PS 12-21-15 *Solstice, *Language, *Synchronicity, *Veil, Cobra, Fulford

*First a few comments:

When Sylvia and I left for work this morning, we didn’t know how “Solstice Day” would flow. Looking back now, for “us”, it went from “bad” to “worse”…

When we were at Subway, having breakfast, the Manager told us she had a bad sinus headache.

  • As we were sitting there eating, we saw a police car, with its lights flashing, traveling West. About 1-minute later, we 4 police cars, also traveling West, as the 1st police car was now heading East. We thought they were chasing a pickup truck but later we learned it was a female with a stolen car. When we left Subway, we looked down over the bridge and saw 8 police cars on 1 side of the river and 5 police cars, traveling in the same direction, on the OTHER side of the river.
  • Everything else seemed to go fine… until we got home… I pulled our fair-sized Storage Container out of our car and placed a box of groceries and some other items on top of it. I was carrying everything up our stairs and, when it came Time to turn the corner, I couldn’t see how far I was from the railing and BAM! I ran the back of my hand right into the corner of a 2-by-4. Oh, and it was painful! Thanks for a technique that Sylvia taught me, a few decades ago, I quickly did a few energy sweeps on it — pulling out the “negative” / “harmful” / “disruptive” energy and then realigning that “energy-gap” in my hand, in order to help the healing energies do their Natural thing — heal. Right now, there’s just a small scrape-mark on the back of my hand and it’s only painful if I shake it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about adding a “Language” Section to our Blogsites. I would probably add it to the “My Writing Style” page. This would be where I list the few strange words that confuse me and that “I” feel should be in existence… or words that “I’ve” created, in order to “make better sense of an idea” or “to wake people up”.

For example, today Sylvia and I were asked to clean the Restrooms in the building where we work.

  • Most of the building is a construction site. So the Restrooms get trashed quickly. We don’t usually clean them because the construction people in the building don’t care and they’ll be just as dirty again in 10-minutes.

So once we finished we wanted to be sure to tell the employees… if they wanted to use a “clean” Restroom, they should do that now. As I stated this though, I called the “Restroom” the:

  • “Material Release Room”

A couple people said: “You cleaned what?” but I just continued explaining the situation and they quickly figured it out.

After work today, Sylvia and I went to K-Mart, looking for a box we could use for shipping.

  • About a month ago, we noticed that our “BeatStep Pro” (music sequencer) by Arturia had a problem. It’s “Gate” and “Pitch” (Control Voltage) Ports on just ONE of its Sequencers were not working properly. So the manufacturer asked us to send it back.

While we were in K-Mart, we saw J.S. (who’s on this list), which was a very rare happening. Since we couldn’t find a box in K-Mart, J.S. explained that the Post Office offers “flat-fee” boxes. It was probably My Sylvia who gave J.S. that message because the box we found was almost perfect.

  • Sylvia provides me with information through others, whenever I’m too stressed to pick-up her messages.

As always, I’m mentioning this because we want everyone to understand that “synchronicity happens”. We simply have to recognize it when it does and then appreciate it.

Tonight, while eating supper, I had another feeling of Sylvia being “tangible”… almost “manifesting”. At one point, I could almost see her.

  • (I pretty-much knew what “tangible” meant but I did look it up just now to make sure.)

Whenever this happens, I feel as though another layer of the “Veil’ has been removed. Of course, this helps me and Sylvia connect much stronger each Time.


This is a cryptic message from Cobra:

  • “EXMOSS EELA P sequence complete”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update. The title is: “Financial power struggle intensifies as IMF head criminally charged immediately after IMF announces reforms“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Another sign the US dollar and the people who control it are involved in high level financial warfare was the rate hike announced by the US Federal Reserve Board last week. The official reason for the rate hike, a strong US economy, was a bold faced lie as all real economic indicators show the US economy remains in a tailspin. Furthermore, this rate hike will have the effect of taking money from small banks who lend to real businesses to the big banks who control the Fed and whose main business is gambling. The real reason for this rate hike was to protect the no-longer American US Dollar, not the US economy. In any case, the rate hike was a failure in that the dollar fell instead of rising. Long term interest rates also fell, meaning the market expects deflation and not the supposed inflation the rate hike was supposed to stop.”
  • “The US government finally agreeing to dilute its power at the IMF while the Fed raises interest rates are probably connected to US corporate government efforts to stave off bankruptcy. In other words, as a condition for additional funding, the US was forced to hand over de facto control of the IMF and pay more interest to foreigners who own US dollars.”
  • “Another sign something fundamental has changed is the fact the US government has done a 180 degree about turn in its policy towards Syria last week by supporting a UN resolution that does not call for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”
  • “…In any case, Turkey’s Erdogan has apparently blinked after seeing his Israeli and US allies lose power one by one.”
  • “With oil prices dropping to $30 a barrel and with hedges made at $70 a barrel starting to expire, the Saudis will soon no longer be able to afford the mercenary armies that are keeping them in power. This in turn will affect the big banks like Citibank that rely on recycling Saudi oil money for a large part of their business. Big bankruptcies are expected in January and February in connection with all this.”
  • “There are also a series of moves being made against the Khazarian mafia inside the United States. Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch, to major Khazarin power brokers, have been shown to be using corporate control of the media to tell lies and distort court cases. The New York Times has also been caught deleting important news from its pages.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-25-15 *Music, *Paul, SoulSpeak

