PS 12-30-16 *Energies, Cobra, WhiteHat-DarkHat, Hackers

*First a comment:

Today, while at work, Sylvia and I used a special computer which the company uses for employee Schedules. I tried to Log-In but that System kept ignoring (or resented) my getting to page 2 and simply Logged me out. No matter how careful I was, not to click anything extra, that System did this 4 times.

Another employee tried to help us but it did the same thing.

Sylvia and I then went back to our table in the Break Room and finished our Lunch. A Manager came in and we explained what had happened but the Manager was able to Log-In and edit any number of pages without any problems.

My 1st thought was that this happened because of “Solar” or “Galactic” energy entering the Earth but when I noticed that the computer only worked when I wasn’t near it, I suspected that there’s something about my “frequency” that caused it.

Maybe Sylvia was finally able to adjust something because I did manage to print our Schedule.

I’m mentioning this, in case others have experienced a similar situation.


Cobra Posted this cryptic message today. It’s intended for the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “ZEOLITE EXMOSS phase beta sequence in progress”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Here’s some information Posted by a “group” or “individual” who is “supposed” to be “in the know” about certain happenings:

  • Intel Update 12-30-16 “HAARP“”
  • “One of the fundamental ways that the planet has been controlled by Archonic factions is through the use of scalar wave or HAARP facilities.”
  • “HAARP facilities can be found in their public places as well as at the poles.”
  • “These facilities give off a substance at key times when Archonic or negative factions such as the Dracos need to pull off an operation. A perfect example would be in the aftermath of 9/11.”
  • “This substance is basically dark matter and causes human-beings to make weird, irrational decisions because it erodes the etheric-brains capacity to think.”
  • “One of the fundamental secrets of certain black magick factions is that they do rituals to scalar waves. They will often wear black cloaks to symbolize the protective wear that various off-planet factions use to operate on the surface of planets that have been scalar-waved.”
  • “Off-planet factions use protective suits so that they don’t get dissociated out while carrying out operations on the surface of the planet or in open space that has been contaminated by scalar waves. Being dissociated out while in scalar-wave space can lead to them being genetically altered in deep underground military bases and being trapped for the duration of a cycle on an archon-controlled planet.”
  • “The giant deception used by the masters of the Illuminati is that they don’t actually worship scalar-waves but bait their subordinates into worshiping scalar-waves so that they can easily control them.”
  • “These facilities are the base layer of the Veil and still exist on the surface of this planet.”
  • “There is a counter-substance that can be used to lift the presence of scalar-waves.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In this 5-minute video, from December 30th, the Narrator states that the “Bilderberg” website has been Hacked and 2 messages were Posted:

  • One message is for the “99-percent” and tells them to “wake-up” to the real world around them.
  • The other message is to the “1-percent” and states that the Hackers have turned the tables on the “ruling elite”. They are now listening to their phone conversations, in their computers, in their bank accounts, etc.

“IF this information is real and “IF” the website stated is the main site used by the Bilderbergs for their meetings, then this is BIG news!

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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