PS 11-9-16 Gaia, Cobra, Arcturians, TheEvent?

This is today’s message from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Carryings of heavyweights is abandoned.”
  • “The Light prevails in difficult moments.”
  • “Astro-glances compel the masses to action.”
  • “Readings of the Higher Books commence.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


Today, Cobra released the following:

  • The Blue and the Event
  • “Now that the circus of the US elections is over, we can finally focus again on real intel.”
  • “The emergence of the Goddess DouMu to the surface of the planet a few years ago is the first sign of the return of the Light forces after their 26,000 years long exile. This was the first step towards the return of Agartha to the surface. Now the Blue are preparing the portals on the surface so that the Agarthans can contact the surface population again first energetically and then also physically after the Event.”
  • “For this purpose, many caves and cave entrances on the surface are prepared in a certain way that will be fully revealed at the Event.”
  • “Many of the caves worldwide were sacred places for various Light groups on the surface and many of them contain Goddess vortexes which will be activated at the Event:”
  • “For this purpose, we are actively searching for people who are guardians of such caves or know their location, to contact me at
  • “In Chinese Taoist tradition, caves that serve as portals into Agartha are called grotto heavens:”
  • “The Blue are the guardians of those portals. Now lost to the outside world but still in the possession of the Blue, is the Chart of the True Forms of the Five Sacred Mountains, also called The Luminous Precious Scripture of the Five Talismans, a map of access points to the Agartha network that is 5000 years old. This chart resurfaced again 3000 years later and was then given to Blue guardians.”
  • “Many of the grotto heavens are located in Taoist sacred mountains in China. There are two overlapping energy grids that connect these sacred mountains, with corresponding system of underground tunnels and cities of Agartha.”
  • “The first energy grid is based on five sacred mountains, one for each of four directions of the sky and one for the center:”
  • “The second energy grid is based on four sacred mountains:”
  • “Both energy grids have the main vortex intersection point near Chengdu, where the mysterious Sanxingdui civilization was located:”
  • “Chengdu is one of the 12 major energy vortexes of the Earth icosahedron grid:”
  • “Sanxingdui civilization was the main anchor point of an extraterrestrial faction from Thuban (alpha Draconis), the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. They are one of the founding sources of Chinese culture and one of the main reasons why dragon as a symbol has positive connotations for Chinese. Thuban was a polar star 5000 years ago when Thuban Draconians descended on Earth, using Chendgu vortex as the entry point.”
  • “Sanxingdui means three stars mound in Chinese and the three stars are Thuban, Antares and Aldebaran. These three stars form a very strong energy triangle, Antares and Aldebaran being on one of the main galactic plasma Light filaments that allow interstellar travel through portals in this sector of the Galaxy.”
  • “Not far away from Thuban, on the Antares-Aldebaran galactic highway, is the star Dubhe, home of Goddess DouMu which belongs to an ancient humanoid positive civilization living on planets orbiting that star:”
  • “Goddess DouMu is now engaged in more active work with the portals on the surface of the planet in the new phase of preparations for the Compression Breakthrough which have begun in July.”
  • “Dragon sources have communicated that Jetsun Pema, the queen of Bhutan, is one of the main public embodiments of DouMu archetype on the surface of the planet:”
  • “Dragon sources have also said that DouMu is searching for more active contact with the surface population.”
  • “All this is part of the larger plan to reconnect the Agartha Network with the surface population after the Event.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to access the images and links provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I don’t normally include this type of “stay aligned and things will happen soon” information but there’s something about this particular energy which needs to be known by others. Maybe it’s just providing a different perspective and a few more details or maybe this message is encoded and will help others unlock more of their “inner doors”. Only Time will tell.

In this 26-minute video, Suzanne Lie Channels the “Arcturians”. The title is: “This Is A NOW of Great Flux“.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is an interesting Channeling session and seems to match what Cobra and Suzanne Lie have mentioned. Here are a few excerpts:

(AR is the Interviewer. HS is the Channeler’s “Higher Self”.)

  • “AR: Will everyone feel this?”
  • “HS: Yes, in their own way. Some will feel it and it will be stored as a memory until such time as they are able to access is. Some will experience it and think that it was just a moment like a deja vu or a brief moment of dizziness or a flash of something. The conscious mind will try to explain it away and turn it into something else and that does not matter. It doesn’t matter what the mind thinks that it is ultimately. Once that energy has been planted, it is not going anywhere. And for many of you, it will be a much more spectacular experience because your mind and your body and your systems are already prepared for it. So you’ll be able to experience it in a much larger, much larger scale. It will be much more real and you will understand what is happening so you won’t try to explain it away. You will allow it. But yes, this is what you would want to call “The Event”.”
  • “AR: So this is going to be something that…I know it sounds silly, but will this be publicized at all?”
  • “HS: Not in the way that there will be a news story about the flash of Love energy that’s coming to the planet on December 21st. But, you will start to hear about it and you will start to read about it in the normal ways that you read and hear about these things. And there might be certain things that occur on the planet, because, again, anything that is less than this vibration cannot stand. So there may be experiences of systems going off line, or of things going haywire, or of strange things occurring”



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