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​*First a comment:

Today, C.Y. (who’s on this list) sent us the following information on the upcoming Eclipse. Yes, there’s a lot of research presented here but Sylvia suggested we include all of it because this particular Eclipse is very important and fairly rare. So having all of this data may help some people who are reading this.

In order to not have this information take-up more space, I did not indent any of it. Instead, I placed this symbol “>>>>>” before and after C.Y.’s text.


Hi Paul,

Here’s my eclipse research.

And by the way, you there is still plenty of time to purchase eclipse glasses on Amazon:  

The plastic ones I purchased 3 months ago are sold out, but there are many others and one can still purchase purchase a single pair that is the same as mine (but they’ve raised the price by 50%) here:  These are ISO and CE Certified, and also “NASA Approved,” as are all eclipse glasses from the following manufacturers: American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17.

Apparently, eclipses cannot happen on the heliocentric model of earth! Unless you make the earth “rotate” in the wrong direction or claim that the moon does not take nearly 28 days to “rotate” around the earth, or other things that “science” has already convinced most people cannot be true.

The following video includes a couple videos pasted together that NASA has been using to explain the eclipse (with commentary). This is hilarious! NASA clearly believes the people of the world will believe anything they say! Sadly, it’s true that most people won’t notice that everything about NASA’s videos goes against everything NASA has ever told them to believe in the past.
Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proof ONCE AND FOR ALL! – YouTube
( – [24 minutes]

Oops! Even the Washington Post coverage shrugs in failure as they try to explain the eclipse!
Watch the media try to explain the 2017 eclipse – YouTube
( -[4 minutes] Washington Post

Mark Sargent’s exposé of the Washington Post’s explanation:
Mainstreams problem with the eclipse path – Mark Sargent 
( – [3 minutes]

Why NASA’s predictions don’t work explained (This is somewhat deep, so maybe skip it, but if you are in NC, you should note that this video is from the point of view of Brevard, NC):

DrZack Buries the Globe Eclipse-Prediction Fallacy – YouTube
( – [15 minutes]

It’s clear that the eclipse passes over only a segment of the earth. What happens when you paste together the paths of the previous solar eclipses so they are adjacent? The following video does just that. You may be surprised when you see the segments all pasted together.
Path Of Totallity Doesn’t Make Sense – YouTube

( – [9 minutes]

NASA’s admission about predicting eclipses: There is no way for eclipses to be predicted if the moon is rotating around a spinning earth that is, itself, rotating around the sun while all three are moving through space at different speeds. Because of this, NASA uses the Saros Series tables created 1,000 years ago in order to predict all eclipses, both solar and lunar. The Saros Series was created with the understanding the earth is stationary with the sun rotating around the earth. NASA does not alter the Saros numbers to account for the fact that the Saros Cylces were meant to be used with the geocentric model, rather than NASA’s heliocentric model.

Look closely while viewing. There’s got to be a reason that they always say, “Don’t look at the sun during a solar eclipse.” What are they hiding?

One possibility: Some people claim that it’s not even the moon that’s doing the covering of the sun. I will be monitoring that closely because throughout the past year, I’ve been noticing the moon and the sun up at the same time, in the same part of the sky, and the moon is clearly not illuminated by the sun. I photographed this apparent anomaly several times, but many tens of millions of people have been noticing the same thing over the past couple years, so you might have already seen that.

Others are saying that the last time an eclipse like this happened in the USA was in 1776…

Note: I wrote most of this email at the end of July, so NASA might have fixed the errors in their explanations by now, or made yet another attempt to do so. But NASA’s earlier videos will still be viewable where used as examples in the videos above.


PS: I noticed the following, too:

Some have observed that the August 21 eclipse will travel a path across America that intersects with the five major earthquake zones in the USA: the Cascadia Subduction Zone in the Pacific Northwest (which could trigger the San Andreas Fault); the Yellowstone Supervolcano Caldera, which has been acting up recently; the New Madrid earthquake zone, which also has been acting up recently, too; the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone; and the South Georgia Rift Zone that encompasses Charleston, South Carolina. They worry that the eclipse might trigger earthquakes along the way, starting with the Cascadia Zone.
Simulation shows how Pacific Northwest Megaquake on Cascadia fault 
( – [ariticle]

Others observe that the August 21 eclipse follows the 1,700-mile “Crack Across America” (AKA the “Missouri Gravity Low”) stretching from Idaho to the southern Appalachian Mountains that was discovered in 1981. This is not to be confused with the “Crack Through America.” Both seem to follow the earthquake zones; that makes sense.

Another solar eclipse will take place seven years after this one but from the southwest to the northeast, just the opposite of this year’s eclipse. The 2024 eclipse will follow the “Crack Through America” (AKA the “Mid-continental Rift” or MCR). The intersection of these two eclipses centers on the New Madrid earthquake zone, which will be the place for the longest totality and best observation of the eclipse. The New Madrid zone straddles the borders of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. Note the 7-year period separating these two eclipses.
Scientists found a 1,700 mile crack across the USA. Here’s what you need to know
( – [article[

Still others find great Biblical significance to the August 21 eclipse being 33 days before September 23, because September 23 marks the date of the singularly most prophetic “great sign” (and the only sign called “great” in the Bible), besides being the day after the Feast of Trumpets (TrumpPence?). The number “33” has spiritual significance to both Christians and Luciferians. Others point to the fact that August 21 is 40 day before the “Day of Atonement.” There are many hundreds of videos about the significance of this celestial alignment according to Biblical astronomy (not astrology); the following is a good example:
The Revelation 12 Sign 23rd of September 2017 – YouTube
( – [19 minutes]

Why The Revelation 12 Sign Can’t Be Debunked – [article]


Everyone still has several days to prepare for this Solar Event. So please give this some thought… If you’re in a location where “most” or “all” of the Eclipse can be seen…

  • Will you be at work when it takes place?
  • Have you given yourself a reminder to have your camera (or phone) fully charged?
  • Have you cleared enough room in your camera, in order to take LOTS of photos (or maybe even some “video”)?
  • When the Eclipse passes overhead, will your view be blocked by buildings, landscape, etc?
  • Is there someone special you want to spend that magic moment with?
  • If you have to drive, in order to get a better view of the Eclipse, will you have enough gas, snacks, water, some place to sit, etc?
  • If you want a special “Sun filter” to look through, or to take photos through, have your ordered it yet?

Please do your own research and “question everything”.

You’ll only have one opportunity to view this Eclipse.


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