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*First a comment:

While at work in the grocery store today, I spoke with a woman who I’ve talked with before. She doesn’t shop there very often but she has an open-mind and is an Activist for peace. She was even living “off the Grid” for quite a while.

A few months ago, she told me that her daughter (in her 40s, I think) had crossed-over. Today, she told me about something called “The “D” Cafe”. (I don’t like using that made-up word. Click the “Definitions” menu on our Blogsite for an explanation.)

This seems to be a very good thing, where people who have had a Loved One cross-over can go to share their stories and from others who are experiencing a similar situation. All within the environment of a “cafe”.

After lunch today, I looked it up online. They seem to go out of their way to try to connect those people with the symbolism of “skeletons” and “skull and crossbones” images. It’s on the cakes, posters, etc. I had to quickly close its web page. Sylvia and I never liked those types of images and “now”, with My Sylvia on the other side of the “Veil”, trying to associate my beautiful girl with those disgusting images is very disrespectful… in “my” opinion.

  • We’re not talking about sailing around the world looking for gold and fighting peg-leg pirates. We’re talking about the harsh reality of walking-up 1-day with a stake through your very Soul because your Loved One is not currently “physically” by your side… and there is NO way of getting rid of that indescribable PAIN! So images, which remind them of what happens to a Human once the Soul leaves is NOT HELPING!
  • In “sharing sessions”, where someone is pouring out their heart and Soul about the “happiness”, “adventures” and general “Life” they and their Loved One experienced together, shoving the “skeletal remains” and “ashes-to-ashes” images literally “down their throat” is not something Sylvia and I would consider “respectful”.
  • So, “yes”, a consistent location for a “grief” Support Group can help a LOT of people. We just don’t feel this is the best approach.

Sorry for the complaining. I just couldn’t believe how insensitive that company is.

I’m including this in case there is someone reading this who would like to know about this type of Support Group.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Twice now, as I sit here doing tonight’s research, I’ve felt as though tomorrow is our day off… that we’re not supposed to be going to work.


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The real reason for the ongoing trouble in the European Union, including the recent vote by the British people to leave the bloc, is that the EU is bankrupt. We know in retrospect that the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union was the real reason the Warsaw pact fell apart, with Poland acting as the first domino. For the same reason, we can predict England was the first domino in the collapse of the European Union.”
  • “The emerging consensus view is, as Pentagon analysts put it, “Brexit may lead to Frexit (French exit), the collapse of banks, populism, nationalism and anti-globalism.” This is also likely lead to an end to Khazarian mafia sponsored Mulsim immigration.”
  • “The situation in France has already become so chaotic that French police say they are becoming too exhausted to deal with the daily, violent demonstrations taking place throughout the country. French President Francois Hollande, who has only 11% public support, is trying to ban demonstrations but it is hard to see who will enforce his “ban.” In other words, France is headed for revolution.”
  • “Rothschild family sources say there is now serious infighting at the top levels of the Khazarian mafia over what to do next. They say family meetings are going on and they have asked the WDS and its allies to wait until July. They have been given a deadline of July 10th after which the Khazarian mafia will lose any chance of participating in setting up a new, fairer and more earth friendly financial system. They will also be subject to a total and absolute boycott that will inevitably drive them into bankruptcy and obscurity.”
  • “The Pentagon sources also say the “Jewish Mafia” (=Khazarian Mafia) “are in panic mode on both sides of Atlantic after their Orlando false flag failed as Senate blocks four gun control measures on June 20th, the Senate denied FBI access to web browsing/e-mails without a warrant on June 22nd, and the Supreme Court killed Obama’s immigration plan.””
  • “Pentagon sources agree, saying the “Euro may be replaced by national currencies as yuan is gold-backed and new US dollars have been printed waiting for public announcement of a global currency resent and the release of hundreds of trillions in stolen funds.””
  • “In closing, the Japanese underground has also gotten the message and serious preparations are being made for regime change here. Even Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has admitted that “Abenomics” has failed and that Japan needs to take a new tack. Rothchild family sources asked what was going to happen to their Japan handler Michael Greenberg and were told “he is going to go to jail.” Richard Armitage can go face his ghosts in the US, while Kenneth Courtis will probably be left alone.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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