PS 5-6-17 Waking-Up, Gaia, Mayans

Alba Weinman places people under hypnosis, in order for them to directly connect with their Higher Selves and learn of their mission here on Earth.

In this 2-hour video, the woman under hypnosis sees her Past Lives, where she takes many forms… as an Energy Being, a blue-skinned Being, etc.

I’m including this for your own off-world knowledge. However, I’m not placing this under “bonus” information or “extra credit” because of something her Higher Self explains around the 1:38:00-mark:

  • Basically, many very powerful Light Workers are incarnating at this Time because “It’s Time for the Earth to wake-up.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Red flowers unfold and Illuminate the hu-masses.”
  • “Hue-Beings assemble to share the bounty.”
  • “Preferences are no more.”
  • “Directives are heard and obeyed.”
  • “Planetary Uplift comes.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This article explains the “Mayan” Date of “December 21, 2012” and states that the real point of change begins on May 24, 2017.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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