PS 7-10-16 *AlbumQuestion, *Sun, Light, WhiteHat-DarkHat

*First a comment:


While doing more design work on the 12-page booklet which will be included in this album’s Jewel Case, Sylvia and I were talking again about what information to include. We always wanted to include the Lyrics and Song Titles. So this is what we’ve done. (Song Titles are easily viewable by potential Buyers because they’re on the outside-back of the Jewel Case. The Lyrics span the 12-pages of the included booklet.

  • Right now, this entire package will cost us $1,732 for 1,000 CDs in Jewel Cases and an included 12-page booklet… all 12-pages are now full. (This price also includes full Distribution for these CDs and Digital versions of this album.)

What we’re now wondering is if it’s worth the extra $300 to include each song’s details (or should we make a note in the CD that these details are on our website?) Some of these are very short and some are fairly long. The information for “Time Machine” seems to be the longest. I’m including that information here, in order for everyone to get an idea of the type of information we’re talking about:

  • Time Machine
  • Duration: 5:05
  • Bpm (Beats Per Minute): 134, 67
  • Tracks: 15
  • Style: Progressive-Rock
  • Mood: Stressful-hopeful. Searching for a way back to togetherness
  • Sylvia and I have spent about 70-hours on this song.
  • Paul and “Cyber Diva” sing in this song
  • 4/4 triplets, 4/4 134bpm, 4/4 67bpm, 4/4 134bpm, 3/4 67bpm, 4/4 134bpm, 5/4 134bpm March, 4/4 134bpm Rock
  • Drum Track: Used 20 Pads and 23 sounds.The “hollow wood” sound and “high, bell” sound are “Velocity Switched” from the same Pad. These “sounds” and “Pads” include the use of 2 Cymbal Pads as well as a Hi-Hat pedal and 2 Bass Drum pedals (on 2 different Bass Drum Pads, which means I had to move my foot between them during this song).
  • The main melodic instrument is actually 3 synthesizers sounding at the same time. Our “Roland JP-08” (Patch 64) produces “mostly” the Attach (beginning) of each note. Our “Novation UltraNova” produces “mostly” the Sustain (middle) of each note. This synth also is the keyboard for all 3 synths. Our “Roland System-1m” (Bank 7, Patch 3) produces “mostly” the Decay (ending) of each note.
  • The upward-sweeping, “alert” sound, in the 5/4 (March) section was made with the JP-08. I set one Envelope Generator to up-sweep the Oscillators, each time I pressed a key on the UltraNova keyboard. I simply had to press that key in Tempo.
  • This was the most difficult song on this album to assemble, because there are so many “sound”, “Tempo” and “Rhythm” changes. My 3D-mind didn’t understand the various pieces to this puzzle, when Sylvia sent them to me through our “Streaming” process. So it took a while just to place these pieces in the correct order and select the instrumentation Sylvia had in-mind.

So, our question to everyone is… Should we pay the extra $300 and include information like this or wait to see if this album is a success and make a “Remastered Edition” (or something) down the road?

Please let us know what you think.


Tonight, while having supper, I was thinking about a video by “supposed” Sun expert Eric Dollard. (I’ve included the following video of him talking about this several months ago.) As I was thinking about his explanations of how the Sun works, my mind pulled-up a short video of the Sun when it had HUGE open spots on its surface.

As I thought about all this, Sylvia asked me (in her “Teacher” mode):

  • (Sylvia) What would happen if the outer layer of the Sun continued to have a growing empty spot.
  • (me) I said the outer shell would be pulled back like the outer layer of a rubber ball.
  • (Sylvia, still guiding me said) Then what would happen?
  • (me) I said the outer layer would be inverted… inside out.
  • (Sylvia) and?
  • (me) The Sun would then go from an “output” device to an “input” device… a Black Hole! Now THAT would be an “Event”. Maybe that’s the “Event” we’re all waiting for… Maybe that’s how this System, this Matrix works. In “breathing” there’s an “in” breath and an “out” breath. If we use “as above, so below”, then “IF” there really was a “Big Bang”, that was the “out” breath. As each Sun reaches a certain point, it goes from sending out Life and reinforcing energies to pulling them back in, digesting and recycling them. So, “IF” that’s true, then the Sun will soon begin pulling in the planets in this Solar System. Of course, we’ll be resonating at a higher frequency by then and probably on a “new Earth” in an “out” breath Solar System.

Is this real?… Did I really receive this information (or figure it out for myself)?… or is this just another activity by my over-active imagination? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to an Eric Dollard video (9-minutes):



