10-2-16 *Sustainability, *Sylvia, Gaia, Astrology, Cobra

*First a few comments:

I just realized that Sylvia and I 1st met in “October” 1980. So it’s been 36-years that we’ve known each other (in “this” Lifetime).

I also just realized that my “essence”… my “Spirit” will have occupied this Unit for 62 of your Solar Cycles. I don’t think of myself as that number. I always “feel” and “see” myself as 26. (As I wrote that, I saw that it’s the “flipped” of “62”. Interesting.)

This morning, while eating breakfast at home, I mentioned how much the outside (of “me”) world is very disappointing to watch or be involved with. I told her… As long as the Sun keeps appearing “when” and “where” everyone expects, we all go about our “business as usual” and continue to suppress our deep sense of “Freedom” yet another day.

Then, maybe it was Sylvia placing this idea in my mind or my mind naturally drifted to the connection of “dots” (connect the dots) where the Cabal has to expend a TREMENDOUS amount of energy, in order “maintain” this illusion. I then followed this mental-energy trail…

  • “Maybe”, in the very beginning of the Cabal’s appearance on this planet, they started bending the Truth of everything we were all perceiving and as “Time” (their manufactured idea of “Time”) went on, they slowly morphed their “half-truths” into full “lies”… and we continued to believe them.
  • So “IF” the Sun is not real… “IF” the world is not round… “IF” everything we can see, smell, hear, touch, taste and otherwise “experience” is just a ball of “lies”, then that weight of continuing to shore them up falls squarely on the Cabal. “IF” this is how things have played-out then the Cabal were probably laughing at all of us for a VERY long Time. Now, however, as the “99-percent” and our Star Visitor helpers remove the Cabal’s toys we place THEM on the negative side of their own creations. Each Time another Being on this planet “wakes-up”… Each Time another Being on this planet “questions” the world around them… Each Time another Being stands-up and says: “I’m not going along with your bogus rules… In every instance, we knock another crack into their wall of deceptions.
  • We have all, individually and collectively, made so much progress with this that it is now the “Cabal” who live with “fear” and “stress”. As I said, it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of money to keep these lies in motion AND they have to continually convince their “puppets” that the “Cabal” is still in-charge.
  • So if any of you “puppets” are reading this, think about all of this for just a moment… If you don’t do what the Cabal TELL you to do, what will they do to you?… Right! They will simply get another “puppet” to take your money, threaten your family, etc. THE CABAL WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DIRECTLY, AND PHYSICALLY HARM YOU! If you don’t see that, then you will always be their “puppet”. It’s only when they have convinced ANOTHER “puppet” that YOU will actually be threatened. So it’s “US”, “HUMANITY”… “ALL BEINGS ON THIS PLANET” who ALLOW the Cabal to tell US what to do and WHO we should harm. Think about it. You “puppets” are only held together, under the Cabal’s control by a… “belief”. That’s all.

So, “Cabal”, how does it feel to wake-up each day and try to figure out if you need to use your very limited resources to:

  • spray our skies… or
  • move the Sun… or
  • start a “war”… or
  • attack your own puppets in order to raise the gasoline prices… or
  • to create a distraction so you can pick our pockets… or
  • visit an uniformed country in order to beg them for money… or
  • to TRY to leave this planet.

How does it feel, “Cabal”, to see that Steamroller coming right at you? It’s very funny, really, because YOU created all this. We’re only using your own illusion against you.

With only 1 day off each week, Sylvia and I don’t get much of a break. So instead of a “day off”, today was “chore day”.