*First a comment:

Wow! Sylvia and I spent a few hours today, working on our new song “Guided-Aligned” and… it’s not bad. The more we listen to it the more we hear it as “wanting to be that way” / “natural” as if all of its elements were meant to be that way. It’s still not a “typical’ song but listening to it more than a few times, just makes it seem like a good fit.

It took us 2 or 3 days to get her vocal lines to match the gaps in the music.

  • The way this song came-together is interesting… Initially, I was just testing some things on our new “BeatStep Pro”, Step Sequencer. The sounds its 3 Sequencers were triggering in our Korg Krome sounded like something we should record. So we did.
  • Some of those sounds are “wet”, “filter-splashy” types of sounds. This “song” needed a contrasting “melodic” or “wash” of sound around it. So we sifted through the Krome’s many offerings and found something that might work.
  • I basically just played “here and there” around the short punctuations from those 3 Sequencers. I didn’t try to make openings for vocals. They just “happened”.
  • I then sat down and tried to tune-in to the lyrics Sylvia wanted me to add. I couldn’t quite make a solid connection with Sylvia but I wrote-down what I sensed should be in this song. I have a feeling though, that I was more tuned-in to Sylvia than I realized because the words just flowed through me. They tell our story and Cyber Diva does an excellent job of bringing them to life. She’s no replacement for My Sylvia but she’s all we have to work with right now.
  • Cyber Diva isn’t perfect… There’s a line in this song which call for her to sing the word “together” across 3-notes (3-sylables). I tried changing “to” to “two” and “too”, as well as other adjustments, but there’s nothing I can do to keep her from pronouncing “TOO-geh-ther” as “TUH-geh-ther”. So that word sounds a bit odd.

The main thing we did today was take “Cyber Diva’s” vocal Track and export it out of its Cubase shell, so we could work with it in our preferred “GarageBand” software. That’s when we saw that this song is just 2-seconds short of being 6-minutes long!… and I thought “Time Machine” was long at 5-and-a-half minutes long!

Then we sent the “music mix” from the Krome to 2 Stereo Tracks in GarageBand.

I think we still have to add either “drums” or “random percussion hits” to it. I’m not sure at this point how that will unfold.

  • Remember, this is the 2nd song on this album. Each not only tells our story but brings with it the energy we both went through when Sylvia crossed-over. The 1st song should be so chaotic that it shouldn’t even be considered a “song”. This 2nd song is still somewhat chaotic.

Right now, I’m fairly proud of what Sylvia and I have created in our “Guided-Aligned” song.

During supper tonight, Sylvia and I were talking about this song and then remembered a documentary we saw several years ago. Electronic music was beginning to take-hold and this show was presenting the various ways “electronic”, “non-musical” pieces of technology can create “music”. At some point in that show, the Interviewer was talking with a Music Professor at a University about “what is music”. After his explanation, and a few examples, she asked him a very important question. They were sitting at a Grand Piano and she asked him to play something that was NOT music.

He thought for several seconds and then just “started banging randomly on the keys”. Later, Sylvia and I talked about this and realized that his “non-musical” performance could be taken, as a “musical phrase” and a song could be built around it. There are several works of music, throughout the Ages, which have incorporated various non-musical elements, in order to expand the audience’s interest in that piece or to add its melodic and harmonic textures.

  • In my mind, good music either makes you want to dance, sing or him along or surprises you with pleasant sonic embellishments.

This is something I’ve only told to Sylvia…

I checked about an hour ago and this information is now ok to pass-along. Up ’til this moment, it wasn’t.

