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*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Yesterday, 4/27/17, Sylvia and I went to a cafeteria-style restaurant for Lunch while at work. The guy behind the counter loaded-up my plate, placed it on a tray and gave it to me. I placed it on the part of the counter which is used to slide those trays along the length of the food-selection area. When we were near the condiments section, for some strange reason, I moved my tray diagonally on that sliding part AND, when I reached for the mustard packets, I moved my hand “downwards” towards the floor instead of “upwards” toward the condiments. When I did, the tray tipped, my plate slid and ALL of the food “plopped” onto the floor. The tray and plate were still on the sliding part.

That experience was almost surreal. We had just finished paying but the restaurant owner saw what happened and quickly replaced my now-empty plate with a full one. Even in the middle of that, I noticed that I wasn’t embarrassed. I don’t know why I wasn’t. I just wasn’t. (Although I didn’t look around at the Time, I could feel that several people in the Dining Room behind us had seen what had happened.)

I’m still not sure what exactly happened or why I reached “down” or the “Lesson” (or “Symbology”) I’m supposed to take from this.

Today, while at work, I almost fell but Sylvia caught me…

  • Sylvia and I were doing some work on the Loading Dock when this happened. There was no one else there.
  • I was using 1 of the steel, rolling carts at the Time. At one point, my foot caught its front corner while I was walking near it. I lost my balance and was leaning forward so much there was no way I could have remained upright without quickly putting my other foot out in front of me but the front part of that shoe was now skipping across the concrete floor and wasn’t going to get out there in Time. I was just about to fall onto another steel cart when I felt a “very subtle” / “very gentle” comforting “wrap” (like a soft blanket) around my mid-section (just above my belt) and, somehow, I “magically” was able to stand without falling.
  • I acknowledged Sylvia’s help by instantly telling her: “I KNOW that was you helping me. Without your help I would have fallen onto that cart. Thank you.”

Was all of this simply my over-active imagination? In “my” tiny world, “Sylvia” kept me from falling.

Question everything.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudeau’s Astrology information for May 2017.

I wasn’t sure this information wanted to be included here and then I read this and decided to add it to this Posting:

  • “When personal and community relationships change, social, economic and political relationships change. Societies get shaken up at a fundamental level.”
  • “Hence, global society should change dramatically during this 18 month transit. I think the world will look very different when this 18 month transit is over.”

Here are a few more excerpts:

  • “To my eye, this Venus persona chart indicates a time of intense, continuous, irresistible and radical social, economic, political and cultural change.  Sweeping change. And not necessarily peaceful change. I think it also looks like irreversible change. Let me explain these claims.”
  • “This Venus placement is not your typical, fluid, soft-edged Venus  placement. It has numerous, sharp teeth and volatile, explosive components. Venus is conjunct bitterly combative Eris and explosively transformative Uranus.”
  • “This alone points to a time of intense, social, cultural, political and economic change, at the individual and collective levels and in every area of society, on a global scale.”

My comments: To “me” it seems as though this Astrology Reading is showing what has been building, behind-the-scenes, for many, many months. Carl’s choice of words paints the same picture many of us have been Tracking for a very long Time… changes in “politics” (Carl’s word “political”), “the Global Currency Reset” (“economic”), “the release of Antarctica’s exotic technology” (“cultural”), etc… and all of that leads us to “Disclosure” (the “official” release of information which tells the general public that Star Visitors are “real” and have been living on Earth for a VERY long Time).

These next paragraphs are very encouraging…

  • “Judging by the Venus persona chart, the Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis will bring a dynamic that breaks all defective, unfair, unjust, loveless, fear- and greed- based personal and interpersonal patterns right down to their tiniest powdery bits. In that condition they cannot remain in place. From there, as a practical matter, the defective patterns cannot be easily recreated, let alone reimposed.”
  • “Nor will they function as before. Their patterns will be thoroughly shattered. Their power will be effectively destroyed.”
  • “The only realistic option will be to assemble new and, ideally, improved patterns, patterns that fulfill the standards represented in this chart. I believe all this is all very apparent from the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress on May 9, 2017, UT.”
  • “The placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart clearly and very strongly suggests that Venus and the human heart will be responsible for these deep changes. Venus which normally moves with the subtlety and quiet grace of a cat, is set to strut and charge and roar like a lion. It will rattle the window panes of our lives.”
  • “Taken individually, each of these asteroid placements is socially transformative. Taken together, their placements suggest a revolutionary social upheaval.”
  • “With Pluto and Saturn involved, more definitive, winner-take-all outcomes more than subtle compromises are suggested. The forces at play in this chart could and almost certainly will bring a major historical turning point.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The Narrator in this 14-minute video brings up some current-news points which, he states, are really “Soft Disclosure”.

I’m including this because “IF” he’s “connected the dots” correctly, it means Humanity is now being spoon-fed the vital information we need to unlock the collective consciousness. Leading us through the door and on to our true homes… in the Stars. Whether it’s the “Cabal” or the “Light Workers” doing this “Soft Disclosure”, I don’t know and really don’t care. This information simply needs to be fully digested by the general public… and the sooner the better.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I found these 2 Posts by Jennifer Hoffman to be helpful and good feedback as to where Humanity currently stands on this TimeLine.

  • “In response to your questions regarding ‘when will we see the aliens’ I’ll do a video tomorrow that explains how they ‘hide in plain sight’ and how we are already seeing them, we just don’t know they are there. Disclosure is a slippery slope because the entire foundation of our reality is built on lies, half truths, and untruths. So as soon as full disclosure happens everything we know about our reality, our world, and ourselves will be 100% false. Some of you may be ready for that or already know it, I know I do, but I don’t know too many people who could handle that kind of info with grace and ease. Fun times, it’s all rolling along now so remember to shine on, you may be the brightest light in neighborhood because you are holding light for your neighborhood. Remember we inspire others by being a light beacon they can see; we irritate others by shining our light in their faces and hoping they’ll wake up and ‘see the light’. Be a joyful source of inspiration by being in your own energy of joy.”
  • “We are putting the final touches of the 3D/5D integration in place and shoring up our new paradigms so we can become more comfortable in them. I know that because I can see it in what is happening around us as people are doing more conspiring (sharing the same beliefs) and speaking about topics they would have shunned or laughed at even 3 years ago. The outpouring of sympathy and connection that we have seen for victims this month, the refusal to vilify a victim, the demand for change in all areas of life and society for everyone so we are equal and have a level playing field is all a testimonial to that.”
  • “If you’re starting to feel your long denied dreams rising to the surface, you are feeling more motivated, more eager to be happy, in joy, and to enjoy your life, that’s your confirmation. May is just around the corner and we have some big activity happening this weekend with the Nodes changing signs, which happens every 2.5 years so this ends a cycle that started November 2015 and a longer one that ran from January 1997 to April 2000. Expect a busy weekend with release and relief which can also be accompanied by realizations and regrets. Give any grief time to process and then push it through the revolving door so the joy and light enter as the rest is leaving.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

  • Note: The following web page is on an Italian website. So even “translated to English” sentences can be a bit difficult to understand.
  • Also… I 1st heard of “Yaldabaoth” from “Cobra’s” Postings. Cobra has indicated… Once the “octopus” has been completely dissolved, the “Event” could be triggered soon after.

I’ve included the following link in a previous Posting. I’m including this today because I just checked that page to see if there’s been any progress and I learned something interesting.

  • According to the following web page… “Yaldabaoth is a plasma parasite that feeds upon the healthy solar plasma that is emanating all the time from the Sun and distributed throughout the Solar system by solar wind”

At the top of the following web page, there’s an animated image which shows how much of the “octopus” has been dissolved so far.

The interesting part that I learned today is that the information which shows how much of the octopus animations to remove (with green overlay) is Channeled by someone in Brazil.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The title of this article is: “Georgi Stankov: The Earth Split Into Two Halves In A Massive And Dramatic Id Rift On April 26, 2017“. The part I particularly liked is where “a huge wave of new walk-ins” is mentioned…

  • “While she was describing her vision of Gaia splitting into two halves, I got the information from my HS that we have now severed that portion of Gaia that contains all the lower catastrophic timelines from this uppermost reality we dwell in. This concerns in the first place the entire energetic structure of the old 3D holographic matrix to which all service-to-self entities pertain. Then I received additional information that was later confirmed by a concrete event that with this split of Gaia into two halves all soul fragments in service-to-self incarnates were removed to the dissipating half of Gaia and their bodies on the ascending half were entered by a huge wave of new walk-ins of advanced transliminal souls.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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