  • Of the many things we did, I’ve been wanting to paint and rubberize the stands I made several months ago for our “Roland JP-08” and “Roland System-1m” synthesizers.
  • I used the purple paint we bought recently, to coat a pair of my Drumsticks, and the clear, “Plasti Dip”, spray to add a non-slip area to all of them.
  • Before I could even paint the board we’re using for the System-1m, I had to cut it. It was just a bit too wide and reducing its size, even a bit, would help in the limited space we’ll be setting these up in.
  • As I was cutting, the Saw kept “sticking” because I can’t make a “straight” or “perpendicular” cut in a piece of wood. My Dad, who’s a Carpenter always laughs a bit when I try to use hand-tools — especially a “Saw”. I’ve watched him many times use a handsaw to cut lots of wood. The “cut” would always be perfect and it would take what always seemed like 3 or 4 strokes to do so. When “I” Saw wood, it’s always crooked and takes about 10-minutes for even the shortest of wood-removals.
  • Anyway… Because the board was getting more and more out of control, I remembered (or Sylvia suggested) that we have a “Miter Box”, used to keep a Saw straight when cutting small pieces of wood. Although the board I was cutting was too large, I thought maybe it could simply rest on TOP of the Miter Box.
  • So I went to the special box in our Clothes Closet where Sylvia and I keep a few of my Dad’s tools and, on top of that box was a metal, “precious papers” box. I removed it and noticed that it had some discoloration and a spider web on it. So I brought it outside, in order to clean it.
  • Then I made the mistake (the “blessing” and the “curse”) of opening it. Inside there were several very precious papers which are a direct part of Sylvia’s or my Life… before and after we met. I found some photos of us playing music together. I found a Lock of Sylvia’s hair from when she was 18-months old. I found some of her High School and College papers but the paper that caused me to just start CRYING is something she wrote to the “Science Of Mind” church that she belonged to and was their Music Director. This is what My Sylvia typed (on a typewriter):
  • —–
  • “To Whom It Concerns:”
  • “For some time I have had increasing awareness that this church and its stated principles are no longer a viable part of my life.”
  • “In order to give an accurate outward reflection, I wish to have my name removed from the membership rolls.”
  • “When and if you desire my musical services, I still am grateful for the opportunity to serve.”
  • “With love and gratitude.”
  • —–
  • This church is where Sylvia and I 1st met. it was October, 1980 and she was still their Music Director. So they must have appreciated her talent and energies.
  • The facet of this which caused me to CRY… yes, it’s been over 286-weeks now and it STiLL doesn’t take much for me to cry… What caused me to cry was My Sylvia’s “character”. When she wrote that letter, she had only recently lost her Son (suicide). She had spent a year in seclusion (I looked it up, so it must be the right word) and she used that Time to “find herself”… and in the middle of all that, she realized that another layer of the “illusion” had been removed from her eyes and she could now see “religion” as something separate from “Spirituality”. (I checked with her as I typed that and that’s what I’m feeling she is suggesting that I write.)
  • In other words, “photos” provide a “visual” look at a person. “Words” are just descriptions and ideas forming a larger aspect of experience… BUT, when the words provide an insight into a person’s very Nature… their “character”… the very Core of what makes them unique… well, that’s something to celebrate and to feel sad that its missed.

A “Life” is a very precious thing and when it’s openly-shared with a “mutually-respected Life” / their “Significant Other”, (I’m crying)… well, there’s no higher Love known.


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Tenders enter the unscripted pages.”
  • “Lenterics come to show at all events.”
  • “Stellar principles are followed.”
  • “Absolutes are monitored and elected.”
  • “Fellowships return.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology reading for October 2016. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Jupiter recently entered Libra in the context of a major astrological transition. A powerful astrological configuration has dominated global affairs for something approaching half a century. This slow break up this configuration was the context of Jupiter’s Libra ingress.”
  • “The thought patterns and social, political and economic structures that this configuration called into being are being tested. The bill for work undone, for challenges unmet and problems neglected and mishandled are coming due.”

My comments: This seems to reflect what’s currently happening within the political and financial arenas.

