PS 4-21-16 *TimeSpan, Crossings

*First a comment:

I tuned-in to the TimeSpan of how long Sylvia feels we’ve been temporarily separated today. Although it’s been over 262-weeks, from “my” perspective”, Sylvia is only sensing that 4-to-5-months have now lapsed. This is a tiny comfort for me because I know she’s not feeling as great a distance between our 2 physical points as I am… AND because I can sometimes move “my” TimeSpan to “hers” and have that same feeling of “just a few months”.

All things ARE possible.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I just saw a note saying that music star “Prince” has just crossed-over. He was 57.

Is this a “coincidence” or am I just noticing these “separate” strands of reality?…

  • I think it was last December when Chris Squire, Bass Player for the Progressive Rock band “Yes” had crossed-over. (Bass Player)
  • Then we learned of David Bowie’s crossing. (Guitar Player)
  • Then Keith Emerson crossed. (Keyboards)
  • Then Merle Haggard. (Guitar Player)

Within a short span of Time, these music heroes have moved to the other side of the “Veil”. Why?… Why “now” and why “within just a few months” of each other?

After reading about Keith Emerson’s crossing, I began wondering if the Bass and Guitar Player were in the same “Soul Group” as Keith. If they are, then I was on the lookout for a “Drummer”, who would soon cross-over. You can’t have a Rock Band without a “Drummer”. So there’s someone missing from that “band”. Yes, “I’m” a “Drummer” but:

  • I’m not in their “Soul Group”, and
  • I’m not crossing-over (ever).

So it’s very sad when we lose anyone but losing those who enter this realm armed with extraordinary musical abilities, is a great loss for Humanity.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to 1 of MANY articles on Prince’s crossing:

PS 4-19-16 *Reclaimed, *OLTTC’P, Sun, Cobra

*First a comment:

For the last few days, Sylvia and I have been talking about the state of 1 of my keyboards. We bought my “Roland SH-201” ($800) synthesizer when we bought Sylvia’s “Korg TR 88” ($2,000) keyboard. Because we can no longer backup the Patches (parameters for each sound) and because, recently, its Pitch Bend wheel no longer works, we’ve been talking about keeping it or selling it.

  • Although it’s many years old now, it’s still a great synthesizer. It’s easy to use, has a 4-octave keyboard and is fairly powerful for its price.

The 2-sides of this issue:

  • I don’t want to get rid of it because Sylvia bought this for me.
  • Without being able to backup any Patches, exploring this synth and creating new Patches is almost a waste of Time. There are only 32 memory locations to store new Patches inside the SH-201. When we bought this synth, I had come up with a handful of Patches. So I could easily fill the remaining locations with new instruments (Patches). Once those are filled, I won’t be able to create any more because doing so would mean deleting the Patches I’ve already made. (The reason you want unlimited Patch Storage capability is because you’re exploring new sounds and / or you’re using a different Patch on each new song you create.)

So, this morning, Sylvia was pushing for me to trade-in this synth and get the new one that’s coming out this Summer. (The Arturia “MatrixBrute”, $2,000) Even now, after these 262-weeks, I haven’t moved Sylvia’s things. Everything she bought, selected, touched and used is very precious to me. Even this keyboard… simply because Sylvia was involved with its purchase, unboxing and our sharing of the many sounds it can make. So I’m having a difficult Time even “thinking” about this keyboard not being in OUR home.

After breakfast, 1 of our toilets became VERY clogged. I flushed it MANY times. The water was going down but very slowly. Dealing with this for almost an hour, told Sylvia:

  • “I don’t understand this… It’s going down but it’s not going down. Why do we have such a problem with getting our sinks to drain? Last week, the Kitchen sink was clogged and now this. Symbolically, it means we’re hanging on to… Oh. I get it. We’re “hanging on” to these energies. By not “letting go” of those things that we no longer need or that aren’t working properly, we are simply storing those energies and not allowing new energies to flow through us. Now I understand.”

Once I came to this realization, Sylvia reminded me that we still have a very old, half-bottle of drain cleaner. So I poured that into the toilet. It still took several more flushes and a few Plungings but it did finally begin working properly again.

  • Sylvia later mentioned that “Baking Soda and Vinegar” would also clear our pipes. I then looked it up online, to see just how to do it.

Once everything was clear and flowing again, Sylvia suggested I use her old MIDI-to-USB converter box with my SH-201 synthesizer.

  • Yesterday, I had asked the manufacturer (Roland) about doing this and they said, yes it can be done and it will allow that keyboard to play notes into the computer but we wouldn’t be able to use the keyboard’s “backup software”, to store its Patches.

So, knowing it wouldn’t work, I tested it anyway. I also checked an idea that I had and discovered that we CAN store those Patches in my Macintosh using that MIDI converter.

So now we’ve reclaimed that synthesizer and our flow of the energies.

