PS 3-16-17 *Sylvia, Ancients

*FIrst a few comments:

(I’m mentioning all this because some people have asked me for this type of information, when I have it, and because it shows some feedback on the energies which are entering this planet at this Time and how some people are dealing with them.)

  • For the last 309-weeks, I’ve mentioned… When My Sylvia crossed-over, the last things to “come back online” (within me) is my “short-term memory” and my “Reasoning”… and even after all this Time, those facets are still not “100-percent” yet.

Last Tuesday, while at work, a small group of us had spent several hours unloading a Tractor Trailer. An hour or 2 before the end of our work-day, everyone was in other parts of the building when 1 of the Supervisors came back to the Loading Dock and told me to close the “truck” and “Bay” (Loading Dock) doors. I had just removed the electric, steel plate which goes across the gap between the truck and the Loading Dock floor.

I couldn’t get the truck’s door down because it was a bit stuck. I walked away from that area, just a few feet, when the Supervisor said he’d give it try. He indicated that I should help him. So as I was looking up at the door, I walked towards the truck and
I stepped down… right into that gap. My entire leg went through that hole and I stopped when the top of my leg hit the solid, steel plate!!! I think my tailbone hit the steel and I must have bounced a bit because the outside of my leg is very sore and I must have “stopped” or “steadied” myself with 1 of my hands, because that hand and wrist are sometimes sore.

I wasn’t in “shock”. Instead, I was completely confused for several seconds… trying to figure out what happened. I thought I had severely damaged this body.

I pulled myself up and sat for a minute. I immediately began “energy sweeping” those impacted areas, just as Sylvia taught me to do. I went “internal” — aiming every Sensor I have on all aspects of this entire Unit (the body and its many Systems). At the same Time, I sent (streamed) Sylvia those Readings, so she could decide what to do to help me.

Aside from a slight “limp”, there are no bruises anywhere on me. Nothing is broken.

  • For some reason, I wasn’t supposed to mention this until today.

Now I need to switch the focusing of my writing…

Today, while eating Lunch at work, I noticed that I was having some difficulty in “Reasoning” very simple tasks:

  • “Should I drink some of our filtered water now or wait until I’ve eaten something 1st?”
  • “Should I use the “spoon” or “fork” to eat the leftover fried potatoes we brought from home?”
  • etc.

I was a bit of a mess. It was partly because of my “Reasoning” energies and partly because something had knocked my energies out of alignment (or was keeping me from re-aligning them). However, with each indecision I brought to the surface of my mind, I felt Sylvia answering each of them.

  • I’ve mentioned before that she’s recently realized that my “Intuition” circuit provides her with the best results of getting information to me. She’s continued to use that channel and it does seem to be working. It’s not “100-percent” yet, but we’re getting there.

When I asked Sylvia why she is now able to help me with these tiniest of decisions she indicated that this has something to do with me falling last Tuesday. Not so much that the “fall” caused my “Reasoning” to get a bit worse but because that “fall” let her know how this Unit is dealing with the increasing energies coming in from the Galactic Central Sun.

  • Sylvia indicated that I “was” and “still am” protected from various things and that she is supposed to honor my “Free Will” and allow this Unit to have certain experiences even if it means the outer shell of this unit, which Humans call the “body”, becomes scratched or bruised.
  • Now, however, because of my falling, Sylvia was able to get permission to Guide me at an even smaller level. She told “them” that her and I are “One” and that “falling” provided her with even more proof that Sylvia and I need to be with each other. Even across this #@% “Veil” she can Read my energies and Guide me.

As I was writing that out, I asked: “Because Sylvia and I are “Twin Souls”, what would have happened to our “separate” and “bonded” energies if we had not met within this incarnation? Here’s what I received:

  • If you had not met each other during this lifespan, your individual experiences and “Free Will” would have been the dominant force guiding you both. Then, once each of you crossed-over, you would remember each other and resume your “be-ing” with each other at that point.
  • Since you DID connect with each other that very deep, very connected part within each of you was activated and just “knows” that the other person is very special. (As an example of this, I guess, I was shown a “magnetic compass”… Once a compass is manifest on this planet, it will always point North.”)

Of course, for Sylvia and I to now have an even stronger bond with each other is a VERY good thing.

Today, when I mentioned to Sylvia that I’m still not sure how to balance our budget to get us Breakfast and Lunch, on the days we work, she indicated (again) that I’m being provided for. This Time, she also mentioned that, to “me”, it may appear that I’m participating in “Society”… going to work, paying bills, having Lunch, etc. but I’m now in a type of “Holding Pattern”. I’m simply waiting for the “Veil” to be removed.

I asked her why we were no longer working at the grocery store and why she created this specific (current) job that we have. She indicated that I complained too much about the energies at the grocery store so she found a more “resonating” (with “me”) place to work.


This 53-minute video is an interview with a whistleblower that I’ve never heard of. The 1st part provides mostly the same information we’ve been hearing from various other Sources. Then, around the 28-minute mark, I heard something new:

  • In his explanation of “Planet X”, he states… The last Time it came through (our Solar System) it left the planet Venus behind. When Venus settled into its own orbit around the Sun, it pushed the Earth back a bit. He says the Earth used to have a “360-day” year.
  • “The Poles are moving very fast right now.” The Star Visitors are keeping the Poles from flipping.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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