality is one of the deepest occult secrets of the Light forces that has never been revealed to anybody who has not reached a certain vibrational frequency, a certain inner purity and a certain degree of dedication to the Light.”

“I will now reveal to the surface population as much as it is wise to reveal.”

“Physical immortality is reached through a certain conversion process, which is done by the right combination of three factors:”

“1. Reversal of the entropy processes in mitochondria:”

“2. Reversal of the entropy processes in the energy bodies. This can be achieved by sacred union between female and male polarity with inner and outer alchemy.”

“3. Regular intake of the elixir of life to support the process. Of the two versions available, the mineral version is more effective and more powerful than the herbal version.”

“The Archons and the rest of the Cabal never understood this process in its entirety, but are searching for immortality nevertheless. They only have fragmentary understanding of the process which they stole from Memphis-Misraim masonic lodges. They fail to understand that in order to achieve physical immortality you need to reduce the entropy of your personality to the point that the goodness in you vastly overpowers the evil within you.”

“Physical immortality is the ultimate manifestation of the Goddess presence within the physical body and this can never be achieved through the war mentality the Cabal possesses.”

“The twelve elders of the Brotherhood of the Star, located in a certain undisclosed underground location in the Himalayas, are maintaining the same physical bodies for the last 26,000 years.”

“Brotherhood of the Star has transmitted secrets of immortality to the Blue Dragons through Xi WangMu, the Goddess of immortality, thousands of years ago:”

“Based on her teachings, advanced members of the Blue were able to live in the same bodies for hundreds of years.”

“Brotherhood of the Star has transmitted immortality teachings to the West through their member and alchemist Nicolas Flamel.”

“Many members of the Brotherhood of the Star in the West were very influential in Priory of Sion and within Rosicrucian circles. One of them, Rene d’Anjou, is the single key person that has changed the course of human history for the better more than anyone else in the last thousand years. He is the one that has ignited the light of the Renaissance:”

“His emblem, the Cross of Lorraine, is the occult symbol of triangulaton of Light and darkness, the principle of overpowering Light that absorbs darkness and by the process of alchemical transmutation, dissolves it.”

“The region of Lorraine is a very important Goddess vortex which together with Untersberg and Venice Goddess vortexes holds the Light for Europe. The Chimera have tried to suppress this Goddess vortex by building a complex underground system of time-space distortion chambers, now already cleared by the Light forces, which was connected with Long island:”

“The Light forces, especially the Brotherhood of the Star and some advanced Blue Dragons, have supported the Goddess vortex of Lorraine by inspiring Art Nouveau glass making centers in Nancy, a city in the center of Lorraine. Many pieces of art glass from that period have embedded Light codes that activate the Goddess presence. Daum, a major creator of high quality art glass from Art Nouveau period, has signed his pieces with Cross of Lorraine:”

“One message of the Cross of Lorraine is that in every Archon or Black nobility family there are beings of Light incarnated who secretly or openly work for the Light and against the plans of the Cabal.”

“One example is Francesco Colonna, member of the famous Archon Colonna family, who was guided by the Brotherhood of the Star to awaken people with coded messages through his intriguing book, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili:”

“This book, together with another book, the Emblem Book by Achile Bocchi, reveals some aspects of the secret of immortality.”

“Some of the White Nobility families, especially Este and Medici families, were contacted in the past by the Brotherhood of the Star and are actually still keepers of certain mysteries of the Goddess which are passed from generation to generation within the family. Hereby I would ask members of those two families, or other White Nobility families that are keepers of Goddess lineage, to contact me at .”

“The Goddess wants peace and peace it will be.”

The 1st Commenter mentions:

“I wonder why Cobra didn’t finish his post with ‘The Breakthrough is near!”. Maybe we’ve reached the breakthrough..?”

My comments: Cobra always ends his Posts with “Victory of the Light” or “The Breakthough is near”. Did he just forget or is he telling us something? Only Time will tell.

“IF” any of this information is real, Cobra really did release a lot of secrets… things the Cabal either already know about or have been looking for those pieces . So, to “me”, for Cobra to put all of that information into the public awareness says the Cabal are no longer powerful enough to make use of this. We’ll see.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is the latest Posting regarding “Gaia”:

“Storms of transformation bring clear skies.”

“Consciousness upgrades continue accelerated.”

“Hebridized conformations are now ion fashion.”

“Such are leading to Inner Knowing.”

“Essences are released as veils fall.”

“Tandems are no more.”

My comment: Of course, any time someone mentions the “Veil”, and especially when talking about it “falling”, that’s when I’m REALLY paying attention. So although this message is a bit cryptic, that next-to-the-last line is very important to me and Sylvia.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This seems to be a channeled message. The title is: “Quan Yin: Light bodies are being re-calibrated”. Here are some excerpts:

“We want to discuss with you the physical effects that so many of you are going through. These latest energy waves can be very trying on the physical form. As many of you know the waves have been building in intensity and will continue to do so until a wave that has been labeled Wave X hits your planet. After that time many will be integrating the new energies or simply beginning their awakening.”

“We ask that you not look at another and how they process the information coming into earth as confirmation that you are doing well or poorly at this time. Each of you is exactly where you are to be in this process. The only thing one can change is how they approach the changes taking place.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-19-15 *Energy, *Music, Ascension, Fulford, Goode, Zap

*First a few comments:

This morning, Sylvia and I over-slept by 40-minutes. Sylvia finally found a way to wake me up and as I was getting up out of bed, I was almost dizzy.

When we finally arrived at work, we were about 5-minutes “earlier” than normal. It’s interesting to see how Time fluctuates.