Here’s the link to the “Roland SH-201” keyboard:

Here’s the link to the Arturia “MatrixBrute” synthesizer:

*OLTTC’P – Open Letter To The Cabal’s Puppets
I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days. So it’s not “in response” to anything. It’s simply information which I brought in through the “Stream”…

  • Whether you know you’re working for the “Cabal”, “directly” or “indirectly”… Whether you think you’re “helping Humanity” or “improving the Earth”… Whether you’re simply “stuck” and “must” do what you’re told “or else”… Please keep in mind: “All things ARE possible”. This means you CAN change your situation but that “change” must come from “within” — it must come from inside of “you”.
  • Please think about those Cabal members who are involved with the damaging of our skies, food and water. The “Conditioners” you’ve been given are just 1 of the ways those above you are controlling you. Think about it… If you stop “taking orders” / “doing your job” they will no longer supply you with those energy-correcting Conditioners. Then what? Yes, they’ve not only “told” you but have also “shown” you the effects of NOT using those drugs. You’ll be breathing, eating and absorbing those toxic energies that YOU have been helping to distribute… but, guess what? YOU’VE been lied to… AGAIN!
  • This Solar System… the Earth and Humanity is being upgraded. This means we are all resonating at a much higher frequency than we were yesterday and even a hundred years ago… and THIS means, those “harmful toxins” the Cabal is releasing into this biosphere no longer affect us… or YOU. It means YOU don’t need those Conditioners.
  • “…but I’ve seen the science behind those energies… and I’ve been shown the effects of what happens when we don’t use our Conditioners.”
  • Again, you’ve been lied to. Remember, the Cabal have been giving us clues as to “what”, “why” and “how” they do what they do. One such source of this information is the movie: “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”. There’s a scene where those people, who were drawn to the Devil’s Tower location, were captured and taken to that temporary headquarters for questioning. Along the road, those captives saw cows and birds lying-still. This was “implying” that if you remove your Gas Mask, you would also be crossed-over (like those animals)… because the air was toxic. However, when the main character removed his Mask, nothing happened.
  • It’s “each of us” who limit ourselves. (The Cabal’s mind-games crippled the thought-process of those wanting to not believe what was happening. To the “Cabal”, it was “mission accomplished”.) Remember, the Cabal work through “illusion”. Your bosses boss is MUCH LESS active in carrying out HIS orders than those below him. Each “boss”, up the “ladder”, only has to “convince” those below him that what he is saying is real. Once he knows YOU are convinced, he only needs to occasionally stoke that fire, to keep you believing in the lie.
  • Many more than the “tipping-scale” number of Beings on this planet are no awake. The Cabal’s job of reinforcing the lies, to EVERYONE, is exponentially becoming more and more difficult. As we dry-up their “financial”, technological” and “workforce” resources, those at the top of that pyramid will be increasingly cutting off those at the bottom. This means they don’t care ANYTHING about YOU. Their Master Plans NEVER included those at the bottom of the “ladder”… NEVER.
  • Those of us who are awake are asking you to think about all of this. All we want is “information”. If that means stopping the pollutants, so we can see the technology that’s been projecting the Sun, Moon and Stars for the last several months, then so be it.
  • “…but Humanity couldn’t handle it. Everyone will go crazy. There will be mass riots everywhere.”
  • As I said, more of us than can now be counted have Awakened. We will help those around us, to understand what is going on and remain calm. We will always advise “peaceful” action as a 1st response. As those things are revealed, the “Blinders” will be removed from those who are still asleep. This will also help them realize what is happening. So with these “revelations” will come “understandings”.
  • With that said, those of you who truly believe what the “Cabal” has been spoon-feeding you, although your Blinders will also be removed, you “may not” be able to put the “new pieces” into your “old programming”. At that point, you’ll want to do your job even harder because you will be caught-up in the lie that you are “helping” everyone. However, Humanity will be moving forward into the new energies and YOU will be tangled in the illusion.


This one’s a bit “out there”, even for me but it does bring-in a few pieces of this giant puzzle that I’ve been working on for a VERY long Time.

The information below “claims” to have visual proof of the Sun being “artificial”.

Several months ago, I read that “some” people have suggested that the Sun and Moon are “too close” to the Earth or “not the correct size”. Years ago, some have question the “size” of the Moon, in relation to the Earth… saying that it doesn’t match the proportions of other relationships in our Solar System and that the Moon being as large as it is, should have more of a negative affect on the Earth than it does.

This also matches information that I read quite a while ago… Some have said that the Sun went from “yellow” to “white” in 2012 and that this was because the Sun went from burning “hydrogen” to burning “helium”. (The videos state that the “artificial Sun” is shining a “white” light.)

The 1st video below also shows a document and a Patent for a “Laboratory Sun Simulator”. The oldest document was filed on June 23, 1961. The Patent was issue March 8, 1966. The company involved was “Bausch & Lomb”.

In “my” opinion, these videos are well-worth watching. Remember, we’ve all been lied to in a VERY big way. So please keep an open mind. “IF” this is true, I’m not saying that the Sun has always been “hexagonal” in shape or that it’s been much smaller and much closer to the Earth than we’ve been led to believe. I’m… “IF” this information is real, it “could” mean this “technology Sun” may have been created and positioned in orbit around the Earth because of something else the Cabal doesn’t want us to know about. Maybe the Earth is being “towed”, like “some” have claimed. Is the “real Sun” a “PsyOp” (Psychological Operation / mind-game) or is this newly figured-out “hexagon Sun” the mind-game? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1st source of this information that I found:

Here’s the link to the 2nd source that I found:

Here’s the link to the 3rd source:

Here’s the link to the person who filmed the “hexagon” Sun. In this particular video, he simply states that the Cabal has shut him down:


This is Cobra’s latest (cryptic) message:

  • “EXMOSS EELA flush1 sequence in progress, SUBPHX attempt in progress”

One of the Commenters had some very helpful insights into the current energies on this planet:

