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*First a comment:

Although the following is not a “record” for me, it seems that I’ve written more in this Posting than I have in quite a while. Keep in mind that this “runny nose” has also caused me to experience a bit of light-headedness and a some disorientation. So those elements could either make me crazier than I normally am or have allowed me to tap into something special.

Maybe my “logical” mind has simply latched-on to what “Cobra” said recently… that Humanity as a whole still has “implants” inside us which control what we “see” and “hear”… or maybe I’m actually sensing something. Only Time will tell.

  • Yesterday and today, I’m feeling as though those are not “clouds” in our skies but actual Star Visitor “Ships” but because 1) our visioning process is being controlled and 2) because (maybe) those Ships can only pierce the Cabal’s over-planet technologies a certain way, we only see part of what they really are.
  • This morning, on the way to work, Sylvia and I saw what some would call “ChemTrails” — straight, cloud-like lines in the sky. There were several of them and they were spaced apart by a conscious decision and most were parallel to each other. However, after an hour or so, those “cloud-lines” were all converted into separate, wispy puff-balls. I almost felt as if the Star Visitors were either neutralizing the toxins within that material or were simply doing this to tell those of us who still “look up”, that “We are here!”

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Huh. I didn’t “get it” until just now (late afternoon)…

  • The runny nose I had yesterday, somehow, allowed Sylvia and I to at least get some sleep without waking up constantly. When we woke-up, however, this annoying “nose drip” seemed to pick-up where it left off when we went to bed. I really didn’t want to go to work today because I knew it would be very awkward running a “zamboni-style” floor-cleaning machine… because, in order to stop it, it has to be turned off. Otherwise, water continues to pour-out onto the floor and the cleaning brushes keep spinning and wearing-off the floor’s finish.
  • I told Sylvia: “If we really didn’t need the money, we would stay home today and just go back to bed.” Then I started complaining that we’re doing this for just $42… “We only make $42 a day!” I told her “…and that’s from 2-jobs!” (The Building Owners still wants us to clean the Rest Rooms in another part of the building, even though the remodeling is finished and the grocery store where we work has their own.) In the computer business Sylvia and I own (or “used to have”) brought us $65 per hour! So it’s very difficult for me to get motivated over $42 a “DAY”!
  • The part I didn’t “get” this morning is when we arrived at work. As we were walking across the parking area, under the building, we heard an alarm going off. I thought it was the “Cooler Alarm” that sounds whenever a refrigeration unit malfunctions or a Cooler is leaking water.
  • When we opened the door to the grocery store another employee was there and the Security Panel was flashing. THIS alarm… the grocery store’s Security System was making all that racket! So I turned it off.
  • What I didn’t understand until now is… If I do what I keep telling everyone to do… and that is to interpret your “Day” as a “Dream”… Then, I would see that, “symbolically”, the energies around me were telling me “warning”, “do not enter”, “go home and get some sleep”.

Sylvia’s reminding me that this is a good opportunity for us to mention something else that we’ve shared several Posts ago…

  • Many years ago, Sylvia learned that the “entities” / “energies” which want to help us, do so by following our Intensions and our words. However, Sylvia also learned that these “tiny Beings”… this “Prana” only knows how to “do”. It does not understand “negative” words.
  • So if we’re not feeling well, never say: “I do NOT have a cold”, for example. Saying this will cause those entities to cast-out the word “not” and do as you wish, which is: “I do have a cold.
  • Instead, use it as an opportunity to reinforce your Unit’s complete and optimum performance level. Do this by saying things like: “I am perfectly healthy”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

(Mind Opening Exercise – Atlantis)

While you read this, please place your “logical”, “ego”, “nothing’s happening” and “it’s still business as usual” mind aside. This is just something “I” thought about and am sharing this in order to use it as a mind-opening exercise if anyone wants to try this on for size…

The following pieces of this last grand puzzle (that Humanity is currently dealing with) came into my mind this afternoon…

First, I’m going to cite a few aspects as a basis for “part” of what I’m about to explain:

  • The Cabal have been known to “completely lie” to us or tell us “half-truths”.
  • Sometimes the Cabal purposely leaves us clues to what they’re doing but they sometimes reverse them: “up is down”, “white is black”, etc.

Now for the exercise:

  • What if “Atlantis” was never in the “Atlantic” Ocean”?
  • What if this historical landmass and its inhabitants really existed but was located in the “Pacific” Ocean?
  • “IF” it was, maybe the Cabal changed its name, in order to keep us tricked. What if the real name of this area was “Pacifica”?
  • What “IF”… instead of this land “sinking”, it rose “up”? Not as a floating city in the sky but could actually fly on its own?
  • …and what “IF” this “flying area” was a very ancient Starship which we call… the “Moon”? “Yes, I’m suggesting that “Atlantis” was a Ship call “Pacifica”, which gave ITS name to that ocean… AND I’m suggesting that it’s been keeping a watchful eye, as a Guardian over the Earth ever since.

