PS 2-13-18 *MOE-Timelines, Harrison, Disclosure?

*First a comment:

*MOE – Timelines
(Mind Opening Exercise regarding “Timelines”)
While sitting in Waffle House this morning, having Breakfast, I began thinking about “Timelines”…


  • “Some say” each decision we make, creates a new “Timeline”.
  • “Some say” we are all connected to each other.
  • There is a Mayan saying, which Sylvia 1st found in a Jose Arguelles book called: “The Mayan Factor”. The saying is: “I am another yourself”. So the ancient Mayans knew of our interconnectedness. Here’s the link to that book:
  • “Some say” the cabal (or is it the “Reptilians”) have been, somehow, “capturing” our Souls when we cross-over and keep us from breaking away from this illusion by reinserting us back into this “Reality” / “Matrix” / “Program”.
  • “Some say” our “Reality” is really a computer program.

Putting the pieces together:

My mind juggled all of those pieces and posed this “what IF” scenario…

  • Let’s say the above “Background” information is true. Let’s say someone makes a “Timeline-level” decision. (A decision which causes a new Timeline is created, in order to “play-out” the decision she or he DIDN’T make.) For example, let’s say someone is deciding between buying a Home or continuing to live in their rented Apartment. That person then decides to buy a Home. At that point, a new Timeline is created where the “alternate” of that person can play-out their life with the decision of renting an Apartment.
  • Here’s where the twist in my thinking came today… Instead of seeing that particular person on that new “Apartment-based” Timeline, we find that the “Master Program” (that controls this “Reality”) creates a new “Life” for that decision to play-out. So a new baby is born. Although this baby “IS” that person, they may be born as male or female, Anglo, African, Oriental, perfectly healthy, mentally ill, tall, short, fat, skinny, etc. This is because every new “Program” (“Being”) has freewill.
  • I then asked “myself” (my “Guides”) the question of: “Since you’re implying that everyone on this planet is really that one person, they would instantly feel “connected” to everyone else: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”, “You look familiar.”, “Haven’t we met before?”, “I always feel comfortable around you.”, etc. I was then shown the word “Resonance”. Because each of our “splinter Selves” has freewill, we will all Resonate at different frequencies. Sometimes there WILL be a few others who do Resonate within your energy spectrum and those people will feel comfortable to you.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


This 16-minute video, from February 8th, is an energy update by Lisa Harrison. Here are a few highlights:

  • The energies that are leaving “have to be witnessed”. Even if it’s by 1 person, they have to be observed on their way out.
  • Around the 7:40-mark, she explains that we are in the last big energy before “whatever happens, happens”.
  • “Please don’t believe the world is getting worse… I really don’t believe that’s the case.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Today’s comment from Jennifer Hoffman asks if Humanity is close to learning about “Extraterrestrials”:

  • “Something strange is happening in the 3D world, I am seeing a lot of information being shared to open the narrative about aliens, ETs, and other life forms in the universe. It’s not being presented in a definite way – yet – but it is pointing in that direction and this is from mainstream news sources. I wonder what people will do when the evidence is right in front of them? For those who already suspect it, it’s going to be a confirmation. But what about all of the people who cannot wrap their heads around it? It’s going to be another point of convergence or total separation, which is part of the 3D/5D integration which includes multi-dimensional duality, learning to be in different dimensions at the same time, as opposed to polarity, being in one or the other. It’s getting exciting so shine on brightly, the truth is coming out and this one will be a real mind-bender.”
  • “I’m feeling great today, very energized and I feel that we are winning this battle bigly. War’s not over yet though, not time to sit back and relax. How’s your day so far?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

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