PS 8-13-16 *Changes, *Sun, Cobra

*First a few comments:

Not peering inside the Cabal’s “Social Sphere” on this planet, with its “the world has gone mad” continually-boiling “soup”, I’ve been noticing a few subtle, almost unseen, changes in the energies around me and this planet in the last several months.

Sylvia and I have lived in this Mobile Home for 22-years now. So we’re very familiar with the cycles of Nature in this area… trees, grass, bugs, water-flows, etc.

Yesterday, when we pulled into our driveway after work, the rain had recently stopped. Just before we got out of our car, we noticed a few odd whitish-colored “balls” sitting on a neighbor’s lawn. I looked more intently at them and realized they weren’t “balls”. They were “mushrooms”. I don’t remember seeing any kind of mushrooms out here before… but these were not only “mushrooms” they were HUGE! The 3 small ones were 4-inches in diameter and the 2 large ones were 10-inches in diameter! I’ve never seen mushrooms that large.

Maybe we ARE on the “new Earth” or a new “Dimension”. I don’t know. I DO know that “something” has changed “somewhere”.

Question everything.

Here’s another change that I’ve noticed…

I’ve mentioned this in a previous Post and saw it again yesterday… The “Sun”. Specifically, the “Sun” (or whatever it is) in our sky is NOT completely round. I should have stopped yesterday and taken some photos but, on the way to work yesterday, Sylvia and I saw a “Sun” / “light source” in the sky which was just a tiny bit “taller” than it is “wide”. We see this on some mornings because we can easily see the Sun sitting just above the trees as we’re driving towards it. On those mornings when there is the right amount of Fog and / or Cloud-cover, we see a “glare-less” Sun, which makes it very easy to see its exact shape.

Of all the articles and videos I’ve seen about the “Sun”… Solar Flares, Nibiru, Asteroids, Meteors, NASA’s Satellite Cameras and other conversations about “things” in our Solar System, “I” have not heard anyone talking about this “shape discrepancy”.

  • So I talked to Sylvia about this today. When I got to the part where I said: “No one’s talking about this”, Sylvia indicated: “What does that tell you?”
  • That’s when I connected that information to my feeling the other day of: “smelling a rat”. (I just felt as though those Youtube-video people who have been not only talking about Solar System happenings, but are also instantly propelled to global “popularity” because of it, have conveniently come into view over these last 279-weeks, raised themselves to stardom, faded away and a new crop “just happens” to appear on the scene. )
  • So what “hit me” was… “I” can clearly see that the Sun is not completely “round” AND “I” can see (in ALL of NASA’s images and videos of the “Sun”) that those images presented to the general public show a “perfectly round” Sun.
  • (Sylvia and I haven’t heard from C.Y. [who’s on this list] in a long Time. Yesterday, he sent us an eMail. One of the things he mentioned was: “Don’t believe any information coming from NASA.”)
  • All of this tells “me”… Anyone who bases their “Sun conversation” on NASA’s images or vides is either being fooled (lied-to) and doesn’t know it or they are part of the Cabal’s plan to hide what I have seen.

Of course, it would be very helpful if “some” or “all” of those reading this can see this for yourself and let me know what you discover.

Question everything.

C.Y. also sent the following:

  • I watched these videos and they do shine a lot of light on the  possible hoax of the events mentioned.
  • For the “Moon landings”… even as a teenager, watching that “Live” broadcast, I remember complaining that the government, with all its money and technology, couldn’t use “color” cameras for something as important as a person setting foot on the Moon. (The 3rd video below explains that they DID have “color” cameras.)
  • I don’t typically Track the “Moon landing” or “911” but more and more Humans are waking-up and figuring out what is really going on and THIS tells “me” that we are ever-closer to that “Veil” truly being removed.

From JFK, Apollo, 9/11 To Flat Earth: How TV Fakes Images, Fools the World & Creates a False Reality – YouTube
This one is  about how they’ve used TV to indoctrinate us since the sixties, and it’s very well made, explaining what we now know to be true about JFK, the Apollo program, and 9/11 contrasted to how they fooled us with TV to believe something else entirely. Great coverage of the faked moon landings and faked International Space Station.

What Happened On the Moon? – Analysis of the Lunar Photography – YouTube
This video provides more detail, including shadow evidence for all landings.

This one includes footage obtained last year from an FOI request that proves the fake beyond all doubts, plus many other proofs that the landings were fake.