  • Gantz – April 19, 2016 at 1:42 PM
  • “I’ve been meaning to get my EXMOSS EELA Flushed.”
  • “Does anyone else feel like “Time” itself is literally Warping & twisting around them…like when you’re on a Boat and it ‘slowly rocks’ from side to side…it feels like- You are stationary but stuff is wobbling or evaporating “out of phase” outside of your temporal awareness? I haven’t felt this way “this Energy” since the late 70’s.”
  • “Also- the Difference between those who are “Locked in the Matrix” (Slaves to 3-D Laws) & those who are unfolding 4th Dimensionally seems more Pronounced.”
  • “Also- the “Pre-predictive programming” (A.I. prop) that Corey Goode has mentioned seems to be “looping” & combating itself. Like I sense it picks “One reality” choice the another version of “It” (from another Time-Line) has a different Version & they start to compete- like they’re Over-Compensating or trying to ‘Carpet Bomb’ the Herd w/ multiple FEAR programs and if you STOP & just do “nothing” – they collapse & run out of Steam. Like it’s desperate to know “What you WANT or Think so it can re-act”…but if you simply clear your mind & do NOTHING it explodes or evaporates….like TIME itself is choking or drowning it out.”
  • “Is “THIS” a pre-cog dejavu of the collective unconscious when 3-D time (or it’s effect on Humanity?) finally collapses. It’s weird – It feels like a Scream saying “ALL of Reality, ALL the rules, ALL that Control is dying”…and to which I say….”What else is new?”…considering since it’s been an Illusion since I was born – was it EVER “Real”.”
  • “Anyone else feeling this?’

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-18-16 *Time, *Telepathy, *Temperatures, Fulford, Upgrade

*First a few comments:

Yesterday, I forgot to mention… from last Saturday, when Sylvia and I got off work, through Sunday night, felt like 4-days had lapsed.

As with similar experiences, Sylvia and I are sharing this, in order to show how 2-people (me and Sylvia) are working with “the unseen energies” / “psychic information”, etc. and how anyone can do this. We just have to pay attention to our immediate surroundings and practice using these new tools…

Today, after work, Sylvia and I went to Earth Fare (grocery store), to refill our 3, gallon water bottles and check-on a few “shopping list” items.

  • We went to this same store last week, in order to buy more “Magic Water” — the water I used to cure Sylvia’s cancer.
  • While we were there, I checked to see if the coffee we like was on-sale. It wasn’t but a few other varieties of that same brand WERE on-sale. Feeling as though this was a “test” to see if I would compromise what we “want” for “price”, we didn’t buy ANY coffee that day.

While we were there today, I checked the coffee area again. This Time, I DID see that the coffee we like IS on-sale. When I looked closer at the price-tag on the shelf, it showed that the sale runs through May 3rd. This means it was on-sale last week when we were there. This Time, instead of being “pulled” by an energy of “will you settle for THIS?” I was “pushing” the energy of “manifestation”.

The “Telepathy”, mentioned in the title of this Section, came in when Sylvia and I were heading for the coffee. I “felt” Sylvia suggest that we buy bananas. Then I remembered that she had us buy “carrots” last week and, logically, she would want us to buy more.

So I asked Sylvia if we should buy some carrots. I waited for a response but didn’t sense any. Since I wasn’t sure what her answer was, I started to walk away from that area. As we did, I noticed my stomach had a slight discomfort inside it. Aiming my mind at Sylvia, I thought: “Maybe this is your way of telling me NOT to buy carrots.”

Still not knowing what to do, I continued down our shopping list.

About 10-minutes later, we were near the carrots again. So I asked Sylvia if she wants us to buy some. I instantly felt that same sensation in my stomach. As I tuned into it, I understood that this is Sylvia’s way of telling me: “if you buy carrots now, this is how your stomach will feel when you eat them.” In other words, it was Sylvia’s way of suggesting that we NOT buy carrots at this Time.

Over the last few days, I’ve been noticing that “my sensings” of the temperatures around me have felt cooler than the actual temperatures are indicating. For example, as Sylvia and I drove home from work today, we saw Temperature signs that showed: “82-degrees”. To “me” though, it felt several degrees cooler than that.

I’m only mentioning this, in case someone reading this is having similar experiences.


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Last week a representative claiming to be from the head family of the Hongmen Worldwide Chinese Union informed the White Dragon Society that the Red and Green were under new leadership. He said “when the Asian giant moves, the earth will shake but our goal is world peace.” Not much more can be written about the Red and Blue and WDS talks however, you can be sure big events will unfold soon.”
  • “There is also a lot of chatter from multiple sources including the CIA and the Pentagon that some sort of financial event far bigger than the Lehman shock is imminent. While experience has taught us to be wary of specific dates, many sources even go so far as to say it will be on April 19th. This is the day the Shanghai Gold Exchange will start its gold trading platform intended to take over setting the gold price from the Khazarian mafia controlled banks.”
  • “One visible result was historically significant news last week about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation telling banking giants like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, New York Mellon Bank and State Street Corp that their bankruptcy plans were “not credible.””
  • “To put it another way, some of the top Khazarian cabal banks and owners of the Federal Reserve Board are basically being told they are de facto bankrupt.”
  • “The other development is that Japan is now preparing to fully legalize Marijuana and give control of the resulting business bonanza to Asian secret societies. Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, is planning to be a major player in the medical marijuana industry, Asian secret society sources say.”
  • “While on the subject of Japan, the earthquake last week in Southern Japan appears, from seismographic and other evidence, to have been a natural one. The volcanic ring of fire around the Pacific basin is very active because a new continent is being born in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, according to P2 Freemason lodge sources. This will not happen overnight of course but already new islands are being born in the region.”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to access the many links included with the article.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This Channeled message is through Jana Szymborski. (She mentions that English is not her 1st language. So keep that in mind as you read her message.)

