PS 2-17-17 *Calibration, Hoffman

*First a comment:

This happened yesterday but I decided it wasn’t important-enough to include. Today, Sylvia suggested I include this information because it IS very important at this point on our collective TimeLine…

(I’ve mentioned similar “pattern echoes” many months ago. I haven’t noticed them since then… until yesterday.)

  • Yesterday, while eating Breakfast at Waffle House, Sylvia and I noticed an older woman having Breakfast in the Booth next to the Counter Seat we were sitting on. Seeing a female, in a Booth, by herself is not highly common in a restaurant which seems to attract a lot of male, blue-collar workers.
  • She was sitting on the side of that Booth which was facing the Counter. A few minutes later, she left and the Waitress cleared the table.
  • Within about 5 or 10-minutes after that Booth had been readied for the next Customer, a different, older woman entered the restaurant… she was alone and not only sat in that same Booth but she sat on the same side as the other woman. Again, all of this is not highly uncommon. Even for “Waffle House” but the situation… the “cookie-cutter of energy” was uncommon-enough for me to notice.

There’s no big story behind this. I’m simply explaining a “pattern” which most people wouldn’t think twice about. Sylvia’s point, in having me explain this particular situation, is to show how the world around us provides “clues”, “symbologies” and “stepping stones” for us to use in whatever ways we need.

Just as “Luke Skywalker”, in those early “Star Wars” movies, had to practice Yoda’s teachings, in order to get stronger with “the Force”, it would be a very good idea for every Being on this planet to practice their “Psychic Awareness”. I didn’t say: “your Psychic powers”. Your Psychic “Awareness”. If you’re not comfortable with the word “Psychic”, then think of this as simply being more “tuned-in’ to the immediate world around you.

Today, when Sylvia suggested I explain all this she also mentioned that certain things are about to unfold and those who understand the Psychic streams of energies will have a “easier” and “quicker” adjustment to them.

  • I’m not saying you should learn the powers of “the Force”, so you can repel objects and fly. I’m saying it would be wise for everyone to Calibrate their personal (deeply-inner) energies with the immediate world around them, in order to adjust to the incoming new resonances. In other words, Sylvia is saying it’s Time for everyone to raise their frequency.

Question everything.


Today, Jennifer Hoffman presented some helpful information on “Disclosure” and how to bring that new reality into our “Now”:

  • “A lot of people are waiting for disclosure about everything that is hidden from us regarding multiple dimensions, energies, ETs, aliens, the shadow government, the secrets, lies, and hidden agendas and that is not really needed. What we need to know what is going on is to be in a state of realization, where we make the unseen real by creating space for it in our reality. If we want to integrate new truths is to be aware of them we have to know they exist to be able to ‘see’ them, not wait for someone to tell us or to give us permission to know. And since many of these things are multi-dimensional, if we stop waiting for them to be visible on the 3D spectrum, we will see them because we need to activate our 5D vision. Much of what we are hoping will be revealed through disclosure is not visible in the density of a 3D reality but it is visible on a higher frequency spectrum, like 5D. So rather than wanting to ‘see’ what will be revealed with disclosure, ‘know’ that it is already there and then it will be revealed to you because you’re interacting with it in a multi-dimensional way. And then be prepared for anything and don’t be surprised at what you see, hear, or know because it will probably be very surprising.”

My comments: She Posts this information on her “facebook” page. Sylvia and I never liked “facebook”. So I’m going to explain a couple of tricks you can use to minimize facebook’s annoying qualities…

  • When visiting a facebook page, your Browser will display a symbol, which indicates that the page is loading. Once that page is completely loaded, your Browser will display another symbol. In Apple’s “Safari” program, an “X” indicates “loading” and a curved arrow indicates “reload” the page (because the page has finished loading). Before the “X” is replaced by the “curved arrow” symbol, on Hoffman’s page it’s when the images begin to appear on the screen, just click the “X” and that page will stop loading. You won’t see all the images but you can read the text and you won’t get that annoying “Log in to read more” message.
  • Here’s another way to stop a website from being annoying, such as when “Pintarest” blocks your view and tells you to join or log-in, in order to read more entries… Open Safari. Then open its “Preferences”. Across the top of that Dialog Box is a row of menu icons. The last one is called: “Advanced”. Click it once. There’s a setting, probably at the bottom, which reads: “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Click once, to place an “X” next to it. A new menu, called: “Develop” will appear in the menubar at the top of the screen. (Close the “Preferences” Dialog Box.) Now visit the annoying website. Pull down that new, “Develop” menu, and choose: “Disable Styles”. Everything in the Browser window will appear jumbled. You’ll be able to read all the information on that page with little or no restrictions. To restore everything back to the way it was, simply choose “Disable Styles” again.


Question everything.
Here’s the link to her facebook page:


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