This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is a Channeled message from her Twin Flame who is on the other side of the “Veil”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “What has been going on behind the veil, and behind the scenes of the political events, is a battle against the Establishment and its forces of control. Mankind has indeed existed for thousands of years in a captivity which the divine plan will liberate it from. As this was caused by an entanglement that is karmic, you have lived through a time of clearance with an Armageddon of the psyche. In other words, the psyche had to be purified and liberated. It is also what we call a transcendental process. The Lower Astral Realm has now been dismantled after centuries and decades of work by the Angelic forces. The Astral level has also been raided by the Forces of the Light to liberate and disentangle the souls of Light from their own shackles of creation, as well as from the dark forces. The latter have constantly been losing power but they have continued playing a game as if they did not realize that they have lost the battle and should surrender to the Light. We have allowed the situation to continue to some extent because they sometime change and see the Light, and stop opposing it.”
  • “The present situation of the Solar System is that it is relentlessly moving within the Stargate towards its final destination, the Constellation of Sirius. It will take its place, as recently stated by Lord Sanat Kumara, as the 8th system that will orbit Sirius A. We are moving towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are also crossing the Photon belt, the concentrated Light of which is having an effect of awakening upon the psyche of mankind. The Lightbody which is a blueprint for the soul to mirror and express Christ consciousness is also being integrated by the groups of souls that are more sensitive and are responding to this Light. So, that is taking place as explained in previous messages.”
  • “This  is because during this difficult time, you, the Star seeds, the Light workers, you, the incarnations who have come to change the systems, who have come to trigger the harvest and separation of realities, you have done your work well and  have risen yourselves to higher levels of consciousness, with the help of your angelic and Galactic guardians. You have gained a momentum of Light and are winning! The Light has caused your DNA to mutate and in some cases you are now able to communicate telepathically with the higher beings with whom you have a connection. You have become more sensitive to the Tube of Light of your Spirit Within or I Am Presence.”
  • “Towards the end of this year of overcomings and enlightenment, when the new governance is in place as prophesied, you will experience another change. You have already ascended many of you, in the sense of being anchored in consciousness upon the 5th dimension. You have the perspective of the higher dimension and are already creating New Gaia. The seeds have been planted into the ground of this work. Now this will be different because when your atoms of physicality are lifted up to the next position on the chart of the ladder of frequencies and you shift to 4th density, you will experience benefits of a physical nature which will be greatly beneficial to your survival. The Astral Level has been modified for this shift. What was the Astral Plane will now be the level of your physical atoms. Everything else which normally exists upon the higher realms, such as the mental and etheric vehicles, will also be shifted up higher. In a sense this move is taking place gradually until you get very close to the line, then when you cross it, some of you will not notice too much differences and others a lot. After this you will notice that your visualizations and creations are more powerful and that they manifest faster into physical or material precipitations, just as magic. This will permit you to obtain results with healing and rejuvenation in preparation for the help that you will receive from the technology of the higher realms, such as the Light Chambers. The Secret Space Program, with its Alliances and organizations, which have broken away from Earth, also have a similar technology but although what you have heard about it seems miraculous, it is not as advanced as the healing technology we will bring to you from the higher realms.”
  • “Christine: Thank you André for this message dictated yesterday on July 1st. This morning I have received a communication from Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s divine complement. She said that what was left of the Reptilian mafia on earth is now being removed and that we will be able to notice an improvement in the political affairs of the world from now on. A message previously received about the Mafia being abolished [published as a video] was concerning the galactic reptilian mafia, the one in space. She also said that all the nuclear missiles and armament have now been deactivated and are worthless. There were some left although this had been announced in the past few years. Some leaders of nations may however still be testing missiles because they have not understood the obvious that the Ufologists are aware of, the fact that the Powers of the Light, Extraterrestrials and our Galactic Family, have been busy deactivating these weapons because Heaven has decreed what is being prohibited. Archeia Faith also said that the beings who will create bodies to come among us will do so in ‘resurrection garments.’ We are being reminded that we should understand the miracle of Resurrection, as for instance, that of the Master Jesus which was misunderstood, as one from mentality and from a Dead Consciousness. This is what we are resurrecting from as we walk the Path of Ascension and this resurrection does lead to eternal life. The recovery of full consciousness is, and will be, a Resurrection! Food for thought! Love, Light and Namaste to all, Christine.”


My comments: I may not be completely understanding that last paragraph but, to “me”, the “Resurrection” has “something” to do with the removing of the “Veil”. Of course, this is what Sylvia and I have been focusing on, dealing with and tearing-away at, since she crossed-over. We are ready!


Question everything.

Here’s the link:



This information comes from a group which, supposedly, has inside information on what is really going on within this Dimension. They don’t Post very often but on July 5th, this is what they shared:

“Intel Update 7-5-16 “On-Going Intervention”

  • We are in the opening stages of an unprecedented intervention that will lead to global changes on the face of this planet.”
  • “All negative groups along with their infrastructure are currently in the process of being removed.”
  • “This sector is the only area in this galaxy and local galaxies where the Dracos were able to successfully wage war. There are many groups that exist non-physically and are not conscious of the fact that their physical bodies are in stasis pods.”
  • “Stasis-pods are a type of technology that mimics the physics of orbit. In other words, the person inside of the pod is able to receive nourishment without eating, is completely purified, and is very immersed in dreams. There are a lot of off-planet groups that have been regularly operating etherically inside of this solar system but are not conscious of the fact that they have been placed into stasis pods by the Draco Federation many millenias ago. An example of a stasis pod would be the technology witnessed in the first matrix movie without the pink goo.”
  • “As we speak, there is currently a stand-off ongoing in Alpha Draconis. Very evolved benevolent groups have become conscious of the intervention occurring on Earth and decided to lower their frequency so that a massive sector-wide intervention could begin to dissolve the final remnants of the Draco Federation that took over this galaxy many millions of years ago. They are giving the Dracos a chance to stand down and deprogram. Most of the infrastructure that the Dracos have been using is connected to a mother computer located in Alpha Draconis. While the infrastructure has been removed from Earth it needs to be understood that there are still implants that influence thousands of other races that were once under the dominion of the Draco Federation.”
  • “Understand that there are literally billions of evolved groups that exist physically that have never experienced war, famine or destruction. There are also super-groups that exist way above the ascended master frequency or 5th dimensional frequency that has been made famous by the New Age Movement.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Published by

Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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