Some say we pick our parents, name, lifestyle, location of birth, etc., before we are born through the Human female. Sylvia and I would back-up a bit from that and say we select the “aspects” of these elements and not our exact “parents” or the exact location of the home we will be born into. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I do feel that, at least me and Sylvia, have chosen our “1st names” before entering this thick-soup of a reality. This is an ironic statement from me because I have never identified with my 1st name. It has always sounded foreign to me. When someone calls out “Paul”, and I hear it, my 1st reaction is:

  • “This isn’t me. Just ignore it.”

There is another name that I zeroed-in on several years ago and I talked with Sylvia about it at that Time… but it’s not Time for that name to reach the surface of this illusion just yet.

What I wanted to mention here is “where” I was born. Besides Sylvia and my family, I have never mentioned this to anyone.

  • When I was born, my Mom kept careful records of everything about me. So, although I don’t remember “being born” or “what street my parents lived on at that Time”, I do know the “name” of that street…
  • I was born on: “Paul Street”
  • Yes, you could say my parents couldn’t think of a name so they just used the name of the street we lived on at the Time… but my feeling is that I really needed to be named: “Paul”, so either “I” placed them on “Paul Street” or I renamed that street to “Paul Street”. I don’t know.
  • My feeling is that I needed a fairly unique name and I couldn’t keep the name from my previous Life. So I had to select something which would be acceptable in the current Society.
  • I think the reason I don’t identify with “Paul” is because I “always keep 1-foot on the other side” as Sylvia always says and I must have an inner sense about “who” I really am but it’s just not allowed to manifest on this side of the illusion just yet.

Now that this has been revealed, I have some homework for anyone who would like to help me with something…

  • Many years ago, my parents and I drove from our home in Florida to visit our family in Massachusetts. We had done this a few Times in the past but on this particular trip, they made it a point to drive by the home I was born in. We didn’t stop but I did see it. I can still remember the layout of the street. It’s not your average street design.
  • Here’s the “homework” part…
  • Many years ago, I began looking for that street on some of the online maps but cannot find it. If someone out there can locate that street on a “current” or even a “very old” map, please let me know. So I can see it.
  • This is what you’re looking for:
  • Paul Street, Brockton, MA
  • (Yes, there’s a “Paul Street” in “Stoughton, MA but that’s not it. It doesn’t even look like the street I remember AND it’s in the wrong town.)
  • Wait a minute…
  • I thought I’d better double-check that. My Mom did keep detailed records of almost everything that happened to me from birth to about 8-years old. So it took me a while, just now, to go through them. I finally found a reply to a birthday invitation that my Mom sent my doctor. He addressed it to “Paul Street, Stoughton, MA”.
  • “Stoughton?” Mom, I could have sworn you told me I was born in “Brockton”.
  • That’s why I could never find it… I was looking in the wrong town… BUT, that doesn’t explain the memory I have of when we drove by there. My memory does not match the Satellite view of that street on the map. My memory has that 4-street area much smaller and we could see our home from the main road. The map shows buildings and trees blocking the view to our home. When I saw it, there was our 3 or 4-story apartment building. In front of that was “Paul Street”. In front of that was a small park, which extended all the way to the main road… probably a total depth of about 200-feet (from main road to Paul Street). This is not what I’m seeing on the map.
  • Yes, things change but the 2-roads in question didn’t move and they are too far apart from each other in the online map.

(So no “homework” today. I left that part in because it was easier for me to explain everything.)


This message is from SoulSpeak and is directed at me and Sylvia. (She mentions a “posting” in her 1st sentence. I moved this to a spot below her comments.)

  • “Namaste’ Paul and Sylvia,”
  • “I wanted to share the above posting as This is indeed what I have been experiencing…seeing clearly Beings that are not in this physical time line with me…but with me nonetheless…and also the time issue she speaks of…and as you heard the radio announcer say Oct 19th when it was clearly Oct 22.. ( I believe that was the date when you was listening to the radio while at the workplace, as you were working)..but it was definitely a different date that had already passed…and this TIME LINE BLEED THRU is exactly what You, Sylvia, and I,… ( and many others) are experiencing. It’s like on Oct 21, I knew it was the 21st but my calendar on my phone said Oct 23rd…and so I even refreshed and still said the 23rd…i took this as a message about something on the 23rd…and didn’t  think anymore about it.I got in my car and my readout on my dash said Oct 21st and i picked up my phone and looked and it said Oct 21st…i felt fluid energy all day.andfelt waves…immense waves of energy that I literally could see “forms” or silhouettes of beings thru these waves….”