As I was reading this, deciding whether I was supposed to include it or not (in this Posting), I read this paragraph and knew it was intended to be here:

  • “Nature will do the cleansing job for you. Please send all unwanted energetic trash to central sun for recycling not to Gaia. These are very abnormal energetic transfers for human body and this planet. As always, ask for help if needed.”

My comments: This is a very good point. Since Humanity and the Earth herself are currently involved in a deep cleansing, we don’t want to dump any negative energies back into those energetic fields. Doing so would be like preparing a meal in your Kitchen, cleaning-up afterwards and tossing that trash into your Living Room — we receive the nutrition of the food and clear-out the unwanted / chaotic energies only to find them later in the middle of our sanctuary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-17-16 *Discoveries, Gaia, FinancialReset, Happenings

*First a few comments:

This became MUCH longer than I realized it was going to be. I’m mentioning all this in case someone reading this has had similar experiences and wants to know that there are others following similar energy-strings… and also to show how the energies around us have changed a bit.

  • There’s a saying: “You can’t cross the same river twice.”
  • Think about it. Giant river or small, flowing stream… Get close-enough to it and look at all the aspects and happenings just under the surface of that liquid highway. Each second that passes, different facets of life and Nature move in and out of your perspective. Within no 2 slices of Time are all the elements exactly the same. So if you cross that river right now and turn around the walk right back through it, it will be a different river.

It must have been “Discoveries” day today because I “discovered” 2 of them…


  • After MANY, many hours of Streaming, deciphering, learning, changing, practicing and practicing the drum part for our “Time Machine” song, I was FINALLY able to play it all the way through without any “real” errors. There were only 2 slightly rough spots and those were optional “hit this drum or that drum” choices while playing. I “may” redo it later but it can also stand as a finished part.
  • So once that was done, I suggested to Sylvia that we work on the Streamed “bass” / “chordal” part that she sent-through to me a couple of weeks ago.
  • So I covered my electronic drums and uncovered my Roland SH-201 keyboard and our 2 fairly new Roland synths (the JP-08 and System-1m). (When I previously Steamed Sylvia’s notes for this part, because the JP-08 and System-1m don’t have keyboards, I used the SH-201’s keyboard to control the other 2.)
  • Before getting started, I wanted to be sure I had setup the SH-201 to use the “A=432Hz” tuning. So I opened the Owner’s Manual to find out how to check this. I never made it that far because I went back to that keyboard and played something while listening to it and had forgotten the great sounds this keyboard can produce. (For this particular Track, I’ve been listening to the other 2 synths through our Mac… through Apple’s “GarageBand” software. So I hadn’t heard the SH-201 on its own for quite a while.) I played the Patches (sounds) that “I” had created (and stored in that keyboard) and forgot how good they sound. Not wanting to lose them, I wanted to find another way to get them into the computer. (Many months ago, this capability was removed because we upgraded to a newer version of Apple’s Operating System and Roland had discontinued this keyboard model.)
  • (Sylvia’s suggesting I bring this back to the Topic I started with.) Anyway, I discovered 1 aspect of this keyboard that I either had forgotten about or didn’t fully realize at the Time… There’s a “D-Beam” (infrared) sensor on this keyboard and it’s setup to control the “Pitch” or “Filter”. What I discovered today is that under the “Filter” button it also has the word: “Assign”. I checked the manual and learned that I can hold that button and turn ANY knob and THAT parameter will now be controlled by me moving my hand higher or lower above the D-Beam. This opened-up a whole new layer of sound-control on this entry-level, but powerful and misunderstood synthesizer.

So that was today’s 1st discovery for me.

In case anyone’s interested in exploring our music gear, here are the links for the ones I mentioned above:

Roland SH-201:

Roland JP-08:

Roland System-1m (yes, those red, blue or green “circles” are actually lights):

Hard Drive:
This can probably be applied to any aspect of a “follow your Heart” dream but I’ll talk about the “Musician”…

  • You know you’re a true, deeply-committed Musician when you have thoughts such as: “Let’s see now. We have lots of potato chips and crackers but we’re out of real food and only have 50-bucks left ’til payday. We did want to get that new guitar amp but it’s $900. What are we going to do?… I got it! We’ll put $40 down on the amp, eat potato chips and crackers for the next 2-weeks and not do laundry until our clothes wear out. Oh. That’s right. We DO have a lot of crackers… We’d better put $45 down on that amp.”
  • In other words, when someone is truly following their Heart, like a real Musician, they will put their life on hold, just to be able to bring-forth the “sound”.
  • So, a few months ago, Sylvia and I realized that our hard drive doesn’t have the capacity we need to store multiple versions of the songs on our upcoming album… and, Apple’s latest Operating System, “El Capitan” is taxing this 2009 Mac mini. So we’ve been talking about buying a new iMac. They’re much more powerful than a Mac mini but also more expensive.
  • We have also been talking about buying 2 MORE pieces of music gear: the not-yet-released “MatrixBrute” ($2,000) by “Arturia” and 1 of the Yamaha DTX 700-series electronic drumsets (around $2,400). (I’ve mentioned this drumset before and was only considering the “Sound Module” [brain] from that series and 1 of its drum pads but, in the last few days, I’ve been noticing that the electronic cymbals on my Roland set seem to be losing their responsiveness. So extra cymbals would be good.)
  • (ok. I should get back on-track here…) Because Sylvia and I have been working on “Time Machine”, we’ve put those other pieces of research on the back-burner. Today, however, E.R. (who’s on this list) sent me a link to an article on SSD (Solid State Drives). We’ve had a small-capacity SSD (no moving parts) drive for many months now and really appreciate its small size and very fast speed. When we saw that article, Sylvia and I talked again about just buying a larger-capacity SSD drive. So I did more research.
  • I was in the middle of “internal” or “external”… buy an “Enclosure” or a “cable converter” or… When I kept sensing something about the SSD drive that’s sitting here on my desk (attached to the Mac mini). I went back to reading more product pages. I was almost instantly drawn back to that drive. I just kept feeling “something” about that drive. Then I realized it was Sylvia wanting me to look carefully at that particular drive… “Ok. It’s an external, Solid State drive. There’s nothing special about… what?” Somehow, I got the message to turn it around and look at the connectors on the back: “Ok. So it’s got FireWire and USB. We knew that. Wait. That’s not USB, is it? It’s USB 3! It’s USB 3!”
  • This means we could buy an “external” USB 3 SSD drive, connect it to that Port on our current drive and keep this drive connected to the Mac mini through the FireWire Port (because the Mac mini doesn’t have “USB 3”). This not only opens-up more options for us, because FireWire products are harder to find) but USB 3 choices are a bit less expensive.
  • So, now the problem is… Do we buy something for the “computer” or another piece of music gear? “Food?” What about food? Musicians can’t think about “food” when they can smell music gear close-by.

