PS 8-30-16 *Mandela, Financial, Parkes, Surrender?

*First a comment:

The 24 Heart-shaped, Candle Holders arrived today. They look pretty good. Sylvia and I have still have to talk to the Print Shop about them and then it will be up to the local Candle Maker.

As I’ve said before, I really don’t want to nit-pick every “possible” Mandela Effect “finding” but I heard about this particular issue last night and I wasn’t going to include it but it’s been on my mind ever since.

This is a strange one…

My parents and I went to “Niagra Falls” for vacation 1-year in the mid-60s. We were there for a week. We lived near Boston at the Time, so I know what that city and those Falls are called: “NIAGRA FALLS”. Now, however, with the “Mandela Effect” or whatever is going on, that city and those Falls are called: “NIAGARA FALLS”.

This is strange because the Vaudeville “Niagra Falls” skits, performed by The Three Stooges and others, still verbally say “Niagra” Falls. (When I type in “Niagra” the Spell-Checker marks it as misspelled.) However, I remembered there’s a movie named “Niagra”. It’s from 1953 and stars Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten. THIS MOVIE IS NOW CALLED: “NIAGARA FALLS”!!! Here’s the link to it’s movie page. Watch the Movie’s Trailer yourself:

Not everything has changed from “Niagra” to “Niagara”. I don’t know if that means the “Master Program” (controlling the “Matrix”) got stuck or got hacked.

This is crazy!

Question everything.


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

“IF” this article contains real information, it explains:

  • the dissolving of the Federal Reserve,
  • the “Prosperity Packages”,
  • the new “Treasury” currency which will be released to the public soon,
  • and more

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This 10-minute video is of Simon Parkes, Draco family member and former illuminati member. He explains the false flag which the Cabal are “trying” to perform in Germany. They seem to be desperate to start another war.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


In looking through M.R.’s information (above), I discovered the following information. “IF” THIS information is real, then Humanity is about to celebrate with a HUGE party… planet-wide! Here’s the message:

  • “”Final Surrender” – Tues. PM RTC Intel w/ Fisher, Awaken”
  • “8:10:00 PM  Intel, RTC”
  • “Real Truth Chatter “
  • “AWAKEN:”
  • “The “cabal” has entered into their second day of what seems to be a SERIOUS discussion over their final surrender position. IF they agree to the terms today/tonight, they will be granted amnesty or a limited form of amnesty, depending on their crimes.”
  • “IF they do enter into an agreement, the numbers may be released tonight. If there is no surrender, if they reject the amnesty offered, then all bad acts, crimes and disloyalties will be fully disclosed, ie, the names of all involved and to what degree they were involved will be made public. In that scenario, the numbers will be released sometime tomorrow, ie, Wednesday, at any time and without any fanfare”
  • “Tbirdd:”
  • “Woww — fantastic news Fisher & Awaken! Thank you for sharing with us!”
  • “blessing7:”
  • “Thanks Fisher and Awaken, Sounds like they mean business.. Fisher once this is made public will Hillary and Trump step down? Or does the saga continue Thanks so much”
  • “Fisher:”
  • “does not matter to the rv/gcr, so I will leave it alone”
  • “Johnny Castle:”
  • “Woo hoo. Thanks for intel. Final countdown.
  • “AWAKEN:”
  • “Only Abbot Downing will be redeeming the Zim. The other banks have been given the opportunity to redeem sovereign rates on all other currencies.”
  • “Brazilian President is double agent and tried to stop the Olympics for the cabal, she has been impeached behind the scenes. Galactic Federation will be taking over if all else fails on Sept.1”
  • “If they do not except amnesty, RV will happen tonight, and Mass arrest will start on Thursday Sept 1st. Everything has to be done before G-20. Obama will be flying out of the country for 2 weeks to ‘appear’ to sign the Paris agreement (for public view i.e – NESARA/GESARA). Behind the scenes the Paris agreement is already complete.”
  • “The Pope’s signing of the release of the Golden Jubilee comes to an end on July 31, 2016, which marks the end of amnesty agreement for complete surrender of the cabal. If cabal excepts amnesty today/tonight – RV will happen tomorrow.”
  • “WF Attorneys have had 800#’s for quite some time and are sitting on them. Attorneys, Paymasters, Controllers of Exchange Centers, Abbott Downing, have all been sequestered/ on lock-down since 11 am on Sunday. Lock down ends on Wednesday August 31st at noon. RV will start at that time.”

My comments: As I said… “IF” that information is real then it shows that at least one facet of the LightWorkers have FINALLY had enough of the Cabal’s tricks. The above sounds like the “good guys” are saying “surrender or we’ll expose all your secrets. No “deals”. No “delays”. Just PICK ONE!”.

This almost sounds too good to be true. So the only way we’ll know for certain is to simply wait until September 1st and see what happens.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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