There is another Interview with Cobra. This one is from July 29th. The following page provides links to the “audio” and the “transcript”.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “LOUISA- Cobra, are we talking about the metagene? There are many researchers who have talked about the fact that humans have something called a metagene. Is this how we manifest through this metagene, Cobra? Is this something unique, what is so unique about human beings?”
  • “COBRA- Every race in the universe can do this. Humanity is in a unique position because it has been the [most] on this planet with the most contrast, the most complex life forms and is a focal point for the cosmic transformations. So, it’s actually happening everywhere, it’s a universal process.”
  • “LOUISA- Has this ability been hijacked from humanity for nefarious purposes by Artificial Intelligence or Archons?”
  • “COBRA- I would say that there are opposing forces that try to hijack the process, and try to hijack the freewill, but the initial decision of everybody on this planet to join this reality was free will choice, we signed the contract. We need to cancel that contract and use our free will again.”
  • “LOUISA- And how do we cancel that contract?”
  • “COBRA- Simply by using free will to say no to this. We don’t want this anymore we want a different world, we want a different reality. It’s very simple. And that’s why people are awakening, that’s why we have all the blogs and why we have all the activities and reactions that is taking place right now throughout the world to say no to this. We don’t need to agree to this, we can change this.”
  • “LOUISA- So we need empower ourselves?”
  • “COBRA- We can. If we know what we want, if we know our vision, and if we are aware that we can actually manifest it. It’s not something that cannot be done. It takes time, it takes perseverance, but it can be done. And it will be done.”
  • “LOUISA- Cobra, you talked about the thinning of the Veil in the recent conference that you had and you showed a picture of the sky and it was a pinkish sky. Are we going to gain more abilities once this Veil comes down completely?”
  • “COBRA- Yes, of course, because the veil technology is blocking our higher abilities. And when the veil is removed all those abilities will become quite natural for especially for those of us who came to this planet from other star systems. We will just reawaken to our own inner power. We will get it back.”
  • “COBRA- We are going through a complete paradigm shift. It’s not just a small change we are going into. It is not just the arrest of the cabal, it’s not just disclosure, it’s not just a release of intel, and it’s a complete change of life on this planet as we know it. It’s an entrance into a new reality system without money, without struggle, without suffering and without duality. And it’s a cosmic change, it’s not just a little clean-up operation on the surface of the planet. It’s much more than that.”
  • “LOUISA- From what Max is saying this event seems to be on our doorstep Cobra is that what you are saying. Because I think from your recent conference notes you were saying that we are in the next phase that will be accelerating to the event. Could you explain what you mean by that?”
  • “COBRA- I cannot go into much detail but I would say that certain important cycles were competed in July and we just started a new one, and there was a strong break through on the non-physical planes of the veil. It was not a complete break through but it was a first strong indicator which has triggered a new phase which will be completed at the moment of the Event. So we are basically speaking we are having cracks in the matrix of the veil. This technology is not one hundred percent waterproof anymore. And it will begin to disintegrate slowly and when this begins to disintegrate we are very near.”

My comments: There’s the mention of the “Veil” having cracks in it. Yesterday, Jennifer Hoffman said the “Veil” has been removed. I’m still looking for and doing my best to find a way to “sense” ANY changes in the “Veil” but haven’t yet been able to send my senses through it. Of course, I’ve been working on this for over 279-weeks now!

  • “COBRA- In a way it will take us by surprise because when things start happening they will accelerate very, very fast. People will not be able to make plans when things start to happen. It will be very, very fast. But there will be signs before and there are already signs before but if we speak of the actual breakthrough it’s going to be a surprise because when the final breakthrough happens it will be removing of all the obstacles at once. It will not be a gradual process.”

My comment: This next paragraph is extremely important. Please think about what he’s saying.

  • “COBRA- One of the most important things is to hold the vision. Everybody has a certain understanding or feeling or intuition or certain inner knowing about the coming change about the new age about the new cycle about the new reality. And if we hold this in the collective we are going to create the resonance field to manifest it. And this is one of the reasons I am issuing those mass meditations to create that resonance filed stronger and to manifest that sooner. I know there have been many delays, nobody was expecting this to take so long but we need to keep the focus. This is my message. The controlling forces work holding their focus for centuries and this is why they have been so successful in enslaving humanity, regardless of their differences and their conflict they are able to unite their forces against us. But now we need to realign our forces to hold our vision and regardless of our little differences to hold the vision for our new reality for this planet, for the liberation, for the new society, for the new advanced technology, for how many missing people, for the first contact, for all this we need to hold the vision. No matter what, and we will hold it as long as it takes. And this is why we are going to be successful so I would like to thank everybody and I hope you will enjoy this meeting.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-3-16 *Sleep, *Music, *Sun, Cobra

*First a few comments:

During the last 4 or 5 nights, I’ve woken-up 3 or 4 times and gone right back to sleep. When this happened “last night”, there seemed to be enough residual energy from it, which remained with me, that I had a much stronger sense of what is going on…

  • I felt as though I was sleeping, in order to ride the energies… as if they were a Lock in a Canal.
  • As I slept, either these energies ebbed and flowed naturally or I was involved with something which could manipulate them. When I reached a Resonance Point I needed, I would go look for Sylvia. If I didn’t find her, I would somehow wake myself up, in order to “reset” or “re-calibrate” those energies. I would then repeat the process.

