PS 7-9-17 *MoneyChalk, Whistleblower, Astrology

*First a comment:

Today, I did some quick checking on the “cash advance” option offered by most Credit Card companies. One of our Cards has a “$10 or 3-percent, whichever is higher” fee and the other is the same but with a “5-percent” fee. It’s criminal. This is the “age of computers”. All the Credit Card company has to do is access your account, enter a Routing Number and some type of verification number… enter the dollar amount being transferred and click “Activate”. If someone were transferring $10,000, they’d get paid $300. How does that kind of work validate a $300 fee?

  • Once you verify, to yourself, that the “Private Trust” is real and IS going to pay your Debts, don’t go “spend-crazy”. Even if there’s several million dollars in your account, you really don’t want to buy every dress or pair of jeans in the store “just because you can”.
  • This would be a good Time to remember the movie: “Brewster’s Millions”. Richard Pryor’s character inherited $300-millon BUT he couldn’t get it until he spend $30-million in 30-days. The person giving him the money knew he would go “spend-crazy”. So his Will stated that he had to spend all of that $30-million “without anything to show for it” and do it in 30-days… and, he couldn’t tell anyone why he was spending money like it was water. At one point, he’s in a hotel in a big city. He opens the window and sees a small crowd of people casually walking along the sidewalk. He shouts to them: “Hey, up here! Anyone want some shrink cocktail?” He phoned the hotel’s restaurant and ordered 1,000 shrimp cocktails. So this is NOT the Time to act like that character.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard from anyone on this list or reading these Blogs… that THEY have even “tried” to pay-off at least 1 of their Debts. So if you’ve at least tried, let me know. I’m just curious.

So far, we have all 4 of our Credit Cards “confirmed” as having “scheduled” our payment. One of them (within 24-hours) has already sent a 2nd eMail stating that they have now Posted our $1,869 to our account. I then logged-in to that account and saw that they now show: “PAID” next to that entry. So we have 1 Credit Card completely paid-off at this point.

  • Remember, it “typically” takes 3-to 5 business days for a financial institution to verify (accept) a payment.

Early-on, in these last 326-weeks, I mentioned that I’m not changing anything in our home. All of Sylvia’s things are just where she left them. I had to throw-out a few things, because of mold and other pieces of clothing were washed at least once. I need as many of her energies here as possible… for as long as possible.

So when I talked to Sylvia about what WE could buy with this new “Private Trust” account… I kept reaching a non-resolve:

  • Although we Rent a Mobile Home, we can’t move until Sylvia is here “physically”.
  • We don’t want to watch television or use a microwave oven or automatic coffee maker. So we won’t be buying any of those products.
  • I can’t even hire a Cleaning Service to come in here to clean the thick layer of dust that’s on a lot of things (because I don’t want anyone but My Sylvia in here, until she’s “physically” here.
  • Although our car is a 1997 (Honda) model, we can’t sell it and buy a new car because 1) it’s “Sylvia’s” car and 2) I can’t change anything that Sylvia and I bought together unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.
  • Although I’d like to have a more advanced set of electronic drums, I can’t sell the electronic drumset I currently have because Sylvia bought it for me for my Birthday 1 year. Plus, we don’t have any room in this Mobile Home for another drumset.

So, until is here “physically”, I’ll have to settle for buying a couple of new shirts, some much-needed socks and some new shoes… and I can now buy groceries without stressing about the cost.

One thing Sylvia did remind me about, a few days ago, is that we can go-ahead and start that business I talked to her about some Time ago.

  • It looks like it might require 10,000 to 20,000-square feet of space. I won’t say what it is but it’s a combination of things. It has something to do with a “restaurant”, “inventions” and “music”.
  • K.K., when we’re ready to start this massive project, if you’re available, we’d like to hire you to be our “Restaurant Advisor”. Of course, if you’re not starting your own business, we’d like you to be the “Restaurant Manager”. (We’ll talk later.)

So I’ve started doing some very rough, very casual research on “buildings” and “properties” in the Asheville area. So far, nothing has said; “start with me”.

Once we have a location, Sylvia and I can start buying some new, larger pieces of music gear. There are a couple of Modular Synthesizers I’d like us to have and, today, Sylvia suggested… if we “Soundproof” part of our business space, I can use it as a Practice Room and buy REAL, “acoustic” drums. I really enjoy the versatility of playing “electronic” drums but there’s nothing like the “energy-connection” and “nuance” of playing a traditional drumset.

We’re also going to buy a new “iMac Pro” when they’re released in December… AND, I’m so tired of waiting for this slow Internet speed, we’re going to get faster access soon. We’ll “probably” just get the fastest access they offer. That, coupled with an iMac “Pro” and our computing experience will be almost as fast as a Human can think. (The “iMac Pro” has 18-cores… it’s like having 18 computers inside your computer.)


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Here’s part of what was sent by M.R. explaining this:

  • “This testimony comes from a man who’s had Cosmic Top-Secret security clearance since the mid-1980s. He advanced from the military to security for the Department of State to the umbrella organization that appears to control everything often called “The Cabal.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link (on the following page, click on: “Deep Throat Testimonies”.):

  • On that page, the article ends just above the photo of Buzz Aldrin.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

The following page contains more information, from Carl Boudreau, regarding the current “Full Moon” and it’s affect on our energies.

My comments: I read some of it… skimmed-through the rest and was about to just delete it when Sylvia sent me a “feeling”. With it came some additional information…

  • Basically, I felt 2 streams… 2 Timelines. The one we’re all currently on and the one the Cabal tried to trick us into using. (This “trickery” feels to be fairly recent.) Probably, unknowingly, Carl and some other Sources of various pieces of information, “accidentally” or “was steered to” the energy of the Cabal’s Timeline. The Cabal desperately need the Collective Consciousness on this planet to resonate with “their” Timeline. However, MORE THAN (I was just told) the majority of Beings on the surface of this planet are now “Awake” and will no longer “fall for” or be “bullied into” ANY of the Cabal’s games.
  • It’s finished. Their game is now over. Just like rolling a ball, the Cabal’s energies are simply moving on “Momentum”. At some point, very soon now, that ball will stop rolling.

We like Carl but in this Reading, he paints a fairly negative picture of the energies currently surrounding everyone. However, from “my” perspective, I’m seeing a WHOLE LOT of PARTIES about to happen!… and I’m not talking about the “all at once, all around the world” Parties. Those will begin once full “Disclosure” takes place. Instead, I’m talking about the individual, more private parties everyone will have, once they see for themselves that THEY can now EASILY pay-off their Debt.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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One thought on “PS 7-9-17 *MoneyChalk, Whistleblower, Astrology”

  1. Paul and Sylvia,
    I have been trying to email you. Can you please give me your current email address? I paid 2 bills off…
    One Cap 1 for 3857.00 and one Discover for 1050.00 all so far so good..GREAT!! Please email me your email address…thank you so much


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