PS 1-3-18 Astrology, Cobra

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

I was going to mark this as “bonus” information, but because it’s “current information”, I feel it needs to go here as a “feedback” topic.

This is Carl Boudreau’s comments on his current Astrology Chart… especially focusing on the direction of Uranus.

I’m including this because… either Carl’s interpretation of the current Astrology situation is carefully reflecting the Arrests of the Cabal and the rumblings in the financial system… or the very “stars in the heavens” are causing Humanity’s eyes to be opened and the Arrests to begin at this point in Time. Either way, Carl’s comments seem to be showing the “activity on the ground” as it’s now unfolding.

Here are a few excerpts:

  • “When Uranus retrogrades, the changes we are looking forward to and working toward, as well as those those we might not be looking forward to, stop. If we were eager for the change, we grow impatient when Uranus retrogrades. If we are not looking forward to a change, we are relieved when Uranus retrogrades.”
  • “For awhile, change has unfolding so fast, most of us were relieved when all the change stopped. Beyond that, we didn’t so much think that change had stopped as that things had returned to normal. For a long time there had been so much change and such rapid change, it seemed more like chaos, than change as such.”
  • “So when Uranus turned direct on January 2nd, our experience was not so much that change had begun again, as that the craziness had returned. The chaos was back. But the reality is that, whether we realize it or not, a lot of things have been hanging fire.”
  • “Now, suddenly, a lot of things we did not realize had stopped are suddenly and quickly moving forward again. The energy of Uranus, though, is the kind that gets directly into our nervous systems.”
  • “What we see is an astrological structure called a Kite. It is shaping, forming, and channeling disparate, incompatible, challenging, blocking energies toward a single, new, unified, integrated purpose, the strenuous, arduous creation of a new starting point.”
  • “After a difficult climb we will arrive at a new, higher plateau where new things are possible for us. But there will also be the excitement, the stimulation of knowing that even bigger energetic shifts are in the works.”
  • “We’ll be riding a crest of energy, but this crest will be riding atop another, larger crest. And there are more crests building beneath that one. We’re talking about crests upon crests, surges upon surges, transitions within transitions. Surprises within surprises. None of them as yet apparent.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


These were Posted by Cobra today:

  • “Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. Two drastic systems / Isidic security breaches, one nearly fatal, all deflected, HVBN mainly stable. Several PB removal attempts, some with drastic PPN intrusions with overall failure. M minimum requirements met with M peak over 500.”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 2:15 AM”
  • “EELA recovery in progress, alert downgrade to red”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 2:16 AM”
  • “EELA recovery complete, upgrade in progress”
  • “Posted by Cobra at 9:18 AM”

(In the case of “Cobra in progress”, “Cobra” stands for “Compression Breakthrough”. I’m not sure what it actually means though.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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