If anyone you know is going through a similar situation, let me know.

As many of you know, Sylvia and I are Musicians and have been working on an album for MANY months now. We’re doing this “through the Veil”… Sylvia writes the songs, and makes sure I can “Play” and “Sing” them, and then she “Streams” them through to me. I write-down or record the pieces and then assemble everything while Sylvia “nudges” me to “do it this way or that way”.

Today, we finished “The Veil” song. (That’s its “working title”.) I thought we completed it a few days ago but Sylvia suggested that we add that song’s “Dialog” to the front of the song itself. Initially, I thought this conversation between “me” and the “Cabal” was only going to be heard in that song’s Video but Sylvia wants this “concept album” to be complete.

Here are some of the statistics:

  • The Dialog by itself is 2-minutes and 29-seconds long! There are 8-Tracks (separate music recordings) in this part.
  • This song — just the “music”, is 6-minutes and 38-seconds long and runs for 164-Measures! So the Dialog and the music together, add-up to over 9-minutes! There are 10-Tracks in this part.
  • The “style” / “genre” of this song is “heavy metal”.
  • There’s a 3-Bar, Drum Solo after every Verse!
  • Although this song really “Rocks”, the information Sylvia initially sent me, of it being 262-bpm (beats per minute) and in multiple “Time Signatures” (7/4, 5/4, 3/4), became unraveled shortly after we began working on putting these pieces together.
  • This song borders on being a “patchwork” / ‘Franken-song” but it does seem to work. The lyrics are simple but provide some insights.
  • I think this album now has 67-minutes of music. This includes a Bonus Track, which is the Piano and Strings part of our “N.O.A.T.Y.” song, as it was initially Streamed to me by Sylvia.
  • We worked on this song for 58-hours.

As far as I know, Sylvia and I have only 1 more song to create for this album. It’s the “Title Track” (the Title of the album) and is the last song on this album. We’re referring to it as the “P.Y.” song.

This song “should” be a simple Piano and Strings song with me singing the lyrics.

This morning, when Sylvia and I drove-in to work, there were clouds and a lot of fog. Most of the Time, the fog removed all of the Sun’s glare. When it did, we noticed something that we had seen a few times before… but, today, something was telling me to make-note of it.

  • The Sun was not “round”. You had to look carefully but it was there… the Sun was slightly “taller” than it was “wide”.

I’m mentioning this because it shows that “something” did happen (at some point) and to see if anyone else has noticed this.


This is “Part 2” of the Cobra and Corey Goode Interview, which was released a couple of weeks ago. It’s way too late right now for me to “excerpt” this.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-19-16 *Reclaimed, *OLTTC’P, Sun, Cobra

*First a comment:

For the last few days, Sylvia and I have been talking about the state of 1 of my keyboards. We bought my “Roland SH-201” ($800) synthesizer when we bought Sylvia’s “Korg TR 88” ($2,000) keyboard. Because we can no longer backup the Patches (parameters for each sound) and because, recently, its Pitch Bend wheel no longer works, we’ve been talking about keeping it or selling it.

  • Although it’s many years old now, it’s still a great synthesizer. It’s easy to use, has a 4-octave keyboard and is fairly powerful for its price.

The 2-sides of this issue:

  • I don’t want to get rid of it because Sylvia bought this for me.
  • Without being able to backup any Patches, exploring this synth and creating new Patches is almost a waste of Time. There are only 32 memory locations to store new Patches inside the SH-201. When we bought this synth, I had come up with a handful of Patches. So I could easily fill the remaining locations with new instruments (Patches). Once those are filled, I won’t be able to create any more because doing so would mean deleting the Patches I’ve already made. (The reason you want unlimited Patch Storage capability is because you’re exploring new sounds and / or you’re using a different Patch on each new song you create.)

