PS 1-3-17 *Rash, UFOs

*First a comment:

Yesterday, in the middle of the day, I noticed my arms were itching. I took off my shirt and saw an almost “bubbled”, red rash under my arms and on the inside portion of my elbows. Each area was about 5-inches in diameter.

I immediately traced-through my mind, in order to figure out what I had eaten to cause this but nothing was found. I then examined my mind, regarding the shirt I was wearing but it was recently washed the same way we’ve always washed it.

From there, my mind jumped to “Showering” the day before. I then remembered that I had used the “Shampoo Soap” that we bought for my hair but used it to wash my arms.

So the “Society-level” answer to this “rash’ is that this special soap caused it. If we back-up from this (look at the bigger picture), however, and add-in some “alternative information”, we see that this “rash” is more-likely from the continually-upgrading energies coming into this planet from the Galactic Central Sun. Some people have reported various physical “problems” or “annoyances” with this. In other words, everyone is “reacting” / “processing” these energies differently. Some people have headaches, some have muscles or joint pain and more.

Last night, I put some Aloe Vera Juice on those areas but it only helped for a few minutes. (The itching woke us up this morning.)

Once Sylvia and I got out of bed this morning, I thought about putting more Aloe Vera Juice on it but wanted something that would last longer. My 1st thought was “Coconut Oil”. Sylvia suggested the “Neem Oil” that we “just happened” to have.

  • Sylvia had us buy a small bottle of Neem Oil, so I could put it in my hair after each Showering, in order to condition my hair and keep it from being frizzy.

Although it was a work-day, I quickly looked it up and, Sylvia was right, “Neem Oil” does help with “itching”. In fact, its “non-itching” effect lasted about 12-hours.

I’m mentioning this in case others are experiencing recent physical changes and might be concerned about them.

Question everything.


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have watched this otherwise.

  • Normally, I would carefully place my comments off to the side in a special Section but, because I watched this video and wrote my “Comments” out in an eMail to M.R., I’m simply going to leave them that way.

This 3-hour video is a Talk by Steven Greer, whistleblower and Founder of “CSETI” (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence). (I watched the 1st 2-hours of this video.)

Years ago, Sylvia and I sensed that there was something odd about Steven Greer. Even as I told Sylvia I was going to watch this video during supper, she said: “He’s Cabal”. I told her that I remembered that but, sometimes, it’s a good idea to see and hear what the enemy is projecting, in order to understand the bigger picture and what their distraction will be in the future.

Way before this 8-minute mark, I had several “red flags” go-off, with some of his key words and ideas.

According to this Wikipedia page,

…he has no real government influence but he states that he had a meeting with a military officer who didn’t know about the information that he (Greer) was telling him and that Greer was in another meeting with several high-ranking military and government officials and was pointing out which of them was feeding them disinformation. 1) How could he get a meeting with a high-ranking military officer?… and 2) why would ANY military official believe him?

He started “CSETI”. Sylvia and I have always thought CSETI (and there’s another one but I can’t remember its name) were a distraction and disinformation. If the government (Eisenhower) already had meetings with Extra Terrestrials during the 50s… and, before that, there were the Germans with their “flying saucers”, why would anyone want to “listen for signals from space”?

Plus, in this video, he “begins” by stating that he has very, very, very bad news. To “me”, this is “Cabal fear”.

Interesting… At around the 37-minute mark, he says: “…Northrup-Grumman, my uncle’s old company”. In “my” opinion, that connection alone would place him “in the know” of a lot of things… however, that information-flow may only be limited to the “compartmentalization-facet” that his uncles was in. So “IF” he does have access to that “compartment” of information, then, “yes”, he could know a little more than a few Generals. Of course, they would have their own compartment and know some things Greer doesn’t know.

Around the 58-minute mark he explains the difference between “man-made” Craft and “Extra Terrestrial” Craft. In “my” opinion (somewhere deep inside me), he’s right. I somehow know that real UFOs” do not have “seams” or “rivets” or the need for reinforcing of long sides by folding or curving the material.

By the 1-hour, 10-minute mark, he has explained so many details that I’m thinking he’s part of the Cabal’s “soft Disclosure”… That the Cabal “allowed” or “put him up to this”, in order to get people ready for whatever is next… but it won’t be what he’s explaining — a “False Flag UFO attack”. My feeling is that he’s allowed to present this material, and in such great detail, because the Cabal cannot act on this any longer. Those “toys” have been locked-away from them. So, if you’re the “Bully in the Playground” who has now been told:

  • “IF you push one more child, we will send you to Reform School (or fill in the blank with your own “bad punishment”)

…then the only thing you have left is… “talk”. So why not tell those children what you COULD HAVE done to them?

  • “If you keep giving me your Lunch Money every day, I’ll be nice to you but if you don’t I’m going to do “this” and ‘this” and “this” to you.”

Tomorrow’s a work-day. So we had to stop but we did watch it for 2-hours (up to the questions). Very interesting information. I’m still not sure if he’s “switched sides” or is simply “now allowed to provide those details because that’s “not” what the Cabal are going to do”. So I’m a bit hesitant to believe “everything” he’s stated. I sense that he did sprinkle-in some real details, to show he’s working “for the people”… or maybe I’m just being too critical of him. Only Time will tell.

According to what I’ve been finding in the last week or so, especially with Clif High’s information yesterday, it “seems” like all the focus for Humanity is about to be on “Antarctica”.

Here’s the link:


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