PS 5-2-20 *Airplanes, *Understandings, *Internet

*First a few comments:
  • I thought there was going to be some “real” information to include tonight but, after watching several alternative news videos there wasn’t. I had already written-out the following earlier today. So I’m sending this along in order to not have too much to say in tomorrow’s Post.
About 1p today, Sylvia and I heard a fairly large “Airplane” flying over our home. I went to the window and noticed that it was taking long than usual to appear within our view.
When we could finally see it, we saw very slow-moving Airplane about the size of a Passenger Plane. It looked dark-gray in color. The odd thing was that there were 2 small Aircraft flying beside it… and only on its left side. Each was about the length of one of the larger Plane’s wings away from the larger Plane and each other.
The smaller “Planes” were very small in comparison to the larger one. I would say they were only about 1-third the length of the larger Plane. They seemed much more streamlined than the larger one. My “guess” would be that these were “fighter jets” but they looked too small for that.
This group of 3 Planes were not flying in the typical pattern for where we normally see ‘flying things”. Instead of the typical East-West route, these 3 Planes were flying to the South West and from our location, this would have them flying “to” or “over” Atlanta, Georgia.
A few days ago, I began thinking, again, about a few things that don’t make sense to me. These are Human – Society facets that I don’t Understand…
  • This one is a recent change in the way the “Weather” is calculated…
  • Why is it that our computer’s Weather  predictions, as well as those at, show the highest temperature for any Day to be around 3p, 4p or even 5p?
  • When I was growing up, we learned how Native Americans were in-touch with Nature and knew, when the Sun is the highest in the Sky, that was “mid-Day”… and the warmest temperature of the Day.
  • It just doesn’t make sense. Why would the outside temperature be “warmer” AFTER the Sun has moved from being directly overhead?
  • This one is just me not understanding why some Human technologies don’t work the way I thought they did…
  • When I was growing-up, I noticed… whenever I turned-on a “Hot” Water Faucet, it would take several seconds for the water to become hot enough to meet my expectations. In my mind, I figured the water was simply cold because it wasn’t used for a while and then had to get hotter and hotter to meet the temperature that I set the Faucet to.
  • This was a bit slow but the engineering of that scenario seemed to match (somewhere within me) my own memories of being aboard the various Starships.
  • Then, about a Decade ago, I realized what was actually going on with that water-temperature System… and this was reinforced after Sylvia and I bought this portable electric Heater for our home, several months ago.
  • What I realized is the water in the Water Heater is constantly kept at a pre-set temperature, say 140-degrees. When a Hot Water Faucet is turned on, the water in the pipe, which has now cooled, has to be pushed-out before the Hot Water in the tank can appear at the Faucet. Of course, during its travel, that “Hot” Water has to first heat the pipe before its 140-degree temperature can be felt (or measured) at the actual “Faucet”.
  • A similar thing happened with this Portable Heater… There are Temperature Settings on it, which can be set by the User. However, you’re not actually setting the “Temperature”. You are really setting a “Threshold”. You’re telling its internal Sensor to turn that Heater off when the temperature its sensing reaches that particular temperature. What I’m saying is I don’t Understand this because the Heated Air is not getting “hotter”. The heat being produced is constant but that device is only concerned about getting the temperature in the “room” to the temperature that is set by the User.
  • Some Stoves, Ovens and other devices still work this way.
  • The technology I’m used to actually creates the temperature set by the User. In other words, if I dial-in “70-degrees” on this Portable Heater, that’s the temperature it would produce.
Since I’ve mentioned “Water Heaters”, let’s “go there”, because I haven’t Understood THAT part of Human engineering since I realized what was happening (which would be Decades)…
  • Let’s skip over the beginning of the Invention because I do Understand that “Hot Water” was initially used by boiling water outside on a log fire and then carried in buckets to where it was needed, inside a home. I get that.
  • Then came the Invention of the “Water Heater”. These were large, bulky and expensive. So let’s skip over this, also.
  • However, in the last few Decades many technologies have improved and become faster, cheaper and smaller. So who’s bright idea was it to put “one” Water Heater in a building or home? Think about it. Let’s say the Water Heater is 20-feet from the closest Sink but because you can’t simply run Water Pipes in a straight line to the Sink, you have to go up over the Ceiling, down under the Floor and around corners, through the walls. This means that same Water Heater must use about 30 or 40-feet of Pipe… but we’re not done, because there is a “Hot” Water Pipe and a “Cold” Water Pipe. So you have to run TWO SETS of Pipe for EVERY Sink! Now you’re running 60-to-80-feet of Pipe for ONE SINK! Why?
  • Why not run ONE “Cold Water” Pipe into the home and up to the Sink. Then, AT THE SINK, divide that Pipe, using probably 2-feet of Pipe, to bring Water into a small, “Instant”, Water Heater?
…and why are Humans using 2 sets of Pipes for this?!
  • Starship technology, for heating OR cooling personal-use Water has just one System. The technology is AT THE FAUCET and controls the exact temperature of the Water being drawn out of that Faucet. It can “heat” or “cool” the Water. It’s instant and minimal.
Our Internet went out again, today May 2nd at 3:40p. I quickly phoned AT&T Tech Support and was told that there have been a LOT of Outages along the East Coast recently.
About an hour later, our Internet just “came back on”.

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