In SoulSpeak’s eMail, she also mentioned how “open” Sylvia and I are in our personal sharings:

  • Shortly before Sylvia and I went to hospice, she mentioned that it’s time for “us” and “everyone” to be more “transparent”. While we were IN hospice, Sylvia emphasized this again. (That and “tell our story”, is what she told me to do.)
  • So I am doing my best to “tell our story” and be “transparent” about it.
  • Although Sylvia and I are musicians, and have played in front of lots of people, we really shy away from crowds when we’re not performing. We also maintain a very private and protected life. Once she crossed-over, however, 2 pieces of information came to me:
  • I am not going to cross-over. Unless something unpredicted by me or Sylvia happens, I won’t be leaving this “existence” the same way trillions of others, over eons of Time, have done before me. This Time is different… VERY different.
  • I have nothing to lose. If someone “tries” to send me to the “other side”… (well, that’s a very different scenario and one they will really regret)… but if something does change and Sylvia and I agree that I need to “leave through normal channels”, it’s ok because I’ll be with My Sylvia. Game over. Sylvia and I win.

The following is the link SoulSpeak mentioned in her text above. This information is called: “Waves of Truth, Timeline Shifts, Dimensional Doorways Opening” and was written by Diane Canfield.

I was reading this message, to determine whether or not it should be included here and then this jumped-out at me:

  • “It is more important now than ever to find and be with others who we resonate with on an energy level. As more step into awareness and out of the 3D matrix this becomes easier. Our Twin souls are ready to merge with us as this awakening begins.”

My comment: NOW I’m awake. This really caught my attention.

  • “I had two different experiences during this time of dimensional doorways being opened. I saw two men in different locations, one in my yard and one in my house that showed themselves to me and then disappeared. What does this mean to me as a psychic clairvoyant that sees beings including ET’s and things from other dimensions all the time? These men were very solid and their energy was different from spirits I see everyday. These men looked as if they were in another reality and me being able to see them was a bleed-over from their reality to mine. It looked as if they were also able to see me for that split second that I caught their energy. It was very interesting as I saw them both in motion, walking and fully dressed. Time line bleed over.”
  • “Then I also had a plate that I had just put on the counter to put my food on crack as I turned away to get my food. This is evidence of time line shifting. In a different dimension this plate was cracked so in this moment we changed timelines. Many reports have come in with others experiencing loss of time, their watches showing different times and days than what it is, all evidence pointing to the same thing.”
  • “The continued weakening of the magnetic shield is partially responsible for many of these timeline changes and earth changes taking place. The magnetic shield is connected to the earth resonance and time line shift anomalies as in more people being able to see beings from other dimensions.”
  • “As the ascension process continues, all of these things will continue. The ascension process is not stopping, it is in full force going forward. More and more will join this process to create the 5D reality we are all heading for.”

My comments: Early-on, in these last 237-weeks, I mentioned a similar idea to Sylvia, and in these eMails… that as the “Veil” thins-out, we should start to see “anomalies” and “bleedthroughs”.

I also told Sylvia, those many months ago, that anything can happen at any Time now. As soon as I can see “her” or she can see “me”, we are to wrap our arms around each other and not let go. No matter what happens at that Time. We must remain glued to each other. Once we’re fully aware of each other, we can re-group and decide what we need to do, based on whatever is happening around us.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-18-15 *Music, Parkes

*First a comment:

After supper tonight, I just wanted to “check something” on our new “BeatStep Pro” (sequencer / pattern maker)… but I think Sylvia tricked me into creating a new song.

I connected it to our Korg Krome (keyboard) and basically “turned all the knobs to different positions” and before I knew it, an interesting pattern emerged. I had all 3 sequencers on the BeatStep Pro running at the same Time but with different patterns.

I got all the “sounds” and “patterns” to a certain point and everything just seemed to “click”. I told Sylvia:

  • (me) “That sounds like something we want to use but it’s too “cold”, “random” and “metallic” for this album. If it’s supposed to go on the “next” album, why are we creating this now?”
  • (Sylvia) “It goes after the opening “chaotic” song on the album we’ve been working on. It blends that “chaoticness” into the song after.”

What I received along with that “sensing” is… this song contains “chaotic rhythms”, which represent “me” but it also introduces “Sylvia”, by the use of familiar chords and a gentle sound.

Now that I understood this, I had the BeatStep Pro play those patterns continuously, while I got on the Krome and found a “sound” (an instrument) and the right “chords”. Thanks to Sylvia’s help, guiding me through all this, I don’t think it took us more than a half-hour for me to “discover” what this song wanted.