I’m still not sure what Sylvia is suggesting that we do but we did seem to break-through some sort of “energy-wall” today with these “discoveries”.


From “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Salvage operations have completed.”
  • “Selections are made, and levels assigned.”
  • “Gaia’s choices are clear to all with ears to hear.”
  • “Falterings are left behind.”
  • “Upward intentions are realized.”
  • Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Of course, we won’t know if the following information is real until things unfold (or not) as they are outlined below. So, “IF” this is true, here are some excerpts:

  • ” On Tuesday, 19th April 2016, the Chinese will launch the new gold- backed Yuan (the new Chinese currency).”
  • “They will simultaneously launch a new Chinese electronic payment system so the current western banking system, called “SWIFT electronic payment system”, will not be able to access and exchange the new gold-backed Yuan. The SWIFT system will not be able to exchange gold-backed Yuan for any other currency in the SWIFT system; it will only be convertible on the new Chinese payment system. That is why the chairperson of the Federal Reserve in the USA, Janet Yellen, met with Barack Obama this week. You might think that they meet regularly, but the chairperson of the Federal Reserve only meets with the president on issues on national security.”
  • “This development which has been several years in the making, and which is now coming to pass, has many implications for everyone on this planet, but especially the people of the United States of America.
  • This new gold-backed currency is likely to be a far more attractive currency exchange and payment system option, as there is an underlying asset backing the currency, whereas the US Dollar is based on debt owed to the banks that is highly leveraged, with little real asset backing. Already there are 188 countries that have agreed to use the new Chinese electronic payment system that comes online on Tuesday. What this means is that the fiat US Dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency by the gold-backed Yuan.”
  • “Further, what this means is that countries that have “bought” and held US dollars to facilitate trade will repatriate their US dollars back to the Federal Reserve and demand exchange for their own currencies. This will hold dire consequences for the Federal Reserve because they don’t hold sufficient reserves to repay all these countries, and the value of the US Dollar will come crashing down. Printing more US Dollars will not assist the US in a US economic recovery, as they did in 2008.”
  • “This act by the Chinese may be viewed  by the USA as an “act of aggression and war” so the US is considering its options in this regard. Its only real options are a nuclear war with the Chinese, or to accept an “olive branch” from the Chinese to accept the situation and accept the offer from China to back a new treasury issued US Dollar with gold.”
  • “If the US opts for option 1, it would place the entire US population at grave risk, as well as its allies, and the entire world. If it opts for option 2 it would mean the end of the Federal Reserve System and the old US Dollar.”
  • “If option 2 is accepted, then there will be an evaluation and revaluation (RV) of the world’s currency system. This will require a shutdown of all banks for a few days, or even weeks. It would also usher in the release of the wealth in the Collateral Accounts, and the World Trust accounts, which will mean a basic income for every man woman and child on the planet, and a forgiveness of all debt (a debt jubilee).”
  • “I thought I should explain this, although it might seem a little complicated to understand, for it is best you to know and do not panic. It is transpiring (“trance spriraling”) soon.”

My comments: Again, “IF” this information is real then it matches with a few of the other reports I’ve seen in the last week or so.

Also, “IF” this is real, then Benjamin Fulford should have something to say about it in his weekly report, which is due-out tomorrow (4/18/16).

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

After finishing the Section below, I found the following link, which provides more details and a different insight into what these “financial happenings” MAY be all about. It’s late and because Sylvia and I have to work tomorrow, I don’t have Time to “excerpt” this article but, in “my” opinion, it’s well-worth reading.

Here’s the link:


Although these 3 happenings are for different reasons, they are in different parts of the world and show “me” that “something” IS happening, which leads to the bigger pieces of this puzzle coming together.

  • Brazil wants to impeach its Leader.
  • Jamaica wants to get rid of the British Queen as its Leader.
  • England wants British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign.

My comment: As I mentioned, the reasons behind each happening are a bit different but it doesn’t really matter to “me” because it’s what these puzzle pieces are doing that matters. The people are now awake and they are taking back this planet!

For the last few months or so, I’ve been feeling that the energies leading up to the new financial system, new governments, the Prosperity Programs, Disclosure and Enlightenment… and, then the removal of the “Veil” are now happening “exponentially”. (It’s the dissolving of the “Veil” that Sylvia and I are waiting for.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Brazil situation:

Here’s the link to the Jamaican situation:

Here’s the link:

PS 4-16-16 *Alignments

*First a comment:

After a few hours of checking lots of websites, I couldn’t find anything else to include, which provides “me” with feedback of what Sylvia has been indicating to me for the last 262-weeks. (I don’t want to include information just for “filler”.)

