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*First a few comments:

A day or 2 ago, I 1st became aware of a hurricane that’s “supposedly” inching its way up the Eastern Coast of the U.S.

  • If you’re saying “this is old news”… “why don’t I pay attention to these things”, it’s because it’s very important that I remain as tuned as possible to My Sylvia and the energies flowing between us through the “Veil”. Our “Life” is to remain connected, energetically and Spiritually with each other and our current “Mission” is to “help” remove the “Veil” any way we can.

In thinking about this current “weather force”, I began thinking about the Cabal’s many methods of Distracting Humanity.

  • For my thoughts on this, I want to cite the Saying: “Be here Now”.

This is difficult for me to explain… to “show” what I’m “feeling” about this… because, up until a few months ago, I was on “your side of the line in the sand” and would be equally not understanding the depth of what I’m experiencing with this.

  • I’m being asked to present my most recent Teachings (taught to “me”) on this, as a “slight” example of what I need to explain later…
  • For all of my life, I have placed too much energy on “money”, whenever I needed to buy something…
  • > How much does it cost?
  • > Can I find it cheaper?
  • > Why don’t I ever have enough money to buy what we need?
  • > I must do tons of research, in order to be sure I have found the lowest price. etc.
  • A few months ago, Sylvia had been guiding me through a Lesson, which begins right AFTER I pay for something. Whether it’s a bag of potato chips or a new synthesizer, Sylvia brings me into the “Be here Now” space… and when she does, I don’t feel that we’ve spent ANY money on whatever it is we just bought.
  • Her Teachings on this have become so infused within me that I’m now finding myself feeling that same “after it’s paid for energy” BEFORE the item is purchased. For example, I’ve been thinking about us having “100” CDs manufactured, instead of “1,000”, and then giving them away for free because… “they would have already been paid for”. I can now more-causally be in that “Now” space more and more often — especially when dealing with money.
  • Think about it… Let’s say you’d like to buy a pack of gum. You check to see if you have enough money and you find that you’re a bit short. You take-on a little extra work at your job and put a little more money aside from each paycheck. Then, 1-day, you see that you have enough to buy that pack of gum. Once you have the gum-pack in your hand, you are still in the “Now”… and THIS “Now” tells you that the gum is paid for. There is no more money involved with that gum. So you take a piece for yourself and don’t mind giving the rest of the pieces to those around you… You’re in the “Now” and you have the gum. There’s nothing more to relate that action with.
  • If you’re saying: “I can easily do that. I do it all the time.” Well, now let’s do this same exercise with 8 Dining Room chairs. You only need 4 but you had to buy 8. Now they’re all paid for so you give away the other 4. Are you still in the “Now”? or are you feeling the pain of “spending all that money”?
  • Now let’s do this with a piece of land… You buy a section of land and later decide you really don’t want it. Can you truly, deep-down, be in the “Now” and just “give” that land to someone else? or do you hear the Cabal whispering in your ear: “You have to not only get back the money you spent but you HAVE to make a profit.”? Think about this. How can anyone actually “own” a piece of the “Earth”? It’s what the Cabal has been telling Humanity for eons BUT IT’S NOT RIGHT! It doesn’t work that way! So you think you actually “own” a small portion of this planet AND you’ve been told to RE-SELL it to the next person!

That was just the “warm-up”… In order to explain what I really want to mention, it’s as close to an example as I can get.

  • For many months now, I’ve been feeling that there’s no one on this planet. It’s just “me”… AND each person who also “thinks” they are on this planet… also has a tiny sphere of “influence”… a “bubble of energies” which sometimes overlap the sphere of another Being (Human, animal, etc.). Maybe each of us is currently on a different plane of existence or Dimension… or TimeLine and whenever 2 or more personal spheres overlap, those Beings are instantly brought to a point in a common realm where they can interact. They may tell us stories of what they had for breakfast or their journey to visit their out-of-state family but, for us (the person listening to this), it’s just a pile of words. The Listener is not connected to the other Being’s actual “experience”… only an “interpretation” by the Listener, through the Listeners previous experiences as they do their best to “pigeon-hole” these words, in order to understand the story. In other words, none of those happenings ever took place for the Listener.
  • The same is true for the stories we “see” and “hear” on television or Internet. It’s been discovered, many months ago, that “sometimes” “some” of the news stories told by the MSM (Main Stream Media) are not real. People have found “some” of the MSM’s “current” video footage in footage presented years before and from a different country.
  • So my point with all this is… For those Beings who are not directly experiencing this current Cabal creation we call a “hurricane”, is it real?

Question everything. Of course, your mileage may vary.

This almost slipped past me… A few days ago our Bank sent us an eMail saying they were changing some aspects of their website. It’s rare that this Bank changes anything but we still didn’t give it much thought. Just now, however, as I was looking through some messages, I quickly read the Bank’s message again and I immediately connected it with the latest financial stirrings, and their timings, that I’ve been reading about.

Here’s part of what our Bank sent:

  • “On October 24th we’re introducing Digital Banking which will take the place of your current online and mobile banking services. Our digital banking solution includes new and innovative features that have been designed with you and your finances in mind.”

“To bring you this industry-leading technology we will need to upgrade our systems.”

I found it a bit odd that they state they’re “introducing Digital Banking”. We’ve been banking with this Bank for a couple decades and a lot of that has been through their Internet system… which is “digital”. So am I just Reading into this or are they telling us something without directly “telling us something”?

Has your Bank informed you of a similar change?


“IF” any of the following is real, then it paints a very good picture for the timing of the Global Currency Reset. Here are some excerpts:

  • “7. If the “General Public” is being notified on Mon. Oct. 10, then our 800# call in time will be over by then. They are not going to let the General Public call in on the 800s to get the high rates, only us.”
  • “8. It makes perfect sense that our 48 hour call in time will be over by Mon. Oct 10 when the “General Public” is notified.”
  • “9. That means that our call in time should end on Mon Oct. 10 very early morning (before the announcement) at the latest.”
  • “3. Another banker stated the new gold-backed currency would be coming out in two weeks.”
  • “At the exchange and call centers:”
  • “Live rounds of ammunition are now loaded in the chambers of the security forces. No more training. It’s go time.”
  • “Pallets of freshly printed USN have arrived and are just waiting to be handed out. 10,000 bundles.”
  • “Plastic Visa debit/credit cards by the box loads are ready to be charged up and given out to new account holders.”
  • “Redemption staff are both anxious to get started and get back to their families. Even though the pay is great, the hours are tough and not being told when this will begin is mentally taxing.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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