PS 2-24-17 *Word, Hoffman, Feedback

*First a comment:

Today, I kept hearing a word in the center of my mind, which I had never heard before. This started while at work and when my mind was bored with my physical repetition of organizing a Stock Room.

  • Over the last few Decades, I receive (from the “other side”) and sometimes create (within my own mind) various words, names and phrases. I write them down and Sylvia and I use them when necessary.

The word that I heard today is:

  • punjamb: pronounced “poon-JAHM”

To “me” it sounded like it came from India or Pakistan but when I tried to translate it, just now, “” showed no results and Google-Translate showed it to be “Croatian” and meaning: “charger”.

I have no idea where this “word” / “soundbite” came from or why it was sent. Does it mean “I” am a person who “charges” / “moves forcefully forward”? or is Humanity now “moving forward at a determined pace”? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.


In one of Jennifer Hoffman’s Postings, from today, she mentions some news from NASA:

  • “If you have heard about NASA’s latest discovery, 7 earth-size planets around a single star, very much like our own solar system, and they have announced they are also habitable (how would they know unless their telescope detected life) you may be a little suspicious, as I am. I’m’ not a skeptic or an alarmist, but I am very suspicious of this announcement and what they plan to do with this information as a follow-up. Something is up so use your discernment and look between the lines.”

My comments: Is this part of the Cabal’s “soft Disclosure”?… or are they still hoping to release a “fear campaign”, which will no longer happen.

The reason I mention that last part is because NASA is calling this new Solar System the “Trappist-1 System”. I just feel as though there’s a “bear trap” hidden just under the leaves with this title. To “me”, it’s like they’re saying:

  • “If we had our way, our New World Order would round-up lots of Humans and place them on those planets… and then you would be “trapped”… because it’s our system of entrapment.”

Sylvia and I had the same feeling when Chevrolet introduced their 1st electric car. They called it the “Impact”. This name told “us” that the Cabal did not want “the electric car” to be successful. So they sprinkled a name over it which would make people think twice about buying one.
Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

Here’s the NASA page she linked to:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I’ve heard of  this person before and have included 1 or 2 of his articles in the past. This particular article seems to resonate with a little bit of “inside information” and a lot of “feedback” on the pulse of Humanity right now… at least, to “me”.

  • “It really appears antarctica was flash frozen which is probably an unintended time capsule gift for this moment.  I don’t yet know the circumstances of how it got frozen yet, but i think it has to do with the shift in axis of the earth off from a vertical one that once provided equal heating of the planet from the sun.”
  • “Most of the arcturians and sirians, that were were with the purported “sphere being alliance” have joined the “sphere alliance of source” which consists of 4000+ civilzations that are aligned with the earth changes and the merging of the realms into the unidynamic.  One is a pond of separation, the other an ocean of beings do their best to work together. but both groups do have spheres. eventually they will all come into alignment (nobody gets left behind) so i don’t really see it as an adversarial situation as much as an attempt to spin the storyline (and sell some books) so not too many questions are asked about how those solar system wide bases were built. Corey and david have handlers, anytime you have insider sources you are either being “handled” or run the risk of being handled.”

My comment: His entire article is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. If any of you create eMails or public messages, please do not write in that “style”. It is not only considered “YELLING” but all capital letters makes it very difficult to read lots of paragraphs that way… and it’s rude.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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