PS 2-6-17 *Mystery, *FYH, Parkes, Fulford, Wilcock

*First a few comments:

I’m a bit confused on this. Of course, the answer could be very simple but my “Reasoning” could be keeping my mind from figuring out what’s going on…

For many, many months now, Sylvia and I have been buying “fresh pasta”. It’s kept refrigerated, is sealed in a clear plastic container and is made by Buitoni. We usually buy their “Fettuccine” but, about 3-months ago, we started buying their “Angel Hair” pasta. Here the link to that product:

As I said, that container is “sealed”. The top layer is so bonded with the rest of the container that we have to use scissors to cut an opening at the top-edge, so we can manage to peel the top layer back.

Once we get these home, we place them in the freezer and leave 1 in the refrigerator, so we can use it during the next day or 2. (We get 2 meals from each 9-ounce pack.

In other words, we’ve purchased hundreds of these pasta packs and have done all of those steps many, many times.

Yesterday, we decided to have pasta for supper. I lifted the pack off the bottom shelf of the fridge, where we always keep these (if they’re not in the freezer) and the bottom of the pack AND most of the shelf was covered in water! My guess is… there was 4-to 6-ounces of water there.

Ok. So we dealt with it… We used paper towels and absorbed all the water from the outside of the pack and the shelf. Everything was dry.

Once we open a pasta pack, we place the remainder, still in its container, inside a Zip-Lock, “freezer bag” and seal it.

Tonight, we wanted to finish the rest of that pasta. So I lifted the Zip-Lock bag from the bottom shelf of the fridge and… everything was wet again! Once again, there must have been almost 6-ounces of water on that shelf. So we dried everything again.

Just as I placed the pasta into the saucepan, in order to cook it, we saw 2, quarter-sized, bright-green, “spots” ON the pasta! I figured it was mold. So we through it out and cleaned everything.

  • I checked everything in the refrigerator but nothing was wet, which could have dripped-down onto that shelf.
  • The pasta container did not have any ice on it, when we moved it from freezer to fridge. So it didn’t “thaw out” and create the water. Even if it did, how did the water get there on the 2nd day?
  • Everything in our refrigerator is sealed… and there’s not much in there. There are no vegetables or anything else which could collect condensation and then drip. There’s only 1 can, 4 bottles and a pack of cheese, which is wrapped in plastic.
  • The refrigerator door also only contains bottles or jars.
  • On both days, that “liquid” smelled neutral, like water. It wasn’t sticky, like honey or syrup. (We keep a bottle of maple syrup in the fridge, on a shelf above where the pasta is kept.)
  • I ran my hand under every container in the fridge and even on its “ceiling”, in case the freezer was leaking. I could not find any liquid anywhere except on that bottom shelf under the pasta package.

So my question is… Where did that water come from?

FYH (Follow Your Heart)
Tonight, I finally managed to play my Drums for a short while. At one point, I was “in the zone”. When I was “there”, within that energy, I knew I was following my Heart. This Time, however, I could sense more energies. It was similar to the experience Sylvia and I had, shortly after completely switching to being Vegetarians.

As I played the Drums, I had a sense of flying over a vast area of ice. No airplane. I was just “flying”.

“Antarctica” has been on my mind recently, so I thought that’s where I must have been. I could almost smell the clean, crisp air. I could see bight Sunlight… everywhere. All of these sensations came at the same Time… AND, the biggest energy that hit me was… I had a strong sense that Humanity is now awake!

I’m not sure why all of those energy-experiences go together but that’s what I received.

So, from that, I have a deeper understanding of the Saying:

  • “Follow your Heart”

For “me”, this now means… By following your Heart, you are “in the moment” / “in the Now”. Because your Heart represents Love, it means you’re following those energies which you Love… and when we create an energy field of Love around us, nothing but Love can penetrate it. This is probably the biggest reason why the Cabal want to continually distract us with:

  • “buy this”,
  • “look at this”,
  • “check the Clock”,
  • “earn more money,
  • “find the best deal,
  • “answer your Social responsibilities”, etc.

All of those “Cabal whispers” keep our energies in chaos.

