PS 11-12-16 Gaia, OffWorld, Cobra

This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Serenities of hu-beings magnifies as apocalyptics rain.”
  • “Halversons illuminate the pathways.”
  • “Spontaneous emissions of Light entrust the masses.”
  • “Solidifications are in order.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have seen this otherwise.

This is an Interview between Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy and for Secret Space Program member Mark Richards. He was framed 31-years ago and has been in prison all that Time because the Cabal thought he was a threat and knew too much.

Kerry was the 1st person to Interview him since he’s been arrested. She was not allowed to bring a camera or any other type of audio or video recording device with her. So she had to remember the entire interview and then write about it later. Because of this, her topics jump around a bit. Here are some excerpts:

  • “There was, or is, an alien who runs that place who is not a Grey. Most of the Greys are clones he said. They use these interdimensional gates that require them to dematerialize, and when they rematerialize on the other end, they are not the same beings, and the humans can do the same thing, but that they hesitate, and most of them, like even Mark himself, will not go through certain kinds of gates that require them to dematerialize because when they reappear on the other side, they basically have to die to show up there. They do show up in their human form with all their memories intact, etcetera, but they are not the same exact being as the one who left there. It’s a duplicate, so to speak.”
  • “And if they come back and they cross back over, they again have to die, dematerialize, and rematerialize, again in the same configuration which we have, but he said it’s very detrimental. There tends to be a degrading process that goes on in those kind of gates, and that he declined to use them as a result. He said the Greys use them, however, all the time, and that is part of the reason that their race is so devolved on certain physical levels, and he says it also affects the mental capacity.”
  • “He did say that the group in Sumer was Reptilian however, that they looked Reptilian, and that they are related to the ones who are actually running the Vatican at this time, which he did verify is a group of Reptilians.”
  • “He said there was no second Sun. He said we might have been a binary system a while ago, but that to his knowledge, and he has been out there, he says to quote him, we do not have a second Sun. We only have one Sun. . . . and they have to be very careful about not igniting Jupiter into a second sun, which is the same thing Boriska said by the way. That validates Boriska’s information.”
  • “The reason that you don’t see these gigantic craft taking off from earth to go out into space is because they can transport physical material very easily through a gate, and so then they can use small craft to just take, I guess, small teams out there. And so that’s why there are not so many big craft, or that they don’t have to worry about hiding big craft.”
  • “And he said they could go as far as Moon and Mars. He said after that it gets, what he called, dicey to try transporting things, meaning through the gates. And that does coincide a bit with what Dan Burisch had said. Dan Burisch had referenced early on the gates as being used to move materials through and Dan Burisch said there was limitation. First of all he said that humans couldn’t go through the gate, which is not true.”

My comments: In that very long article, it’s mentioned that several factions of off-world Beings don’t want to tell the Humans of their existence because “the Humans can’t handle it”. They say the Humans CAN handle the fact that Star Visitors exist but they CAN’T handle the idea that “a few” of those off-world Races “supposedly” eat Humans.

What I just realized is that these 2 pieces of this puzzle don’t fit together…

  • If Humanity wakes-up to the thought of there being other Races of Beings in existence then Humanity will also begin imagining what those Beings do, what they eat, how they dress, what types of technologies do they have, etc. In other words, the imaginations of those Humans will run in all directions, in order to “cope” or “understand” what non-Humans are like. At some point in their mind’s wanderings, the thought of a non-Human eating a Human will appear in their mind. Think about it… Some Humans still eat various types of animals: chickens, cows, fish, etc. We don’t hide-ourselves because it might upset the chickens. We don’t blindfold them, on their way to the Packing Plant. So why would another Race of Beings even care if Humans knew they existed AND “may” eat them?

Another aspect that was mentioned (“IF” any of that information is true)… is that several Races of off-world Beings are claiming that the Earth is THEIR planet and want to get rid of the Humans.

Now, with all their technology… and all their years of knowledge, you’d think they would be a little smarter. Most Humans, especially those who “understand” or simply “feel’ at least part of what is going on, would gladly leave this planet if given the tiniest opportunity. So by those off-world Beings arguing and fighting each other, because they can’t agree on “what to do with the Humans” or “how to control them”, they are not only being incredibly STUPID but they are delaying their own destiny.

All of this can be very simple… Those Beings should ask the Humans, either individually, and randomly, or collectively… “How many of you would remain on this planet if we showed you how to return to the Stars?” There would be a stampede to the nearest Starship.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

These are Cobra’s “cryptic” messages from yesterday and today:

  • “Saturday, November 12, 2016”
  • “Systems security breach in deflection”
  • “Friday, November 11, 2016”
  • “Systems security breach at 504”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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