PS 3-24-17 Antarctica, Gaia

This article, by Michael Salla and Corey Goode, seemed like a re-telling of previous Antarctic / exotic technology details. Then I read something I had not heard before:

  • “Corey thinks the Antarctica disclosures will begin in tandem with prosecutions of the elites involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and other crimes, which includes the blackmailing of leading politicians, academics, industrialists and military officials. He says that the recent Trump administration action to sack 46 District Attorneys was due to their inaction in moving forward with such prosecutions.”

Basically, this is a summary of what is “supposedly” going on in Antarctica. So if you or someone you know hasn’t heard this information before, this article may be a good starting point.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.”
  • “Care for hu-beings is paramount.”
  • “Hardenings are cracked.”
  • “Galactics approach.”
  • “Cosmic awareness expands.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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