A few weeks ago, Sylvia and I learned… Not only is there a fairly new employee named: “Echo” but we also learned that a Customer’s daughter’s name is: “Echo”. The odds of that “coincidence” must be way out there.

A few weeks ago, another fairly new employee was hired and her name is: “Lyric”. Today, Sylvia and I had walked past a man who had just called his young daughter by her name. Not sure of what we heard, we stopped, turned around and asked:

  • “Did you just call her: “Lyric”?”

He said yes.

It wasn’t until after work, when Sylvia and I were in Ingles (another grocery store), when Sylvia gave me the energy-word for what was happening: “Alignments”.

She said this after I had a conversation with 1 of that store’s Managers:

  • 6-months ago, Sylvia and I were in that grocery store buying some groceries. At one point, we were on their “juice” aisle and wanted to buy a bottle of non-GMO cranberry juice. Looking at the labels, though, we didn’t even want to touch them. A bottle must have broken and the reddish juice had splattered across the labels of some of the front-row bottles. So we bought non-GMO lemonade instead.
  • About a week later, that situation hadn’t changed… the front-row bottles still had the same juice-splatterings on them. This Time, they were on-sale. So we worked a bit harder, to get to the bottles behind the front ones… but the front bottles were stuck to the shelf because of the now-dried-on juice.
  • We went to the front of the store and explained the situation to the Manager on-duty.
  • A few days later, we went back and there was no change. This went on for almost 6-months. However, we only mentioned this to 3 “Managers” or “Supervisors”.
  • About 3-weeks ago, we noticed that the bottles “above” the ones we wanted to buy were even MORE-stuck to the shelf than the others below them. THIS is probably where the original bottle broke. So, after so many months of not getting any results from management, I pried-off 1 of those bottles and touched it to the floor 3-times. Each Time, I moved it a few inches to the left. This made 3, very noticeable “juice rings” on their shiny-white floor. We left the bottle on the floor and left.
  • We went back a few days later and that bottle had been placed back on the shelf and, because I placed those “juice-rings” close to the base of the shelf, the floor-cleaning machine could only clean half of each ring. So now there were 3, “U-shaped” juice-rings on the floor but NONE of the bottles were cleaned and both shelves were still VERY sticky with 6-month-old juice!
  • The reason Sylvia used the word “Alignments” is because, today when we went in to that store things had changed… they “lined-up”. When we turned down the juice aisle, there, about 20-feet from the sticky-juice section was a real-life MANAGER. I knew immediately how things would unfold. As we approached him, he looked up from where he was placing items on a shelf and said: “How are you today?” We kept walking while I said: “I’ll tell you in a minute.”
  • When we got to the problem spot and saw that NOTHING was changed, we went back to him and explained the entire situation. He said: “This is embarrassing” and that he would clean it right now. He explained that they’ve had problems with employees not doing what they’ve been told or not watching-out for unexpected things like this.

So, Sylvia feels that the double, HIGHLY “un-coincidental” names and this “resolving of the juice” situations are linked and part of things now “aligning”.

  • To “me”, this is very powerful feedback that great changes are now taking place.
  • Regarding the “Echo” and “Lyric” words (audio energies)… Either the “Master Program” / the “Matrix” / the “illusion” didn’t correctly splice the overlap of the “deja vu” (its restart of part of its programming) or the Star Visitors have duplicated these energies in order to boost (and to tell us they’re now boosting) those very special frequencies.

As always, your mileage may vary.

PS 4-15-16 *Helpers, Quinsey, WhiteHat-DarkHat

*First a comment:


  • I just finished writing the following and realize… I thought this was going to be an account (a re-telling) of what happened today but I was “nudged” to provide a few more details on the “process”. That wasn’t my intention when I started this Section. (In other words, I didn’t want to “preach”.)

I’m including this because Sylvia and I want to show at least 1 way of “reading” (“sensing”) another person’s energies and deciphering the information provided.

Anyone can do this. You can also do this with animals. The main thing is to “fist” Shield (“energetically” / “psychically” protect) yourself and to always be open-minded about “what” you receive and “how” it come to you.

  • I’ve mentioned before that “I” sometimes “see” Sylvia’s information through my “feelings” or “understand” her message through an “image”, etc.
  • For “me”, the information “I” receive is placed “within” me — my physical body and even in my (Aura) energy field. i’ve also “sometimes” noticed that “feedback” will come from “outside” of those areas… For example, if I’m not sure if I’m interpreting something correctly, an outside (of me) “nudge” may be provided… Let’s say I’m describing an “electrical flow” but don’t understand if it’s running “parallel” (side-by-side) or “in-series” (one-after-the-other). While I’m explaining this, someone (not knowing anything about what I’m saying) might walk by and say: “You know, we should pick-up some cereal” (serial, in-series)… or they may say: “Tomorrow, we’ll walk through the Mall arm-in-arm” (parallel, side-by-side).

A few weeks ago, someone was telling me and Sylvia about her 11-year old daughter having a tough life, mentally, and sometimes finding it very difficult to deal with the immediate social-world around her — school, friends, etc.

The girl had a crying attack this morning, so her Mom called a Councilor, who is trained in this type of work.

