PS 11-7-16 *Reality, Fulford

*First a few comments:

In a previous Posting, I mentioned that “I” see feedback around this planet which indicates that this “Reality” has come to an end…

  • combinations of drinks and foods which seem like they’re just throwing things together “to be different”…
  • clothing “styles” and “color” combinations… and clothing in general which is sometimes so skimpy it’s just “acceptable”…
  • markings on Human skin which can be any design or words, in any color and no limit on how much area is covered…
  • out of place Spoken Words, as well as “swear” words are commonplace through “most” of Society…
  • the ability to manipulate any “photo” or “video”, to make it appear real…

There are probably more but the one which I saw today is this… It’s a new technology by “Adobe”, the makers of Photoshop, which allows anyone to manipulate Spoken Words so they sound like the person speaking actually said them.

All of these things together tell “me” that Humanity has reached the end of this cycle. It’s NOT the end of the “world”. It’s not the end of “Humanity”. It’s the end of this particular “Reality”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link (the video is about halfway down this page):


This is Benjamin Fulford’s full weekly report. The title is: “The cabal will be defeated no matter who wins the US presidential farce“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “At the highest level, the battle is between the 13 bloodline families who have ruled the West for centuries, if not millennia and their age old opponents, the gnostic illuminati who are opposed to bloodline rule.”
  • “The people behind Hillary Clinton are the bloodlines, who report ultimately to Baron Evelyn de Rothschild as well as to the old Italian aristocracy behind the P2 Freemason lodge. This can be confirmed by endorsements from bloodline controlled media such as the Economist Magazine owned by the Rothschilds and the P2 Agnelli brothers. It can also be confirmed by wikileaks e-mails showing Hillary Clinton is intimately subservient to Lynn Forest de Rothschild, who is the wife of Baron Rothschild.”
  • “The people behind Donald Trump include the gnostic illuminati, who recruit geniuses of each age who are not part of the ruling bloodlines, sources in the illuminati say. The illuminati favour meritocracy and, since the world’s government agencies and military are meritocratic, it means they control most of the people with guns with the exception of a few mercenaries on the bloodline payrolls.”
  • ““The election will be allowed to proceed to not spook the public so vote fraud and other crimes will be exposed. Immediately thereafter the Republic will be announced, Hillary and cabal arrested, and corrupt agencies like FRB, DOJ, FBI, IRS, DHS and CIA abolished or reformed.””

My comments: Regarding that last paragraph… Wouldn’t THAT be nice! Most of Humanity has been waiting for “something”, especially “Cabal arrests”, for a VERY long Time. We’ve all heard this sooo many times though… but each Time, we just go ahead and roll-out our enthusiasm and hope for the best… but nothing ever happens.

If the idiots in charge… “Light Workers”, “Cabal”, “illuminati”, all you idiot Decision Makers)… don’t do something very soon, the “angry villagers” all over this planet will get their Pitchforks and solve the problem themselves!

If you “can’t” or “won’t” start the wheels-in-motion, step aside and “the People” will do it! AND DON”T TELL ME IT’S ALL BEING HANDLES “BEHIND-THE-SCENES”. We’re not playing that game any more. Most of Humanity is now awake!… and now see your “in action” as a way for you to support the “status quo” / “business as usual” / “don’t rock the boat, ’cause I’m gettin’ me a big fat paycheck”!

  • “The corporate media whores at the press briefing were told Kerry was going there to study “climate change,” however sources in the CIA say the real reason Kerry is flying to the South Pole is to attend a secret meeting of top bloodline power brokers to plot civil war. Here is a direct quote about the matter from a senior CIA source in Washington DC:”
  • ““These assholes WANT civil war. Why else would JK be out of the country. Climate change my ass – He is meeting the elite boys in Antarctica for instructions.””
  • “Here is what a CIA source in Asia had to say about this:”
  • “I was called last night on a secure line. My contact in…wanted to let me know that his team was leaving to Antarctica for a very important meeting with several heads of State and senior diplomats from various countries and would be out of touch for about week. He is going as an observer on behalf of… This is all kept on a need to know basis. No media on this one. He told me that they were going to ‘The Special Off the Grid Base.’ Several countries have their permanently stationed representatives at this Above Top Secret Installation.””
  • “Pentagon sources agree saying “The Paris agreement entered into force globally on November 4th which means the cabal must be terminated right after election so the Global Currency Reset can proceed to benefit all of humanity.”
  • “They add that although the “FBI punted on the e-mails Hillary is still on the hook for pedophilia, Clinton Foundation pay for play, obstruction of justice, racketeering and IRS violations.” Not to mention mass murder in Fukushima, Iraq, Haiti and elsewhere.”
  • “NSA and CIA sources say Bill Clinton now has full blown AIDS and may not live long enough to face justice.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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