So, this morning, Sylvia was pushing for me to trade-in this synth and get the new one that’s coming out this Summer. (The Arturia “MatrixBrute”, $2,000) Even now, after these 262-weeks, I haven’t moved Sylvia’s things. Everything she bought, selected, touched and used is very precious to me. Even this keyboard… simply because Sylvia was involved with its purchase, unboxing and our sharing of the many sounds it can make. So I’m having a difficult Time even “thinking” about this keyboard not being in OUR home.

After breakfast, 1 of our toilets became VERY clogged. I flushed it MANY times. The water was going down but very slowly. Dealing with this for almost an hour, told Sylvia:

  • “I don’t understand this… It’s going down but it’s not going down. Why do we have such a problem with getting our sinks to drain? Last week, the Kitchen sink was clogged and now this. Symbolically, it means we’re hanging on to… Oh. I get it. We’re “hanging on” to these energies. By not “letting go” of those things that we no longer need or that aren’t working properly, we are simply storing those energies and not allowing new energies to flow through us. Now I understand.”

Once I came to this realization, Sylvia reminded me that we still have a very old, half-bottle of drain cleaner. So I poured that into the toilet. It still took several more flushes and a few Plungings but it did finally begin working properly again.

  • Sylvia later mentioned that “Baking Soda and Vinegar” would also clear our pipes. I then looked it up online, to see just how to do it.

Once everything was clear and flowing again, Sylvia suggested I use her old MIDI-to-USB converter box with my SH-201 synthesizer.

  • Yesterday, I had asked the manufacturer (Roland) about doing this and they said, yes it can be done and it will allow that keyboard to play notes into the computer but we wouldn’t be able to use the keyboard’s “backup software”, to store its Patches.

So, knowing it wouldn’t work, I tested it anyway. I also checked an idea that I had and discovered that we CAN store those Patches in my Macintosh using that MIDI converter.

So now we’ve reclaimed that synthesizer and our flow of the energies.

Here’s the link to the “Roland SH-201” keyboard:

Here’s the link to the Arturia “MatrixBrute” synthesizer:

*OLTTC’P – Open Letter To The Cabal’s Puppets
I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days. So it’s not “in response” to anything. It’s simply information which I brought in through the “Stream”…

  • Whether you know you’re working for the “Cabal”, “directly” or “indirectly”… Whether you think you’re “helping Humanity” or “improving the Earth”… Whether you’re simply “stuck” and “must” do what you’re told “or else”… Please keep in mind: “All things ARE possible”. This means you CAN change your situation but that “change” must come from “within” — it must come from inside of “you”.
  • Please think about those Cabal members who are involved with the damaging of our skies, food and water. The “Conditioners” you’ve been given are just 1 of the ways those above you are controlling you. Think about it… If you stop “taking orders” / “doing your job” they will no longer supply you with those energy-correcting Conditioners. Then what? Yes, they’ve not only “told” you but have also “shown” you the effects of NOT using those drugs. You’ll be breathing, eating and absorbing those toxic energies that YOU have been helping to distribute… but, guess what? YOU’VE been lied to… AGAIN!
  • This Solar System… the Earth and Humanity is being upgraded. This means we are all resonating at a much higher frequency than we were yesterday and even a hundred years ago… and THIS means, those “harmful toxins” the Cabal is releasing into this biosphere no longer affect us… or YOU. It means YOU don’t need those Conditioners.
  • “…but I’ve seen the science behind those energies… and I’ve been shown the effects of what happens when we don’t use our Conditioners.”
  • Again, you’ve been lied to. Remember, the Cabal have been giving us clues as to “what”, “why” and “how” they do what they do. One such source of this information is the movie: “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”. There’s a scene where those people, who were drawn to the Devil’s Tower location, were captured and taken to that temporary headquarters for questioning. Along the road, those captives saw cows and birds lying-still. This was “implying” that if you remove your Gas Mask, you would also be crossed-over (like those animals)… because the air was toxic. However, when the main character removed his Mask, nothing happened.
  • It’s “each of us” who limit ourselves. (The Cabal’s mind-games crippled the thought-process of those wanting to not believe what was happening. To the “Cabal”, it was “mission accomplished”.) Remember, the Cabal work through “illusion”. Your bosses boss is MUCH LESS active in carrying out HIS orders than those below him. Each “boss”, up the “ladder”, only has to “convince” those below him that what he is saying is real. Once he knows YOU are convinced, he only needs to occasionally stoke that fire, to keep you believing in the lie.
  • Many more than the “tipping-scale” number of Beings on this planet are no awake. The Cabal’s job of reinforcing the lies, to EVERYONE, is exponentially becoming more and more difficult. As we dry-up their “financial”, technological” and “workforce” resources, those at the top of that pyramid will be increasingly cutting off those at the bottom. This means they don’t care ANYTHING about YOU. Their Master Plans NEVER included those at the bottom of the “ladder”… NEVER.
  • Those of us who are awake are asking you to think about all of this. All we want is “information”. If that means stopping the pollutants, so we can see the technology that’s been projecting the Sun, Moon and Stars for the last several months, then so be it.
  • “…but Humanity couldn’t handle it. Everyone will go crazy. There will be mass riots everywhere.”
  • As I said, more of us than can now be counted have Awakened. We will help those around us, to understand what is going on and remain calm. We will always advise “peaceful” action as a 1st response. As those things are revealed, the “Blinders” will be removed from those who are still asleep. This will also help them realize what is happening. So with these “revelations” will come “understandings”.
  • With that said, those of you who truly believe what the “Cabal” has been spoon-feeding you, although your Blinders will also be removed, you “may not” be able to put the “new pieces” into your “old programming”. At that point, you’ll want to do your job even harder because you will be caught-up in the lie that you are “helping” everyone. However, Humanity will be moving forward into the new energies and YOU will be tangled in the illusion.