In order to snap more of these pieces together, I want to cite the following:

  • “Some” say the Moon is artificial. Even NASA has stated that the Moon “rings like a bell”.
  • “Some” say the Moon was brought here and positioned “just so”.
  • “Some” say the Moon is larger than it should be and rotates, almost unnaturally, “on its side”… from “Earth’s perspective.
  • “Some” say that the Cabal has had space technology for decades and that THESE craft HAVE visited the Moon but, because of their negative energy, were told to leave. (Yes, “some” also say many countries from the Earth have had Bases on the Moon for a very long Time.)
  • Many years ago, while My Sylvia was still on THIS side of the “Veil”, I had a Dream. In this Dream, I was inside the Moon. I saw several rooms, furnishings, maybe a few pieces of technology (I can’t remember) and several people. These people are the blue-skinned race (not the “Blue Avians”, talked about by Corey Goode) talked about in ancient India stories. I found them to be very peaceful. (When I told this Dream to Sylvia, she wrote it down but, right now, I have no idea where it is.)

So, what I’m using for this mind-opening exercise is that a very ancient race of blue-skinned Beings peacefully came to Earth eons ago, maybe when Gaia 1st broadcast her invitation for Beings to come live here. They guided their SphereShip, the “Pacifica”, down to the planet and rested it in a large, dry basin we now call the Pacific Ocean. When the negative forces appeared and tried to control this planet, the Pacifica Beings refused to entangle themselves with the energy and left. Maybe the other races who remained weren’t strong enough (technologically-wise) or were simply highly Spiritual and thought they could resolve the problem with “talk” and “crystalline energies”. The negative forces then trapped all those other Beings on the Earth and the blue, Moon race simply sat and provided healing energies to everyone ever since.

Why do “I” think the Cabal twisted this “possible” part of Earth’s history?… because, as more and more Beings on this planet wake-up, they will begin to remember their Past Lives, especially those Lives on “Earth”. If the Cabal didn’t twist this information, people would be waking-up faster AND they would be able to more-easily see through the Cabal’s lies and then actually show proof of what really happened during those long ago times.

Question everything.

Here’s 1 NASA reference to “the moon rings like a bell”:

I was going to include a link to an example of the Moon rotating but the 3 videos I saw all had at least 1, slight piece of misinformation, in “my” opinion. So you’ll have to go outside and observe the Moon yourself.


This short article explains that it’s now Time to place our thoughts and Intensions on the “New Earth”. The part below is what caught my attention. It’s saying the same thing “Little Grandmother” explained in my Posting yesterday… that we must go within, in order to find the way out.

  • “The Event is veeeery close… in fact, closer than you realize. Big secret time: the finale begins INSIDE YOU. YOU are the gateway to the culmination of The Event. It could come off no other way. SOURCE light is within YOU, as you are an extension of SOURCE. Find it inside yourself. Imagine it welling up and bursting out of you in all directions, linking this earth, the New Earth, the sun, and the center of the galaxy with all your brothers, human and ET and spirit and all other living things. SOURCE is within, not without. All this external “heaven above” stuff is an illusion, a misdirection. Go within and bring the light out for all your brothers, for your family, for yourself. Do it now. There’s no reason to wait.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Interview is between Corey Goode (former Cabal, black-ops participant and now whistleblower) and David Wilcock (author and researcher). However, the information begins with details from another whistleblower, William Tompkins. Then the other 2 discuss what’s been reported.

Here’s what Tompkins states:

  • “William Tompkins: As far as our situation now today, It’s been accepted that we have a number of different vehicles, which are actually planets that are hollow, that move through the galaxy to monitor good guys and bad guys, wars and no wars, people taking advantage of other people on different stars’ planets, and that, as of about a year and a half ago, one of these parked just outside of the solar system.”
  • “And it has been there for the past year and a half. And this vehicle is quite large, and it has over 2,000 different extraterrestrial civilization people on board as observers and as monitors.”
  • “And it’s parked out there, monitoring what’s been going on here since the Romans, since way before the Romans.”
  • “They have blocked the extraterrestrials who are here, are underground in the caverns, from leaving, and they’re not allowing their buddies to come in.”
  • “I understand that there’s two goals. One of them is to nullify the problem with the Sun.”
  • “The Sun is alive. Okay? Stars are alive. I think it’s a hard time accepting this. And they have moods. And essentially, we have to go back to the . . . I’m not making this complicated, but we have to go back to the center of the galaxy.”
  • “What’s going on there?”
  • “And there’s not too many stars in our galaxy compared to a lot of really big ones, but all of the stars are affected in some way by the Sun.”
  • “If the Sun sneezes, all of our communication – radio, electronics, everything – is affected.”
  • “So there’s this group of people, whatever you want to call them, who are attempting to primarily nullify the effects to a region, which is not just like the solar system or our star’s system, but do this as a business so that the levels of catastrophes, things that cause dangers to the people and to the planet, are less.”
  • “So we can be easily affected. Our attitudes, our daily attitudes, can be changed. We can end up being a really good Republican, and for some reason we’re going to change over and be the other guy.”
  • “The beings that are in that sphere, they’re not agreeing with the Sun. That’s just one thing they’re not agreeing with.”
  • “They’re very concerned about Reptilians implementing situations which are not tolerable in their way of life, and that this needs to be corrected.”
  • “They must have been doing their homework long enough to where they feel that little planet Earth has had it for a long enough time, and that that needs to be corrected.”

Here are some excerpts:

  • “Corey: Right. And within the space programs, you have different ideas about what is going to occur when a solar event happens. Some of them are expecting what is referred to as a “spiritual harvest”.
  • Some of them just expect maybe a decade or two of having to rebuild our infrastructure that we will lose, and some of them expect it to be like an extinction-level event. So not everyone agrees on what’s going to happen, but they all agree that there is going to be some sort of a “solar sneeze”.”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access the links and images provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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