PS 11-11-17 Hoffman, Cobra, Arrests

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 11/8/17.)


I found this Post, by Jennifer Hoffman, to be very helpful feedback… a “puzzle piece” or 2 that I’ll need to think about…

  • “I woke up this morning very aware that a big energy shift had happened and my guides and Uriel confirmed it. I have had a busy day and it went by very quickly. Then around 4PM I had to take a coma nap and had a very lucid dream in which I saw masses of people coming together and moving away from a very dark cloud of 3D energy. They were happy and smiling, holding hands, and dancing away from the dark 3D cloud.”
  • “Then (still in my dream) I had a conversation with someone I know who is very entrenched in 3D and he was telling me that the battle was over, 3D had lost the fight. I invited him into the light and he said, with a sad smile, that his answer was no, he could not.”
  • “Then, still in my dream, I saw people in my family and soul group circle moving away from me, they were making a conscious decision to do so and I knew they were making the right choice for themselves. Funny, the people I always thought had a shared ‘dark side’ were moving away together.”
  • “Then I was shown thousands of children whose soul energy had been captured, these are the ones who have been tortured, abused, and murdered, all being drawn into the light and they were smiling and happy. Their captured energy is used to power the ‘dark side’, these are energy vampires, who manipulate human energy for their own survival. The removal of this captured energy from the earth grid, similar to what we did for the Vegas shooting victims, also disempowered the dark energies from limiting the ascension of the earth grid. The knowledge of what they suffered made me cry and I woke up from my dream because I was crying. I had been asleep for an hour and no, I was not on drugs, I don’t take drugs at all, not even pharma drugs.”
  • “What has happened over the past week is extraordinary and as we continue to uncover the vast pool of horrific acts and crimes of the people in government, politics, and the media, a choice is being made. On sites like /pol which I don’t visit often because they can be so dark, the singular intention to research and reveal these crimes is unprecedented – these are people who would rather judge and revile each other than say anything nice and they’re working together, happily.”
  • “We are seeing a vast paradigm shift and it’s not over yet, it will get more convoluted before it gets better. Just remember to focus on the light, shine bright, and set your intention for the joy you want in your life. Shine on everyone.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Cobra Posted this today. It’s 3 images, which display these words:

  • “ENOUGH”
  • “We stand ready to take whatever measure is necessary according to the Galactic Codex.”
  • “This is Ashtar speaking on the behalf of millions of men under my command!”

My comments: Although this is a very welcomed message, it’s very unlike Cobra and the Star Visitors. However, maybe they’ve FINALLY figured out that Humanity and this planet are truly suffering and their Time of diplomacy is now over! This may also mean that “the Event” is VERY close.

So my comment to “Ashtar” and those millions of “Beings” is… If you’ve had “enough” and are really ready to take action THEN JUST DO IT!!!

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


According to a few articles I’ve just seen, hillary clinton and john mc cain are have been wearing “plastic casts” for about a week. A few people have guessed that maybe these “special boots” are really hiding “ankle monitors” used sometimes when people have been arrested. “IF” that’s true, then it’s VERY good news!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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