This one’s a bit “out there”, even for me but it does bring-in a few pieces of this giant puzzle that I’ve been working on for a VERY long Time.

The information below “claims” to have visual proof of the Sun being “artificial”.

Several months ago, I read that “some” people have suggested that the Sun and Moon are “too close” to the Earth or “not the correct size”. Years ago, some have question the “size” of the Moon, in relation to the Earth… saying that it doesn’t match the proportions of other relationships in our Solar System and that the Moon being as large as it is, should have more of a negative affect on the Earth than it does.

This also matches information that I read quite a while ago… Some have said that the Sun went from “yellow” to “white” in 2012 and that this was because the Sun went from burning “hydrogen” to burning “helium”. (The videos state that the “artificial Sun” is shining a “white” light.)

The 1st video below also shows a document and a Patent for a “Laboratory Sun Simulator”. The oldest document was filed on June 23, 1961. The Patent was issue March 8, 1966. The company involved was “Bausch & Lomb”.

In “my” opinion, these videos are well-worth watching. Remember, we’ve all been lied to in a VERY big way. So please keep an open mind. “IF” this is true, I’m not saying that the Sun has always been “hexagonal” in shape or that it’s been much smaller and much closer to the Earth than we’ve been led to believe. I’m… “IF” this information is real, it “could” mean this “technology Sun” may have been created and positioned in orbit around the Earth because of something else the Cabal doesn’t want us to know about. Maybe the Earth is being “towed”, like “some” have claimed. Is the “real Sun” a “PsyOp” (Psychological Operation / mind-game) or is this newly figured-out “hexagon Sun” the mind-game? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1st source of this information that I found:

Here’s the link to the 2nd source that I found:

Here’s the link to the 3rd source:

Here’s the link to the person who filmed the “hexagon” Sun. In this particular video, he simply states that the Cabal has shut him down:


This is Cobra’s latest (cryptic) message:

  • “EXMOSS EELA flush1 sequence in progress, SUBPHX attempt in progress”

One of the Commenters had some very helpful insights into the current energies on this planet:

  • Gantz – April 19, 2016 at 1:42 PM
  • “I’ve been meaning to get my EXMOSS EELA Flushed.”
  • “Does anyone else feel like “Time” itself is literally Warping & twisting around them…like when you’re on a Boat and it ‘slowly rocks’ from side to side…it feels like- You are stationary but stuff is wobbling or evaporating “out of phase” outside of your temporal awareness? I haven’t felt this way “this Energy” since the late 70’s.”
  • “Also- the Difference between those who are “Locked in the Matrix” (Slaves to 3-D Laws) & those who are unfolding 4th Dimensionally seems more Pronounced.”
  • “Also- the “Pre-predictive programming” (A.I. prop) that Corey Goode has mentioned seems to be “looping” & combating itself. Like I sense it picks “One reality” choice the another version of “It” (from another Time-Line) has a different Version & they start to compete- like they’re Over-Compensating or trying to ‘Carpet Bomb’ the Herd w/ multiple FEAR programs and if you STOP & just do “nothing” – they collapse & run out of Steam. Like it’s desperate to know “What you WANT or Think so it can re-act”…but if you simply clear your mind & do NOTHING it explodes or evaporates….like TIME itself is choking or drowning it out.”
  • “Is “THIS” a pre-cog dejavu of the collective unconscious when 3-D time (or it’s effect on Humanity?) finally collapses. It’s weird – It feels like a Scream saying “ALL of Reality, ALL the rules, ALL that Control is dying”…and to which I say….”What else is new?”…considering since it’s been an Illusion since I was born – was it EVER “Real”.”
  • “Anyone else feeling this?’