I’m not sure this is a “Saying” but it is a line in a Song called: “Circle Of Hands”. The band is Uriah Heep. The lyrics read:

  • “And in the face of beauty evil was lost”

I’ll let you interpret that for yourself.

Here’s the link to the lyrics:

Here’s the link to the Song:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This 2-hour audio-only video is an Interview with Simon Parkes — whistleblower, who claims to have a family connection to the Mantis and Reptilian races.

Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 7-minute mark, he explains that the focus is on “Antarctica”… and that Trump is going to put America back as the number 1 financial power and land of opportunity but this will take between 7-and 10-years, which he doesn’t have. So he’s figured out a way to do it in 18-months by introducing the exotic technologies found in the Antarctic. These technologies will be introduced to various corporations, in order to get them into the hands of the general public much faster. “There’ll be no fanfare. There’ll be no announcement.” It will just happen.
  • There’s more than 1 Race in Antarctica. Some are hostile and some are sympathetic.
  • Around the 28-minute mark, Simon explains the Incarnation process… coming from a higher Dimension down to our 3D realm.
  • At the 30:48-mark, he states: “If you break through the net, that surrounds the Earth… and it’s more possible now because of the holes that have appeared…”.

My comment: Just hearing that, I started to cry… I guess because it’s feedback, just as I’ve been sensing, that we are all very close to going home and that Sylvia and I are extremely close to being “physically” reunited with each other.

  • He mentions the “Schumann Resonance” and says it went from “7” to “36” and if the “evil people” want to keep control over us, they must operate at a higher frequency but they can’t. So their world is falling apart.
  • Simon states that the biggest reason Trump ran for President is to get back at the major pharmaceuticals for harming 1 of his sons through an inoculation.
  • He says his home and those of illuminati families have copies of the Sumerian texts and these are read to their children. They do not read them stories from the “bible”. He says “religion” was made-up, in order to control the masses. He states the number of people who are members of a church is similar to the “Listeners” and “Viewers” of Radio and Television programs. “Getting the numbers up” is all the illuminati care about.
  • He says the “Dead Sea Scrolls” were not all turned-over by Israel because they talk about the Archons.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Multiple sources confirm that about 70 arrest warrants will be served on power brokers and politicians in Washington DC, Virginia and New York this week shortly after Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US Attorney General. Among those to be arrested are Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton’s vice-president pick Tim Kaine, Pentagon sources say. These arrests will follow 474 arrests that took place in California last week as a pedophile ring that served Hollywood and West Coast elites was taken down. It is interesting to note the California arrests were only reported by local news outlets and completely ignored by the big corporate networks.”
  • “Former US President Bill Clinton is also reported to be “singing like a canary” and has provided evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton and many others, Pentagon sources say. Here is what a Pentagon source had to say on the matter “Hillary is toast as Obama refused to pardon, Bill snitched on her, and her prosecution has been ordered by Trump.” There are credible tabloid news reports that Hillary was caught trying to flee to Bahrain and stopped.”
  • “The first thing we can confirm from sources in the Gnostic illuminati and elsewhere is that an agreement has been reached not to use nuclear weapons. In other words, this will be settled by hybrid financial, information, special forces and conventional military struggle.”
  • “The WDS would also convey a message from highly esoteric sources that “despite provocations like Fukushima, certain precisely timed events, such as a blue moon that was actually blue, large meteorites hitting Russia, lightning bolts hitting the Vatican and Mecca, earthquake swarms in La Palma etc. were all nothing more than gentle warnings.””
  • “There will be a comet, a lunar eclipse and a “snow moon,” all occurring on February 10:”
  • “The question is, were these events predicted long in advance or did the movements of the solar system suddenly change?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is David Wilcock’s comments on what Benjamin Fulford said today.

My comments: I always find it odd that David Wilcock has to step-in and bring HIS information into Benjamin Fulford’s announcements. Is David really reinforcing this information or is he subtly steering it? Only Time will tell.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “All of this acceleration of strange and upsetting stuff has happened as I also am getting hit with dream after dream of meeting people at the very highest levels, and clear indications that these leaks are actually going to happen. There are some very tangible signs now that this is all real, but just like Snowden, few will ever believe it until it actually starts to happen.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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