Sylvia and I have seen this girl from across the room but haven’t seen her face or heard her voice. So “I” have not picked-up on any of her energies, in order to offer some type of information which “may” be of some help. However, “Sylvia” CAN “read” that girl. So, today, after hearing what happened, and being concerned but not able to offer any assistance, Sylvia provided me with this information:

  • It was several minutes later and Sylvia and I were in another part of the building mopping. Sylvia then provided me with this:
  • That “little girl” is a VERY powerful Being. She came here from VERY far away, in order to help at this time.

At that point, I just CRIED so VERY hard, I couldn’t move. Fortunately, we were near the Stock Room. So no one saw me.

  • I was crying because, at that moment, I sensed that “I” had been in this Galaxy or simply on this single planet for more incarnations than I care to remember… that I have been helping fight the negative forces for so very long that I’m also worn out. To finally have help… and very special help seemed to connect me with my own “bigger picture”… that someone “out there” FINALLY realized we need help here and FINALLY figured out how to send-in reinforcements.

Once I could move again, with tears still on my face, I quickly went to find the girl’s Mom, to relay the information I was just given.

  • I saw her on 1 of the grocery aisles but didn’t want to say anything just yet because another Customer was on that same aisle, looking at some crackers. So I stood back and waited for several seconds but the Customer just seemed to be in slow-motion.
  • I told Sylvia that I didn’t want to take to the girl’s Mom while that other woman could hear me. Sylvia simply said: “Timings”. So I continued to wait.
  • Before that Customer left, 2 other Customers entered that aisle. Again, I told Sylvia that we have to wait and, again, Sylvia said: “Timings” but this Time, she provided an additional piece of information, which came to me through my “feelings”… The “Timings” she’s referring to is to “talk” and not the “Timings” of “do not talk”. So what Sylvia was suggesting is that these 3 people also need to hear this information… or at least be a part of the energy of that moment. I told her “ok” and began explaining what I received.
  • As I was explaining everything to the Mom, I noticed that my mind drifted to the back part of that information line, looking for an answer to a question I just had. I wanted to know if that girl is about to do her work all by herself. As soon as I imprinted the question, I received an image of the Earth (about 2-inches in diameter). All around it were “red” / “reddish” spheres, like the round-end of a Common Pin with the pointed-end stuck into the Earth. From the eighth-inch diameter spheres, I understood that there weren’t “millions” of people on that girl’s team but there may have been a thousand or so. (Had those “spheres” / “pin-heads” been smaller, there would have been may more surrounding that picture of the Earth and this would have told me there were many more than a “thousand”.)
  • I started to explain that these “Helpers” are similar to the “Starseeds”, “Indigo”, “Rainbow” and “Crystal” children, but there was “empty energy” where that information should have been (within my mind). I then sensed a piece of information on my “inner knowing”, which told me these Beings are in a Class by themselves. They are not the same as the Beings in those groups.
  • As I sensed I was reaching the end of the information Sylvia provided, I looked for more but nothing else came-through. So I told the girl’s Mom: “That’s all I have right now. Either that’s all that’s being allowed to come-through (to be shared) or “I’m” not allowed to know.”

Again, I’m being “nudged” to provide these details, in order to share how “our” (me and Sylvia’s) process works. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I’m also including this information to let everyone know… “IF” this information is real, it means several more “Helpers” have incarnated on this planet and are now at the point of “waking-up”. They feel a bit different to me. Although I can’t read the “scope” (the “measurement”) of just how powerful they are, I just “know” that they are extremely powerful Beings and “this” is why, in “my” opinion, that girl is “probably” being targeted by the Cabal’s mind-games group… to keep her and her team from doing their job. (Right now, I’m also sensing that the Cabal cannot stop them. On some level, they knew this might happen and are simply waiting for the right Timing, in order to unfold their talents.


This Channeled message is through Mike Quinsey. Here are some excerpts:

  • “People’s expectations are rising and their confidence improving so much, that they are coming forward to support the Light. The truth has begun to surface and the lies and distortion of the facts are not so easily accepted as they were. People’s perception of what is going on is revealing the truth, and they have the ability to be discerning where false information is circulated. These are the predicted times when what has been hidden will be revealed, and although the news is still largely controlled by those on the dark side, it does sometimes leak out. There have been many resignations as the dark Ones are revealed, and it will continue until it reaches a point when their place is taken by Beings of Light. It is in fact already happening on a small scale and often it has a knock on effect that leads to others who have hidden their actions coming out.”
  • “…matters are changing even more rapidly than previously and the pressure is mounting on those who support the Illuminati. They know that their time is limited and had hoped to escape responsibility for their deeds. There is no escape and they will have to answer for their actions, regardless of how much they try to avoid the inevitable time of accountability.”
  • “Bear in mind that you are eventually going to leave the lower vibrations, as the changes occur in your approach and understanding of spiritual understanding… As has been previously indicated, you agreed to drop down into the lower vibrations, and you were assured that at any time you wished to progress, you would be given help. Time as you know it is on your side but if you wish to take advantage of the coming end of the last cycle and the opportunity to ascend, you need to apply yourself to reach the level of vibration that is necessary to do so.”
  • “When you finally return to the higher dimensions all will be revealed to you, as you have been severely restricted by the lower vibrations and even temporarily lost your memory. Some of you have a “feeling” of experiences in a higher level, and occasionally a memory of them. This sometimes results from your “out of the body” experiences during your sleep time, although most souls cannot bring such things to their waking mind.”
  • “This year is still going to be one to remember and although matters are not manifesting as quickly as intended, be assured many things are happening behind the scenes. To say the least you will not be disappointed once those of the Light feel safe enough to proceed with their projects.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Since I don’t know the background or Source of this information, I can only present it.