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-27-16 *Plane, *Bang, Rose, Rother

*First a few comments:

At one point today, while at work, Sylvia and I heard a heavy aircraft in the sky. I didn’t know what I was hearing at first. So I listened for a few seconds to determine if it was an airplane and whether or not it was coming towards us or moving away from us.

Within a few seconds, I had digested that information and calculated that the aircraft was very nearby. Although we were in the building’s “Neutral Zone” (the very back), I ran down the long hallway to the door leading to the outside. Our timing was very good because the plane had just appeared overhead.

This is the closest photo I could find of what we saw:

However, the plane we saw was a bit huskier than that and completely painted in medium gray. There were no markings that I could see and we didn’t notice any lights. It was bright daylight but the Sun was not behind the plane. So i should have seen lights… if it had any.

I also remember the 2 propellers being very large… maybe even larger than the ones in the above photo.

This was not a “commercial” plane and we didn’t sense that it was a “cargo” plane.

Shortly before it was Time for Sylvia and I to Clock-Out for the day, we went next door to the consignment shop, in order to check the mail for the grocery store.

  • That’s where the mailboxes for the building are located and, sometimes, the MailPerson places mail for the different businesses in other businesses box.

We reached the glass door, with metal frame, of the consignment shop… I opened it a few inches and placed my other hand around the metal doorframe (griping it). As soon as I did this, my foot was in the wrong place the the door hit it… and immediately sprung-back into the door-frame… BANGING my fingers!

I thought my fingers were badly hurt. So I apologized to them while using an energy technique that Sylvia learned, and taught to me, many years ago.

  • (I was going to describe it but as I searched my memories for “words” and “images”, I realized it would take a few images and a LOT of words. So I won’t bore everyone with that. You’ll have to look it up or follow your Heart, if something like this happens to you, your pet, friends or family.)

So I quickly swept the now-chaotic energy away from my fingers and then re-aligned the energy-gap, so all the energies flowed in harmony. I had to do this several times. (It was actually bad-enough that I had to calm myself and go deep within, in order to perform a deeper-level of healing on myself.)

There were 3 Vendors in there at the Time, who saw what happened. They instantly offered very helpful and very kind suggestions on how they could help or how I could help myself. One asked if I wanted her to take me to the Emergency Room. I simply remained in my “healing mode”.

Another Vendor makes and sells her own essential oils, lip balms, shampoos, etc. She quickly went over to her area and brought me the “Tester” for her “Arnica”. I let her only put a pea-sized drop on 1 finger and I worked it into my skin.

That crashing door did break the skin and, for several minutes, there was a purple bruise forming on 1 finger but now, several hours later, my fingers are fine. There’s no bruising and the only discoloration is from the tiny “scratch” that the door created on 1 finger.

It’s as if that incident never happened.

  • As always, I’m mentioning this “happening”, and its details, in order to show that everyone can heal themselves. This particular technique can be done on any part of the body, on another person’s body, a dog, cat, etc.
  • When doing the “Sweeping” and the re-alignment, you do not touch the “in-pain” area with the “healing hand”. If you know how to use a Crystal, this technique becomes even more powerful. This is how Sylvia performs this healing. I simply used the fingers of my “non-hurt” hand.


This seems to be an update from “Yellow Rose For Texas” (YRFT):

(This is a bit long but “IF” it’s true, then it’s very important information.)

  • “Ed is getting darker, as the blow outs continue daily, and there are now limited to no repairs going on. Some of the ‘booms’ can be heard here, but most people think that they’re hearing traffic or other sounds. In their minds, the sun is too far for them to be able to hear it.”
  • “This is not jupiter. But I haven’t a name for it, other than it was identified as one of the enemy vah’s. It made a run for the exit. Took hits from Ed, and winked out for a few days. But repaired and made it here. It is now rushing through all its protocols, in its application for the exit. The flag is now rising, but not lit (white).”
  • “It is not going to make it. We’ve heard of a vah that is going to lay, even though the exit is closed. I believe they were speaking of this vah, but there could actually be another, along the other now closed path, to the underworld. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there.”
  • “We’ve also got a flag up, on our secondary pole. Remember. Our exit is very different. Never has anyone seen, this array for an emit. We actually have more than one vah, going in at the same time. And, Earth has a support pole, which no other has had.”
  • “Things have been very very busy, upstairs.”
  • “We see these images, as ‘hours’ inside here. But on the outside, these are literally minutes, for them. So, its is actually going very fast, not a long strobe or a long morph, as we see in the images.”
  • “There were two paths, when the eye divided.”
  • “There are simply some things, we cant visualize well enough, to grasp the mechanics of.”
  • “The two paths, Right goes Above, Left goes Below.”
  • “Those trapped on Earth, in Human form, who are part of those invading species, are in deep terror. They have lost the war. When the division occurs, it is the pit for them, and they can not escape it. Their ego’s and blind ambition, blocked them from acknowledging this moment would come. Now that its here, they are stupefied, in most cases.”
  • “About 5 years ago, we busted “Metatron”. The guru was Micheal in human form. Micheal, Gabriel, St. Germain, Sophia…there are hundreds of thousands, of these incarnates on Earth. They are recognized by their inability to let go of myths. The el in particular, are “god” driven. Their covens and their mentality, create these myths and propaganda. The more with them….. Misery likes company.”
  • “It is surprising, how much we can look back on, and say ‘oh, well now that explains it, I wonder why I didn’t catch on earlier’. For the most part, it was a case of the mind slowing down the connection, until you are prepared for the answer. Which is usually bad news.”
  • “What we’ve learned is this. Some people, are in human form, that are not the species of Mankind. When you break it down further, there are Souls, who are ‘mirrors’, acting within our society with the inbuilt command to sabotage mans society and replace it with the codes of conduct from Ur. Their society, which is patriarchal, hierarchical and runs the slave system “Corporate Government, Religion, Money system” It simply depends, on where they are placed, as to which of those three categories they are acting here, in support of.”
  • “Religion supports the myth system. The myth is that there isn’t any punishment, for being evil. And that there isn’t any punishment, for their invasion and masking as men while sabotaging societies.”
  • “Those in human form, who are possessed of the soul, of one of the invading races, are under categories. Those who helped Ur (The Underworld), those who did not. For those who did not, and who have not committed murder, etc, these are lawed up. Those who are aiding the enemy, do not exit. Those in particular, who are the el, owl/reppy’s, and eels, do not exit.”
  • “These are the “people” who are on blogs, saying that this information is a fabricated lie.”
  • “Because if true, this information terrifies them. They can’t tolerate it.”
  • “From July to August, we saw Earth split, as usual, into two locations.”
  • “In the past, Those who couldn’t make the eye, because they didn’t have enough fat, or because they didn’t wake in time or had incurred a debt that had to be repaied, were simply moved to the second earth. Under the veil, they never remember the division or that they have been moved.”
  • “This gave that soul the time needed, to gain the weight of fat required to move forward. Or time to repay a debt incurred, for which they were being held back.”
  • “This isn’t allowed to happen this time.”
  • “Yes, protocols were followed, and it was divided. But the evil people that are in control here, that are responsible for this misery were running it. So the next ‘skit’ was the NWO conquest. They had already started moving their “Orgs” over there. The mafia, bankers, etc.”
  • “We continued to watch, and more than once, that vah was hit. Destroyed. Yes, it did have the ability as all of them do, to self repair. And we hit it again.”
  • “This has always been the case here, and why things were so difficult. They repaired in a few days, and it took constant hits.”
  • “Now, like the sun, their repair systems are shutting down, and the end of the cycle has hit.”
  • “And apparently, it shuts down all ships, vahs, exits, and self cleans.”
  • “It is the intent, to shut this area down completely. We leave them no humans for beef, no heirs to move forward to their underworld hell worlds, no ability to continue as races.”

Question everything.

Be sure to visit the following link, in order to access the images provided.

Here’s the link to that informtion:

Here’s the link to Rose’s abbreviations:


This Trance / Channeled message is through Steve Rother. Here are some highlights:

  • He talks about the “beginning”… when the 1st Beings came to Earth and how we all played various “games”. Then a new game was created where we all place “Veils” over our heads (over our awarenesses), in order to “forget” that we are all interconnected.
  • “There’s a critical window opening up right now… and over the next 3-months, you’re going to have a opportunity to make a profound difference in the world.”
  • “It’s a time for humanity to awaken from the dream.”
  • “There’s a new energy here on planet Earth and you can move it into fear very easily, because that’s where it will naturally go… if it is un-hampered… or you can stand in the way and direct it toward love.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link (It’s “Segment 6”, near the bottom of the following page and he begins the message at the 6:58-mark):

PS 2-12-16 *Cleaning, *Fun?, Gaia, Reset?, Sun

*First a few comments:

This morning, when Sylvia and I were cleaning the grocery store floor with the very large, 6-car-battery, cleaning floor-machine, 1 of the Assistant Managers asked us to stop.
That machine sprays water onto the floor, brushes that area with 2, rotating brushes, squeegees the water and then vacuums it up. So it does make some noise.