  • “That process and the policies, practices and institutions that came into existence during its tenure are currently in the process of breaking up. We’re talking about disorder on a grand scale and the epidemic psychospiritual stress that comes with it.”
  • “The energies of the alignment were already being exercised under  Saturn’s stern, disciplined eye. Jupiter’s Libra ingress will add the energies of spiritual uplift, human decency, compassion, generosity and optimism to the mix.”
  • “October will not bring instant and total relief. It will bring an extraordinary opportunity to revisit and work toward a resolution of difficult issues, effectively laying the groundwork for a new world, free of much that hobbled the old world.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


It looks like Cobra Posted several items today…

  • “Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, L1ASCVTX1V integration in progress, drastic systems security breach at 504. HVBN stable. M=28. “
  • —–
  • “504 Isidic security breach attempt failure”

Here are some excerpts from the Cobra Interview (“P” and “U” are the Interviewers, “C” is Cobra):

  • “P : So Cobra, I want to start with some situation update shall we ? [C: Ok] Have we successfully closed the negative plasma portal in Congo during Ascension meditations ?”
  • “C : Ok this was one assistance but there were also many other actions of the Light forces, that have managed to stabilize the situation there so the attempts of the chimera group to reactivate the portal was not successful.”
  • “U : Ok. Will the physical aspect of the galactic pulse reach us at a set date or can it be delayed ?”
  • “C : It is being delayed already because the galaxy is a living organism and the galactic pulse is timed according to the level of consciousness on this planet so it can be delayed a little bit.”
  • “U : So the physical particles that were launched by the Central Sun about 25000 years ago, where are they now ?”
  • “C : This is another wave, actually the physical particles that are reaching us now are part of the previous wave. The physical particles which will be triggered at this particular wave will not travel a the speed of light, they will travel at almost infinite speed because they will be tachyons. And when the veil is removed, those physical particles will reach us at the same time as the non physical ones.”
  • “U : Ok. In Russia in Siberia there were a lot of sinkholes discovered, what is causing this ?”
  • “C : Many of the sinkholes are the activity of the Resistance Movement, this is one way to awaken the surface population.”
  • “U : When people in meditation have a vision or feeling that they are in contact with positive ET, would this be something that can really be happening on their etheric astral or mental bodies ?”
  • “C : Yes sometimes yes.”
  • “U : So these positive ET, they can be present inside the veil to a certain degree ?”
  • “C : Yes they can be, especially now since the breakthroughs this summer, this is happening much more. It was happening before to a certain degree but now it’s much easier and it’s much more effective.”
  • “U : What is the astrological meaning of some newly discovered planets around the Kuiper belt, like Eris or Sedna ?”
  • “C : Ok Eris is, yes I can answer this question, Eris is anchoring the energy of the Resistance Movement. Sedna is anchoring the energy of very intense breakthrough, in exposing whatever has been denied, especially things that have been suppressed with implants.”
  • “U : In google sky there are some quite large areas of constellations that are masked, what are they hiding?”
  • “C : I would not agree with that statement, there are certain areas which are masked but they are not very large.”
  • “U : Ok, and why are they masked ?”
  • “C : Sometimes they are hiding certain objects and sometimes they are hiding spacecrafts.”
  • “U : What kind of objects, like planets or ?”
  • “C : One of them is Planet X, and also other objects which are not meant to be discovered. Most of them are inside of this solar system.”
  • “U : Ok. What happened with the capstones of the Giza pyramids ?”
  • “C : Yeah they were stolen by the cabal.”
  • “U : Where are they now ?”
  • “C : They are now in a certain, I would say bunker that still belongs to the cabal, and they are one of the sources of their power.”
  • “U : Can you say in which country this bunker is ?”
  • “C : I would say that this is in the state that is called Vatican.”
  • “U : And what is this capstone made of, what material ?”
  • “C : It is made of quartz crystal and gold plated, so it’s solid gold on the surface.”
  • “P : Ok. In the book of revelation, we can often see where it says like 4 horsemen, and 7 seals, angels open the 7 seals and then boom lots of disaster, I wonder what they truly mean ?”
  • “C : The 7 seals are the 7 layers of the veil and the disaster which happens is the clearing of the dark forces which is happening now. So we’re actually experiencing this right now.”
  • “P : And the 4 horsemen ?”
  • “C : 4 horsemen are actually 4 elements, fire earth water and air, they are 4 cardinal points in the horoscope, they are different symbologies which anchor those energies in the apocalypse, and the right combination of those 4 elements triggers the transmutation process, and clearing of the suppressed darkness which is happening now.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the direct link to the Interview:

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Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: https://infinity4.bandcamp.com/releases (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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