  • The Resistance Movement
  • “The Resistance Movement consists of Pleiadians who were baited down to the surface to perform alpha operations and were then barred from the ship. These people then formed a plan to help awaken the surface population and overthrow the Illuminati in 2012.”
  • “The Resistance Movement is not centralized by any means. Some of the Pleiadians that were baited down were completely unaware and were not able to make it to a safe location underground without being programmed. On the other hand there are others that understood the situation and were able to make it underground safely. The ones that remained on the surface were able to join governmental agencies such as the NSA but were loyal to the Illuminati or in other words they were dark hats.”
  • “The plan to liberate the planet in 2012 nearly succeeded. During the summer of 2012 the Illuminati actually began to negotiate their surrender. The problem was that not enough people took collective action to force it. The Illuminati kept stalling and stalling to prolong the situation. Then eventually the galactic central sun was muted by the Draco Federation and this noticeably slowed down the evolution of humanity.”
  • “This plan was not the only plan to liberate the planet by the Resistance Movement. What many people don’t realize is that during the early 90’s a lot of people began to reach their ascension. The Resistance Movement got involved with a certain television show that caused a lot of starseed children that had recently reached their ascension to realize their potential.”
  • “The Organization is a Draco group. The Resistance Movement and the Organization are not connected. What many people don’t realize is that there were many Draco groups undergound. The faction in Montauk or the Chimera group was not the only group by any means. The Organization would mostly come up and bait White Hats underneath the surface to program them or kill them. They would then come up shapeshifted as the white hats to shape geopolitical events in their favor.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-14-16 Dates, Water?, TwinFLames

Although I “am” Tracking “Nibiru” / “Planet X” or whatever is an extra object in our Solar System, I don’t include much if that information, photos or videos because I haven’t seen or read anything that “I” would consider “more likely” to be real.

  • I have to being this with “IF” this is true and, in the particular case, I also have to mention that I’m including this “for what it’s worth”. (I’ll explain that below.)

Tonight, I was reading the Nibiru article on the following web page and was just about ready to move-on to other research items, when I spotted this paragraph:

  • “Daniel points to Rabbi Cordovero’s commentary on this verse in the Zohar, Judaism’s most important mystical text. Daniel claims that Rabbi Cordovero described the look of the star and even gave the date of its appearance as “the 25th day of the six month.” Counting from the first Hebrew month of Nisan, which falls in the spring, the sixth month is Elul. The 25th day of Elul this year corresponds to September 28. If Daniel is correct in his understanding of Rabbi Cordovero’s commentary, Nibiru won’t appear on March 26, but will appear on September 28.”

My comments: When I read that Date, I immediately connected it to the “price-sticker” I saw in my dream from 4/12/16. In that dream, I saw a “price-sticker” which showed: “$11.28”.

  • I have to back-up a bit here… What I forgot to mention in that Posting… actually, I didn’t think it was important… was this: Ever since that particular dream, when I see that number (11.28) I now think of “September” 28 and I did the same thin when I read the article on the following web page tonight. (Only, this Time, I reversed my mental connection to it.) It showed “September 28” and “I” thought of “11.28”.s
  • So, for some reason “I’m” not yet aware of, I’m now matching the number “11” with the energy of “September”.
  • In case this helps anyone, My Sylvia was born in “September”.

So, I really don’t know “what” any of this means or “IF” it actually means anything at all. I’m simply including this incase someone out there needs this information. If it turns-out that I’m simply missing a piece of the puzzle, and you know what it is, please contact me.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This is from the “Crrow777” YouTube channel. I’ve seen his videos of the Moon many months ago. I may have even included his findings on his filming of the “Lunar Wave”, the rippling effect seen on the Moon as if it was being projected onto the sky.

In his video from April 13, 2016, he states that, after thousands of hours filming the Moon, he’s come to the conclusion that “Space” is made-up of “water” or some type of “liquid”.

I’m including this because, “IF” it’s true, it verifies the many lies being spoon-fed to Humanity for eons AND how another person is now “thinking outside the box”. Even if you don’t believe any of his findings, think about it. Use this as a mind-opening exercise and see if your mind can jump over the walls of the box we’ve all been placed in. With each new mind-opening idea, we inch our way closer to the top-edge and, eventually, we’ll be able to peak over the top of this container.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the “Water” video:
Here’s the link to the “Lunar Wave” video:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

As some of you know, 2 different, very “in-touch with the energies” people, almost 261-weeks ago, told me that Sylvia and I are “Twin Flames” / “Twin Souls”.

  • I mention this because, although Sylvia and I resonate with this, it’s not something we knew about before and is not a label we’ve attached to ourselves.

I’m including this information, in order to provide some background on how “Twin Flames” work, think and just “be” with each other. As for me and Sylvia… We’ve never know a more encompassing “Love” of any kind. We totally, completely and unquestioningly, truly “Love” each other. The bond between us is seamless and unbreakable. The Love we share through each other is so powerful it simply feels like a pleasant, Spring day just floating down a gentle river.

Here are some excerpts to this article on “Twin Flames” that I found helpful:

  • “Spirit commends those who are able to stay true to themselves despite the often immense pressure from family and society to ‘fit in’ and adhere to existing gender roles.”
  • “As with the Twin couples, there is an emphasis on balance and harmony. We are here not only to reach balance as a pair, but to assist a balancing for the collective. To clear out congestion and negativity and download new programming and light codes for Union…”
  • “The great thing for Twins is that the challenging beginnings are usually set to shift into an increased sense of freedom and joy later. We come here to share love and joy, and this is what we’re assisted to experience once we’ve “understood”.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: