PS 5-7-17 SteppingStones, Astrology

I found this on Soulspeak’s Blogsite. (Thank you for finding this gem.)

I quickly skimmed through this information, wondering if I should include it. Although I had read a few paragraphs which suggested I add them to this Posting, it wasn’t until I reached this paragraph when I knew for certain:

  • “This is the ongoing error of the many organized religions that hold followers to strict rules (which in reality are simply some “leaders” three dimensional concepts of truth). The disobedience of these rules is often punishable in this world as well as in the next where everlasting punishment awaits. These false teachings serve to create the perfect block to higher understanding.”

I’m including this information because “I” feel it provides the “Stepping Stones” many of us need at this Time, in order to keep going… to continue on our collective Path of walking through this “seemingly” (last steps within this) “dense, dark forest of survival”. We’re almost there, people, and the information at the link below is “a reminder” and “paints the picture” of where Humanity is at this point in Time.

Here are a few other paragraphs that I found helpful:

  • “There are no laws to support poverty, lack, or limitation in any form other than those formed by a belief in them… Divine law is a law of abundance and multiplication. Observe the blades of grass and the leaves on a tree for these reflect the Law of abundance in manifestation.”
  • “Intention is always the key in any action. When an individual states his intention to awaken, the journey begins and will unfold by Grace as the Higher Self begins to draw whatever experiences may be necessary for spiritual evolution. Some of these experiences are not the happy “light and love experiences” a new truth student often expects, but eventually every soul graduates from needing “wake up calls” to learning from inner guidance.”
  • “Many still believe that at a certain level of awareness the spiritual journey is complete. Ascension is a shift into higher dimensional energy, but there is never completion. The ascension continues into the higher dimensions because Source is Infinite; eternally expressing Itself in new and infinite ways. Man, God’s expression of Itself, is thus also ever seeking new awareness of the One Self.”

My comments: Many times, I’ve said… Sylvia and I are simply waiting for the “Veil” to be removed. Once it’s gone, her and I will be “physically” / “at the same wavelength” reunited with each other and we’ll continue our journey together from that point. We will always continue to “experience” and “evolve”. The dissolving of that “Veil” is not the “end”. It’s a continuation of what currently “is”. Think of this… think of Ascension as walking from 1 room to the next. Humanity is currently in the “Kitchen” or “Sewing Room” or “Work Shop”, where a lot of hard labor is involved. At some point, we simply walk-out into the “Hallway” (a “transitional” room) and into the “Living Room” or even the “Out Doors” (outside). It’s still “you” but now you’re in a different “Space” with different experiences.

Here is another excerpt:

  • “Allow the process dear ones, allow the process. Be not afraid to embrace and implement each new truth into all facets of daily living. Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding and leading you to where you are ready to be. Allow the process.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the above information:

Here’s the link to Soulspeak’s Blogsite:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Reading for May 2017.

He begins by saying…

  • “This is not the kind of astrology I usually do. It is unusually speculative. Also, although I hesitate to admit it openly, on Facebook, I have been conscious of Angelic guidance during my astrology writing for several years now.”
  • “I have long been of the belief and have often said that we have reached the limits of astrology to explain or predict what is happening. Of, necessity, to serve my audience, I have been pushing those limits for many months to squeeze one last insight out of standard astrological methods.”
  • “It’s time to move on, even if it means launching into speculative territory. With this post, I push right through the limits of astrology into highly speculative territory. I do this partly because I see no other option, except perhaps to keep pushing the limits of astrology, which is getting old. I’ve gone back and forth a great deal about the changes I am making now and it is highly unlikely that I will return to my old way of doing astrology posts.”

My comments: He makes some interesting statements there. Is he telling us that Astrology has run-out of interpretations of what the Astrologists are now seeing in the Sky?… or have the Constellations changed so much (maybe due to the “Mandela Effect”?) that those points in the “Heavens” no longer match what Astrologers have referenced in ancient books? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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One thought on “PS 5-7-17 SteppingStones, Astrology”

  1. Thank you for sharing and also the amazing info with astrology. I spoke of this At the Table, and this was i believe last year, or possibly late 2015, where the “loop” of energetic patterning was becoming obvious, tonkeep those in that frequency magnatized for “more info or seemingly new info yet…just a loop of ancient translations of what was THEN. and served its purpose. Now is time to step into the unknown and discover what we become as we read new info being presented. Hooray for Carl to pioneer this path…Namaste’ dear friends, and thank you for visiting Beaming Light


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