When we came out the other side (of creating that song), we have a very “oil & water” / “harsh contrast” of sounds and rhythms. Even when I was putting it together, I really didn’t like the opposing energies trying to hold-on to each other, while also klanking against each other but the more I hear it AND with Sylvia’s explanation, it makes sense and does seem to work.

  • I wish I could share what some of these “songs” and “song pieces” sound like but I’m not getting the “ok” to do that just yet.

The last thing I need to do is figure out what Sylvia wants this song to actually “say”. Then I have to write the words and program our new “Cyber Diva” (Vocaloid) software (from Yamaha) to sing them.


This article is from former illuminati member and current Star Visitor contactee, Simon Parkes. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “I have been made aware of two of the possible false flags.  The first – the most dramatic; a low yield nuclear bomb in the ocean somewhere off the coast of mainland America with the intent of creating a 100 foot tidal wave to strike the eastern seaboard of the USA, remember this is not destined to happen it is what a small group of fanatics are considering.  In every other case they have been thwarted and there is no reason to believe that they would be successful.  Second debated option is the much vaunted false flag alien invasion.  This is their preferred option (I know many commentators have dismissed this but truly this is now back on the table).  This option offers a cheap alternative to obtaining individual sovereign government giving up their authority and accepting one world rule.”

My comments: Although his information “may” be true, I still feel that Humanity is still on a “Positive” TimeLine and that the Star Visitors in our Solar System will not allow any “large-scale” problems with the Earth or life on this planet.

Setting off a massively-destructive bomb will not be allowed. If the Cabal goes with that other plan, and stages an “alien invasion”, some people may be startled at 1st but most people will see it as an opportunity to play with their new guns. Then, even though the Cabal “may” have developed “solid” holograms, the citizens shooting at those fake Crafts will quickly realize that they’re not real. This time though, when they make this connection (that we’ve all been lied to…AGAIN), they will think:

  • “Hey. They’re trying to “pull a fast one again”. We’re already armed, let’s just go and take back our planet.”

So, once again, “go work Cabal”… You’ve manage to find a way to scare people WHILE THEY ARE SHOOTING AT YOUR ILLUSIONS”. Of course, you now realize that “being scared” soon turns to “anger” and when they discover, as most of us already have, that YOU are responsible… guess what? We know where you live and now YOU placed the guns in everyone’s hands! You idiots are so incredibly stupid… If I wrote a movie, with this as the Plot, no one would believe it… but YOU are using this as your “final card”… your “ace up the sleeve”. Brilliant! Look in the mirror and realize that you’ve been planning all this… slowly, carefully baking all these wonderful ideas for THOUSANDS of years!… and THIS is what you’ve come up with? You don’t deserve a Trial. I vote that we take YOUR money, build a HUGE conveyer belt all the way to the Galactic Central Sun AND PUT YOU ON IT!

Cabal, you had your chance to “unlock the door”, hide in the corner and just watch us walk away (from this illusion). It’s now too late for that because we now have the “key’ and when WE unlock the door and walk out, we will lock it back and you’ll be stuck here. WE are going home.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-11-15 *BeatStep, Hoffman, Matter, Sensings

*First a few comments:

Benjamin Fulford did Post his weekly report but no one is reprinting the entire article. So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day to find a complete copy.

Sylvia and I picked-up our new “BeatStep Pro”, step-sequencer, today from the local Guitar Center store. Although the “BeatStep” and the “BeatStep Pro” are similar, I found the BeatStep very limited and a bit confusing. The new model, however, is fairly intuitive and many times more powerful.

By the time we forced ourselves to stop for supper, Sylvia and I had spent 5-hours working with it. While learning how to use it, I felt as though it was smoothly pulling new musical ideas out of my mind.

With that said, I did discover a manufacturer’s defect in it. The 16 black knobs are touch-sensitive, which is very handy. This allows you to instantly see what each knob is set to, just by touching them. I found the problem when I was checking the notes I had set them to. As I touched each in sequence (1 to 16), 2 of them didn’t change. Tapping them again, or 3 times, then showed a response. When I reversed the sequence (16 to 1), all the knobs working perfectly.

  • Many years ago, I learned that I enjoy exploring all the possible combinations a product, mostly computer software, has to offer. When I found out what “beta testing” was, I approached a few software companies and offered to help. If accepted, I was given the software for free, once it was ready for the public.

Sylvia and I were very disappointed because I was actually working on some “music” for a change!

I sent a note to the manufacturer, Arturia. Hopefully, they’ll let us know tomorrow if there’s an easy fix. Otherwise, we’ll have to bring it back and have them order another one.

  • A similar problem happened when we bought this company’s “BeatStep”, several months ago. The 16 pads were supposed to light-up with certain colors, providing various pieces of feedback. On that particular BeatStep, some of those lights didn’t light-up properly. So we had to return it and order another one.

It’s just “one of those things”. Arturia does make some very good musical instruments.

Here’s the link:


I found today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman to be helpful in providing some insight into what is currently happening with the energies surrounding all of us:

  • “The portals to success are opening, which is one of the things happening with today’s new moon. If you’re feeling the need to make a big change in your life, to be happy, to have success, to do or be more, you’re getting a big push. Why hasn’t it happened sooner? It’s about timing and readiness, both yours and the world’s. Here’s a video I did about it that I’m sharing because today is just the beginning, so don’t wonder why it hasn’t happened yet. Instead, get the energy moving by focusing on what you want to do now and next.”

There’s also a short video, at the following web page, which explains this in more detail.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
This short article explains that “Matter” is not solid or real.

I’m including this because it explains that this illusion we have come to know as our “reality” is not real. There is just a short leap-of-understanding from this mindset to realizing that the “Veil” between me and Sylvia, and all of our Loved Ones who have crossed-over, IS real.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration…” Nikola Tesla
  • “Everything is energy, including you. All that you are is energy, and when you start to perceive yourself in this way, as an almost ‘spiritual’ being untouched by space and time, and unrestricted by an apparently physical body, the barriers within you will begin to dissipate…”
  • “The atoms that make up your body are constantly vibrating at a very fast rate or ‘frequency’. If you are in a positive state of mind you will be vibrating at a very high frequency and this makes it very difficult for any negative energy to infiltrate you, but if you are unhappy or depressed and vibrating at a very low and slow frequency then you are open to all types of negative energy which will only serve to bring you even further down.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This article also explains the energies which surround everything. The title is: “Suddenly, the door is about to open”. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “Many people can sense something different in the air but can not quite put their finger on what it is.  Many of us feel as though we are living in extraordinary times, yet we are unsure of what is about to unfold. What we can tell from past history is that when we feel like this, a door is about to open.”
  • “Many people are either going through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ or have recently been through it.  The dark night of the soul is a purging process where everything that can possibly go wrong, seemingly goes wrong.”
  • “When you experience the dark night of the soul, you are at the lowest point in your life but as everyone who has gone through this can attest, an amazing door is about to open.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-8-15 *Music, Hoffman, Salusa, Sun

*First a few comments:

I can only describe this as “conscious out-of-body”…
I’ve experienced this a few decades ago and it was fairly dramatic. I’ve noticed this again in the last few days, and it happened again just now, but this Time, it’s been very slight…

  • I’m conscious of “me”… this Unit (my body and all its Systems) but I’ve had a few gentle moments when I’m seeing my arms and hands and the rest of me from another vantage point which seems to be from “outside” this Unit.
  • This was much stronger decades ago. Maybe I’ve since been “blocked” / “controlled” by the Cabal, so I can’t experience that but now their energies are failing and the Light is pouring in and lifting everything up… restoring all properties to their original condition. (I placed a “period” (.) after “up” and then those other words were suggested.)

Question everything.

Today, right when Sylvia and I woke-up, I was determined to stay focused on working on our music. Although there were a few things I had to look up in the manual and a few side-tracking ideas kept entering my mind, I did manage to remain on track.

I thought about working on an easier song but, since the “Time Machine” song is still front-most in my mind, we decided to stay with that one.

We forged away for 6-hours. Only stopping for a quick lunch. I just got tired… I was bent-over, looking into a half-inch-high, 8-inch-wide screen with 2 pairs of eyeglasses for most of those 6-hours.

“Time Machine” still has a long way to go but a few more of its pieces are now in place.

Besides the “whispered phrase”, this song also needs a female voice to “talk”. It’s 1 word in 2 different places. Initially, this word was going to be: “lifetime” but yesterday, while at work, Sylvia suggested we change it to: “infinity”. She said this would cover a much longer span of Time and it would tie-in with our band name… which is “Infinity”.

A side note…
Although Sylvia and I have just purchased the upgraded “BeatStep Pro” from Arturia, we still have a small, but expensive, list of music gear that we would like to have. The 1st item is for this album and the others are for albums to follow:

  • We currently have a “SampleRack” ($200) made by Alesis. We need this to play “Sampled Sounds”… sounds that I record. After working with it for a while, we discovered that it doesn’t Track well… when playing my electronic drums (Roland mesh-head drum), this device cannot play all of the “fast” or “subtle” drumstick strikes that I make. Plus, the reverb is not pro-level quality. Because of this, we are now saving-up for either a Yamaha “DTX Multi-12” pad ($600) or a Yamaha “DTX 700” Sound Module ($800). Sylvia says it’s smarter to wait and buy this on “Black Friday” in November and trade-in the SampleRack. (When you trade-in music gear at the local Guitar Center store, they give you 10-percent off whatever you’re buying. We don’t know if that will still be the case with Black Friday.)
  • Here’s the link to the SampleRack:
  • Here’s the link to the Yamaha Multi-12:
  • Here’s the link to the DTX 700 Sound Module:
  • • The “Komplex Sequencer” by Koma Electronik ($1,625). When I studied analog synthesizers, I was in college in Florida and about a mile from my parent’s house was a University which had a “Studio Moog” synthesizer. It was a modified “System 35”, I believe. My favorite component was the analog sequencer. Yes, the “BeatStep” and “BeatStep Pro” are “sequencers” but they are “digital” and don’t have the same Human-to-device interaction.
  • Here’s the link:
  • The keyboard on our “ARP 2600” synthesizer doesn’t completely work as it should. If the rest of this amazing music tool develops problems, we’ll need to replace it. Right now, this “Dominion 1” synthesizer (about $1,625) by MFB looks very promising.
  • Here’s the link:


I almost considered this “insignificant” but then realized just how important this statement is. (I underlined it below).

  • “How are you today? After all of the energy clearing of yesterday, I am tired, feeling bloated, and slightly overwhelmed. But it will pass. I’m more excited about Mercury and Venus going direct today and Venus is conjunct Regulus, the ‘royal’ star, which is now in Virgo. More spiritual awakening and Regulus went into Leo over 2000 years ago, at the start of the patriarchy paradigm, now it’s in Virgo, and we can start moving the social paradigm to a more balanced position, equality within the masculine/feminine energies. Everything that we have been talking about in the past 24 hours points us in that direction, wouldn’t you? And today I meet with my homeowner’s association board to argue against their roofing materials policies for me and for the community, so I can get the roof of my house replaced. I think change is happening all around us, transforming our world by turning it inside out so we can see the ‘seamy underside’ to know exactly where to focus our energy in the other direction.”

My comment: This is feedback which matches what many other sources have been saying for a while now… that we have been under the “Rule” of “masculine” energy and now we are bathed in the gentle rays of the “feminine” aspects of all the energies “in”, “around” and “through” this wonderful planet.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “So much is occurring on Earth that it is difficult for you to determine exactly what is happening. Karma is being played out whilst at the same time the Light is progressing to bring through more of the higher energies. More and more people are beginning to understand how they have been manipulated by the Illuminati, and rightly feel angry that they have been misled for so long… Consequently you have been able to withstand their actions, so much so that they can no longer be sure of fulfilling their own agenda. So we can say that the Light has won the fight against them and although they will fight to the bitter end, they cannot win.”
  • “We are unable to determine the exact manner in which events will turn out, and cannot therefore predict when Ascension will take place. However, progress should now move even faster and we are helping you on your way.”

My comment: Again, just as in the “Hoffman” Section above, this is very subtle but there’s something about that underlined statement (above) that are important… beyond what is understood by the meaning of those words. There’s just something about that statement that’s out-of-place for “SaLuSa” to say. I’m thinking this is a very good thing but that’s just my “logical” mind talking. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to this 2-minute video, there are 2 huge Coronal Holes in the Sun. The top one is “the largest observed in a few decades”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here are 2 NASA links, which may help in doing your own research on this:

PS 10-7-15 *Clearings, *MusicGear, *Koan, Zap

*First a few comments:

Sometimes, when changes happen they can bring a basketful of happenings at once…

  • Today, while at work, Sylvia and I learned that an employee who had only worked there for barely 3-months… 1) Learned she was pregnant on Sunday, 2) Was fired on Monday, and 3) is now moving back to Florida, to live with her Mom.

(If you’re reading this, be well… and remember, “the journey is the reward”.)

  • I wasn’t going to mention that but Sylvia just mentioned that a few others reading this need that information.

This new energy that’s continuing to come into this Solar System from the “Galactic Central Sun” is still clearing a lot of “old” and / or “purely negative” energies.

Today, while working in the grocery store, I felt as though I needed to either resolve something between me and someone else or ask someone a question… It was as if I had to do it “Now” or “soon”. Otherwise, I would never get that opportunity again. This happened with about 3 people today. I fought-off the 1st 2 feelings when this happened because I had never spoken to those people, they were customers, and couldn’t find the motivation to “just do it”.

With the 3rd person, it was a truck driver for the same grocery store but he works out of a different location and Sylvia and I don’t see him very often. Again, I didn’t want to follow-through with that feeling. So I did my best to ignore it. He was working where Sylvia and I were cleaning things and then he walked away. Sylvia began suggesting that I need to do this. So I told her: “If he comes back today, I’ll talk to him.”

About 5-minutes later, he came back. We knew each other worked in that building for almost 230-weeks but never said much more than “Hi”… but mostly I just kept to myself and couldn’t deal with yet another person.

So I walked over to him and explained that I wanted to clear something up… that I never really talked to him, but talked to others, because my wife crossed-over and I’d rather just keep to myself. I told him I really don’t know why I talk with some people and not others. I have nothing against him. I even mentioned the time, many months ago, when he brought his son in. He was wearing a cowboy outfit and everyone loved him. I told him, I had to walk away because your son was cute that day and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I don’t do so well with “good times”.

Those weren’t my exact words but they’re close. When I finished, he shook my hand and told me he understands. It felt good to clear away that old energy… even though I really didn’t want to step into it at the Time.

Sylvia and I have talked about this for several months now and today, we acted on it…

  • I thought it was in April but it looks like we bought the “BeatStep” (music sequencer) last December. I think we used it a grand total of 2-hours. About a month later, which must have been January. that company released its big brought… the “BeatStep Pro”.
  • So, today, we traded-in our “BeatStep” and ordered the “Pro”. This will not only give us 3 possible rhythm “players” (instead of 1 that we had before) but this sequencer is also a “MIDI-to-control voltage converter”. This means we will be able to play our MIDI (computerized) music keyboards and play notes in our ARP 2600 (non-MIDI) synthesizer. (It’s keyboard developed a few bad keys, which produce multiple sounds when pressed.)

Here’s the link to the “BeatStep” ($99):

Here’s the link to the “BeatStep Pro” ($249):

For some strange reason, my mind filled with the following unsolvable ideas while Sylvia and I were having supper tonight. (I would normally use the word “strange” to describe this but with the energies pouring in from the “Galactic Central Sun”, it seems that “strange” is the new “normal”.)

According to the following web page, “A “Koan” is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” and test a student’s progress in Zen practice.”.ōan

A long Time ago, I had heard this 1st Koan. (Some argue that this is not an “official” Koan.) A few years ago, Sylvia and I had learned about this 2nd item, which is probably not a real Koan but it’s still a bit mind-bending and the 3rd item “I” created a few months ago:

  1. If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it does it still make a sound?
  2. If the boards of a boat are removed, 1-board at a time, and replace with new wood, is it the same boat? (Extending this… If the “removed” wood is used to create a 2nd boat, is THAT boat considered to be the original?)
  3. You’re married and you go back in time to tell the younger “you” how to date or kiss “the girl who got away”, is it considered cheating?

In the realm of “Zen” and the Path of “Enlightenment”, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to these or any real Koans. The idea is to challenge your mind, open your awareness and gain feedback of the life-evolvement level you are currently on.

So these are “my” interpretations of the above statements:

  1. Yes, it makes a sound because everything is energy. We, including the plants, animals, all of Nature and all of every thing, are made-up of the same building blocks. So even if no “Human” or perceivable Being is near that tree that’s falling, the energies… those tiniest parts of ourselves, are right there and DO hear it.
  2. Think of the boat as a person. A Human body is simply a “vehicle”. Its the “Soul” which occupies and drives it. If someone loses an arm and another is created or grown and attached to that body, the same Soul still occupies that Unit. So it’s the same person. If every bone, piece of skin, etc. were removed and replaced, the same Soul would still be inside there. The same with the boat… The “Soul” or “Essence” of that boat remains there within that framework, even as each board is removed and replaced. (If a 2nd boat is built, from the 1st boat’s wood, a 2nd “Soul” or “Essence” will arrive and become the occupier of that “new boat”)
  3. Yes, this is cheating because the “you” that went back in Time will instantly receive the “energy” / “knowing” / “satisfaction” and “experience” of that new encounter. Remember, the “you” who went back in Time is married. So doing anything which will bring-in pleasurable experiences with another woman, that you didn’t have when you were younger, are now the direct result of “you” going back in Time and manipulating things, in order to gain that experience.

As always, your mileage may vary.


This is Zap’s mid-week report. Here are some excerpts:


Question everything.

Here’s the link: