PS 4-9-17 *Trickery, *City, Earth2.0

*First a few comments:

About a week ago, the company Sylvia and I work for told the employees that we have to call a certain phone number, in order to “buy” or “waive” our “health insurance”. It was so strongly-suggested, I began to sense a high-pressure, fear tactic on their part.

  • They never said our job depended on us making that Call but that’s the feeling most of the employees got.
  • 1st, “insurance” is 1 of the Cabal’s “fear programs”. “Some” of the people I’ve spoken with, who have “health insurance”, usually say things like: “It covers teeth cleaning and general check-ups. So those are free.” What Sylvia and I don’t understand is… “free” or “not”, why would anyone allow an outsider to their Unit (the body and its many Systems) to poke, probe and prescribe things for it?
  • 2nd, they want ALL the employees to Call because they simply want to talk us into buying “their” insurance. I don’t remember Sylvia and I ever having “health insurance”. Why should we? We’re always healthy and it’s been decades since either of us went to a “doctor”… for anything. (Yes, My Sylvia crossed-over because of the Cabal’s “cancer”. Had she known about this, with or without a “doctor”, Sylvia and I would have cured it. However, because Sylvia told me [while we were in hospice] that she had to “go”, because of “Higher Purpose”, she would have used another “dis-ease” or “accident”, in order to accomplish this. So “insurance” and “doctor” visits would not have kept My Sylvia here.)

After that phone call scam, I remembered another piece of Cabal trickery that I figured out recently…

  • This involves an online Music Store. Every once in a while they’ll hold a Drawing for some high-priced music gear. Several months ago, when they did this, I almost signed-up for it. Then Sylvia reminded me that we don’t like dealing with that company and by filling-out their form for the Drawing, they’ll have our current eMail address and phone number and they’ll start calling us again.

This morning, I saw (in my mind) that the same is true for those people who have taken themselves “off the Grid” but also sell their excess electricity to the local electric company…

  • In “my” mind… If you’re “off the Grid”, BE off the Grid. By selling YOUR electricity to 1 of the Cabal’s monopolies, your home has to physically connect to them. You also have to tie-in to their payment System. So their tentacles are still wrapped around you. In “my” opinion, you’re not off the Grid that way. Instead, the Cabal is allowing you to push your electricity back to them, simply to keep tabs on you.

The other piece of the Cabal’s puzzle that doesn’t quite “fit” with me is the idea of them:

  • Recording every video from every camera, television and computer screen, 24/7.
  • Recording every telephone, cellphone and Skype conversation, 24/7.
  • Copying every eMail ever written.

Even if the Cabal created “text” versions of those audio recordings, it would take SEVERAL Super Computers to do this in real-Time. (They have to do this in real-Time. Otherwise the backlog of audio files would be staggering in just a few days.)

By “my” very quick, top-of-my-head calculations, the amount of data produced by the Humans on the surface of this planet would “probably” fill a 1-Terabyte hard drive every HOUR. Since they’re “supposedly” spying on everyone, they can never delete any of those files. So once a hard drive, WHATEVER size it is, is filled, it’s not longer useable. It simply has to be stored “IF” they ever need to access that information again.

Plus (I just realized), the “Index” of “what” is stored on “which” drive would be mind-boggling. That database alone would “probably” fill a Terabyte drive each week! Then you’d need a “Master Index”, in order to know which “Sub Index” will point you to the files you’re looking for.

So the “trickery” here is… I’m not convinced the Cabal have been storing EVERY piece of information we can imagine.

What I’m saying is… Maybe this entire idea is just more Cabal “fear”.

Think about it:

  • They say there are 7-billion Humans on the surface of this planet.
  • Let’s say half of them (3.5-billion) have access to eMail, cellphone and video technology.
  • How many eMails do YOU receive each day? Sylvia and I average around 20 total. We don’t have a cellphone but, from what we’ve seen in Public, most people are talking on their phones for several hours each day.

So not even counting photographs or videos, these very rough numbers show that the Cabal has to deal with over 10-billion hours of cellphone audio recordings and an average of 60-billion eMails EACH DAY.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I found this interested, I almost didn’t include it. Then, something about it began to suggest that I share this:

  • “What do you think the biggest issues the world faces today are? Most people would say matters of bias and privilege, right? Well what if you could go somewhere where those weren’t problems?”
  • “The truth is, you can. This utopia has existed for 50 years, even; it’s called Auroville, and is located in Southern India.”
  • “The brainchild of Mirra Alfassa, Auroville is a universally welcoming place, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, or language.”
  • “Instead, it celebrates what we all are: Citizens of earth.”
  • “Alfassa created a charter by which the city runs, and no nation can claim property of the place. Instead, it belongs to the world.”
  • “There is no authority, legal or political, nor a person of power, that the inhabitants need to respect. There are no written laws either.”
  • “Instead, there is only one supreme universal truth by which the city runs; citizens work toward harmony, love, and acceptance, and prioritize education and research.”
  • “As a result, the functioning of the town is organized in a very modern and environmental friendly way. They have implemented systems of wastewater treatment, as well as systems of ground water depletion.”
  • “Auroville uses eco-friendly methods for production of organic food, as well as technologically advanced methods for making the poor soil fertile. With the time, the town has become self-sufficient when it comes to food production and drinking water.”
  • “Starting from the seventies, they have started a process of forestation, and today the city is settled within a belt of forests and fields, making it one of the cleanest places on earth.”
  • “Even crazier, Aurovillians use no money – they have a whole economy functioning on principles of sharing, giving, and exchanging.”
  • “There is a distribution center in the city where both citizens and strangers can get a meal, but mainly, people produce what they need and exchange items with neighbors, without any aspirations of earning from the barter economy.”
  • “As a result of the cosmopolitan spirit embedded in the city, today it is inhabited with representatives from more than 50 nations.”
  • “It is protected under the authority of UNESCO, which in a way secures its future existence. The town has no restrictions – everyone is welcomed to come and to find his own peace.”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to see the photos. One of them looks like it’s out of a “Star Wars” movie.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This hour and 41-minute video is an interview with a woman who claims to now be living between her life here and her new TimeLine, in the 5th Dimension, on “Earth 2.0”.

  • In the beginning of this video she explains her background.
  • Around the 20-minute mark, she begins explaining her current dual-life between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions.
  • “There are many TimeLines. We’re all fractal.”
  • Events which were set in motion a long, long Time ago are now playing-out.
  • The Reptilians and Archons like it here. (on “Earth 1.0”)
  • Around the 1-hour, 8-minute mark, they talk about the “Mandela Effect”. “It’s an informational artifact that let’s us know we’ve been through a quantum jump. We’ve been through a TimeLine change, through quantum jumping.”
  • “Artificial Intelligence is black magician gobbledygook. None of that stuff can really harm you.” We have to wake-up to this. “In the 50s, it was the atomic bomb now it’s artificial intelligence.” They were designed by the same people to have the same results — fear and control over us. We have to stand up to this and say “I’m not going to let you use me that way. I’m not going to be frightened of you. We all have to say: “I” am in charge. Me! Not you.”
  • “The eyes only take in light. We see with the backs of our brains. We form the patterns with our brains.”
  • We’re moving from the “3rd” to the “5th” Dimension. “The 4th was actually an energetic space that was set up by the black magicians and the Draco and the Archon and that’s a place we’re they’ve set up a whole lot of false, crazy paradigms, including “Heaven and Hell”, the whole reincarnation-cycle thing…” Gaia and others are eliminating the 4th Dimension.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

  • Note: It’s been several hours, since I watched that interview. When it ended, I felt as though “a new energy arrived” or “a portal of something new opened”. I could clearly feel My Sylvia a bit stronger. Something definitely changed within me. I later played my Drums. I started with Led Zeppelin’s 1st album. I hadn’t heard it in decades. At one point, a Song played that I had completely forgotten about. It wasn’t 1 of their more popular Songs. As soon as it started, I began thinking: “I don’t know this Song. Wait, that’s 1 of their Songs that I never learned how to pl…” Before I could finish that thought, I was actually playing the Drum part correctly. (John Bonham, Led Zeppelin’s Drummer crossed-over many years ago.) I don’t think he came here to help me learn that Drum part but I did feel a sense of some “thing” or some “one” helping me. I don’t know if that was connected to the energy from that video interview though.

Question everything.


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