I thought the machine’s noise would be drowned-out by all the noise being made by the construction workers as they remove a 100-foot, cinderblock wall. She said the machine was adding to that noise. So we stopped.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because of the “symbology” of it. If I look at that situation as a “dream”, it may help me understand a deeper meaning to what happened.
Basically, she told me to “stop cleaning”. Since we’re the Janitor for that store… for a “Janitor” to “stop cleaning” means he or she would be out of a job. So “stop cleaning” refers to “stop working”.
(Yes, we did clean many other things, without using any machines. So the “work” can go on… but we’re just looking at that particular interaction.)
So if this was a “dream”, I would interpret it as… “stop cleaning”… “stop being a cleaner”… “find another job” (either in the same store or somewhere else).

I keep telling Sylvia that I’m just waiting for her and I to be reunited with each other. In the meantime, I’ve asked her, MANY times, to indicate “when” we need to work somewhere else. So far neither door has opened. It will. I KNOW it will. It’s just a matter of Time.

Basically, Sylvia and I just want our Life back!
Tonight, just before it got dark, Sylvia asked me to move our (stuffed) bear (a part of our family) out of our Living Room window and onto my desk, where I was working. (He likes to sit there and watch his outdoor, animal friends.)
Just before making supper, I started Buffering (pre-playback) 2 videos of a recently-announced synthesizer, made by Korg, called the “Minilogue”. Of course, our bear saw me do this.
After supper, I told him: “Now we go back to my desk, so we can do some work.” As I said that, he said: “Cartoons?” I’m surprised I didn’t start crying… but I did become a little more angry (at our current situation of being temporarily separated).
Sylvia didn’t quite hear what he said so I told her he wants to know if we’re going to watch “cartoons”.
(Sylvia, I and our bear, would watch cartoons at least once a week. It was a good excuse to nuzzle each other, share a bottle of beer and some popcorn and just have some plain ol’ fun watching some old nonsense on my computer.)
I remember “fun”… wait… no I don’t. Well, it’s in there somewhere. I know it will return, once Sylvia is back.
I had to tell him that I’m not capable of watching cartoons or doing anything “fun” until Sylvia returns.
Did I mention how much I HATE this chapter of our Life?!!!


A “Gaia Portal” message, which was Posted today:
“Highlights of Inner Illuminations appear for all.”
“Letterings upon planetary parchments tell the tale.”
“Blisterings are deemed inappropriate for the moment.”
“Protions of Higher Vibrationals impress upon hu-manity.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 5-minute video is titled: “Reset Imminent”. The music is calming. The images are peaceful. The message is a summary of what to expect, once the “Event” begins. All of this is very positive.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Although I Track information about “Nibiru” / “Planet X”, etc., I don’t normally include any of the many videos and photos I’ve seen because they simply don’t feel true-enough for “me”.

With that said, I’m including this 10-minute video… for more than the “2nd Sun in the sky” reason. The main reason is because the Narrator states that “he” thinks the Sun is not in the sky where we think it is. He claims that it’s being reflected and THIS is projecting the Sun onto that part of the sky where we “think” we see it… and he quotes “science”, to backup his claim. (Those are “my” words. He explains this a little better than that.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-25-15 Gaia, Sun

A new message from “Gaia Portal”:


  • “Hadrian’s Wall collapses in the influx of new energetics.”
  • “Desisters are recognised and uplifted.”
  • “Gaia points are manifested in grander expressions.”
  • “Locals understand the pictures presented.”
  • “Illuminariies are revealed.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to this 16-minute video, the Sun and Moon are not the correct “size” or “distance” that we’ve been told. They talk about the “Flat Earth” theory and Admiral Byrd flying over the South Pole and seeing 2 giant land masses which have not been inhabited.

Is ANY of this true? I don’t know but I’m including this because, right now, the Earth and Humanity is in that small window of “transition” where we are all waking-up but not quite aware-enough that we’ve just gotten out of bed, we’re home and need to have a good breakfast.

So even if you don’t believe any of this information. It is something we can all “think about” and use as a mental exercise.

Right now, we’re all children, playing with Playdoh (modeling clay) and EVERYTHING is possible.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to a follow-up video, which is over an hour long. We watched several minutes of it and he talked about Antarctica and the military from just after World War 2 who where trying to use nuclear missiles to open a hole in the dome, which is over 1 of the uninhabited land masses.