When we got to work, 3 different employees told us they were feeling a bit disoriented.

This is good feedback for “me”… that the effects of the energies coming from the “Galactic Central Sun” are real and are currently doing their job of upgrading all life on this planet.

Although Sylvia and I haven’t been working on our upcoming album for a few weeks, right after lunch today, I couldn’t wait to dive-in and record a tiny piece of 1 of the songs. We worked on it for almost 4-hours!

Sylvia couldn’t wait for lunch to be finished. I could sense the lyrics starting to nudge themselves against the door to my mind. Once I sat down, with pen in-hand, it took almost 15-minutes to bring them through. I could actually feel which words were “my” ideas and which were Sylvia’s suggestions. So I “think” the lyrics (the “written” part) are now done for that song.

I turned on our Korg Krome (keyboard) and did my best to bring-through the “music”. I did manage to bring in a fairly powerful intro and the vocal-line for the words in the album’s title but I could not bring-in the rest of the vocal melody… for the Verse, Chorus and Bridge. I also learned that Sylvia wants this song to be a pop-rock piece with “orchestral” instrumentation and I’m fairly sure she wants it to be the last song on the album.

Since the title of the album is… I’m pretty sure… a unique word, I’m not “saying it”, “putting it in print” or “stating it” in any way until the album is released… but I can say that Sylvia and I refer to it as “PY”. So, today, we worked on the PY song.

Anyway, it was nice and a small dose of “health energy” for me  to work with Sylvia and music again.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

The title of this article is: “GLOBAL MASS ASCENSION, SEPTEMBER 28, 2015, AS WAVE-X BOMBARDS THE EARTH!”. Here are some excerpts:

“The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.”

“We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.””

My comments: While reading that article, I felt as though part of it has simply been re-stated from other sites but part of it is new information coming through the Author.

As always, your mileage may vary.

So, will ANYTHING happen in September? Although we’ve all been hearing “soon”, “imminent” and “this week” more times than we want to remember, I”m “seeing online”, “hearing from those around me” and “sensing from My Sylvia” that things are continuing to build… more than any other time in these last 227-weeks.

Because of all these many, many delays, my enthusiasm for “but this one’s real” is all but faded. However, after reading this, part of me wants to hurry and pack!

I would suggest that everyone:

• Keep an open mind (broaden your perspectives)

• Stay flexible in your energies and decisions (be ready to move “physically”, “mentally”, “Spiritually” and “totally” in any direction on a moment’s notice.

• Above all, do not RE-act. When a situation is thrown at us, we need to calmly pause, “think” through our Heart Center and then decide on the appropriate action.

I still feel that we’re on a “positive” TimeLine. So if anything smells like “fear” comes near you, do not get caught-up in it. Your Heart Center will guide you on what to do. During that type of situation, if you find yourself needing a 2nd opinion or want to verify what you’re sensing, look to the actions of any animals, if there are any nearby. If there are children around, they can also assist you because they “typically” have more of a connection to the other side than those who have been incarnated here for more than 2-decades.

When seeking the guidance of children, the younger they are, the more-connected with the unseen energies they will be. Even babies who can barely hold their head up will give you clues by what they are looking at. We simply have to remember to be patient and pay attention.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 3-minute video is an update by Benjamin Fulford. The title is: “August 20th 2015: China Blast Linked To Cyber-Warfare”. Here are some excerpts:

“…We are also in the middle of another large high energetic wave that is affecting our Sol System and its inhabitants.”

“Gonzales has spent quite a lot of time in meetings with some of the Ancient Earth Breakaway Groups who have been coming together despite their differences.”

“I hope to have some detailed updates posted very soon.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This short article is an update from former Cabal-black-project whistleblower Corey Goode.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Zap’s mid-week update. Here are some excerpts. (He always types in ALL CAPS.):


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Countdown to August 28th: 9-days
According to this channeling by Sheldon Nidle:
Dark ones realize that a massive arrest procedure is about 10 days away.

Countdown to September 27th: 39-days
According to this Matt Kahn video, the first wave of Ascension will take place BY this date.

Countdown to November 7th: 3-months
According to the information in this video, “Planet-X” will be visible from Earth on November 7, 2015 and be located between the Earth and our Moon around December 6, 2015. (Remember, this is all good. This planetary “object” will not harm the Earth or any living thing “on” or “within” her because our “science” was guided-along by the Cabal:

Countdown to December 8th: 4-months
According to the following Benjamin Fulford web page… “the announcement by Pope Francis last week that there would be a jubilee year starting on December 8th. The jubilee will be “dedicated to mercy” according to Pope Francis… this jubilee will also involve a cancellation of debt world-wide and a re-distribution of ill-gotten cabal assets.”

Countdown to January 1st: 5-months
According to the following channeled message from “SaLuSa”: “…in bringing you the benefits of the New Age. They are waiting and ready to be revealed, and plans are well advanced to make announcements as soon as possible. We refer to the period that is coming up before the New Year,”

According to this Cobra interview, from May 2015… “For example the Eastern Alliance has a target date of first of January next year.  Certain other groups have certain other target dates and some of those target dates do fall in the year 2016.”

Countdown to the end of 2017: 29-months
According to the following Simon Parkes interview… “in” or “by” 2017 great changes will happen. He says the dark forces have until 2017 to gain control. He also states… One of the reasons for CERN is to push energy back up the portal, because it’s collapsing, but it didn’t work because the machine broke. “They’ve got ’til 2017 because that’s when this particular Portal will collapse… and this is the major Portal linking to the 4th dimension area… and without that, they can’t bring any more Reserves in.”