PS 6-22-16 *Comments, Cobra

*First a few comments:

Just a few quick pieces of information from my tiny world:

  • For the last week or so, Sylvia and I have noticed that we can tolerate the hotter temperatures even more than usual. Over the last few days, it’s been between  85- and 88-degrees in our home at times and haven’t had any real problem with it. Being “Vegetarian” does help, which we noticed over a decade ago, but this recent shielding against hot temperatures is welcome. (This added “shielding” may be from the upgrade in frequencies from the “Galactic Central Sun”.)
  • Yesterday, realizing that “Hair Salons” need different topics to talk about, while working on a Client’s hair, make-up, etc., Sylvia and I went to the building next door and spoke with the Owner of that Beauty Salon about the “Mandela Effect”. She was interested and was eager to do some of her own research on it. (Whenever Sylvia and I share information from the many “Rabbit Holes” we Track, those we’re talking to don’t really have to put any energy into the receiving of that information but it IS nice when someone shows their open-mind.)
  • Yesterday, Sylvia and I worked on our “Time Machine” song again. I did re-record my entire Vocal part, as I mentioned a few days ago. When it came to “Mixing” (adjusting the volumes) and “Mastering” (adjusting the harsh frequencies), it took quite a while. I thought I had done a fairly good job. So we burned another test CD. We played it in our car on the way to work this morning and I just got bombarded with: “Turn it off. Turn it off.” It’s the worst version yet. During work today, Sylvia did her best to convince me to just spend the money and have the professionals do all this for us. The other songs aren’t that bad and I feel as through we’re so close to getting this song “right” that I want to do a little more work on it before making that decision. There’s something about this particular song… It’s the song Sylvia had us stop working on, back in November, in order to create our free song: “Calling All Humans”. With all the energy Sylvia and I have poured into “Time Machine”, I could have BUILT a Time Machine!
  • When we walked next door to the consignment shop, to get the mail for the grocery store, the Vendors asked if I was ok. They said I looked “depressed”. I knew my energy was low, because of “Time Machine” but I didn’t really feel “depressed”.
  • (I would place this under “instant manifestations”…) While at work today, a fairly new employee came over to where we were working and said another employee mentioned that I was “interested in MIDI” (a computer-music technology). We told him we’d like to be able to play a music keyboard and have other synthesizers produce their sound “shortly after” we press each key — a type of “MIDI delay”. Anyway, the conversation got around to him being a “Sound Engineer”. Not 100-percent sure what that is, I said: “Like the Engineers who work in Recording Studios doing the “Mixing and Mastering”?” He said: “Yes”. The odds of someone with those skills working in that grocery store are VERY high. So “me” or “Sylvia” must have manifested him there because he also offered to talk to us about any problems we might be having in that area. Wow.
  • (And under the “coincidence” tree…) Today, while watching the weekly, music-technology Webcast that we like, they actually talked about: “Mixing your songs in your car”. We only discovered this a few days ago and through we were the only ones doing it. It was just an interesting “coincidence”.
  • After work, we bought a few groceries (from the same store). As we walked around gathering the items, I told Sylvia we have to pay for these with “cash”. We got to the Checkout and an employee rang us up. I handed her our Debit Card without thinking. The total came to $13. After it was complete, I realized that we only have $6 in our Checking Account. I told the employee but still didn’t know what to do. I was a bit in “limbo” / “foggy” for some reason. She said she could back-out that transaction and that it probably wouldn’t negatively affect our Account. So that’s what she did. I told her: “It’s now been over 271-weeks and it doesn’t get any better.”
  • After Sylvia and I got home today, I almost started crying for no reason… well, no “different” reason. So maybe I’m more depressed than I realize.

I’m stuck here in this illusion. I know there IS a day out there, somewhere, when Sylvia and I will be reunited with each other. So each day that passes brings us 1-day closer to each other. I’m only here because Sylvia told me to wait for her “here”… on THIS side of the “Veil”.


This is an update from Cobra:

  • Situation Update
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Removal of the remaining plasma toplet bombs has proven to be more difficult than expected, as they are protected with quantum potential chambers throughout the Solar System. Quantum potential chambers are directed scalar torsion fields that create an accretion vortex for as much primary plasma anomaly as possible to be gathered around the remaining toplet bombs. These chambers are more advanced version of quantum potential weapons that are already known for decades”
  • “Plasma primary anomaly encompasses all possible combinations of negativity as the logical opposite of the Absolute, and only a small percentage of these combinations gets manifested onto the physical plane, as the Light forces mostly cancel them out before they can materialize from the quantum foam. The Light forces use advanced technology of Light pillars (ATVOR) to resolve the non-linear primary plasma anomaly using the mathematical principles of iteration:”
  • “ATVOR technology is based on AN conversion:”
  • “Even using those advanced methods, a small unresolvable portion of the primary anomaly remains and then collapses into the accretion vortex around the toplet bomb. The Light forces then apply the ATVOR technology again until the critical mass of the primary anomaly gets resolved, and then they will annihilate the remaining toplet bombs once and for all.”
  • “That will be the moment of Compression Breakthrough, the Event. If you could see the etheric and plasma body of planet Earth at the moment of the Event, you would see something like this:”
  • “Although the above simulation actually depicts an exploding supernova, the energy dynamics of the Compression Breakthrough on Earth will be very similar.”
  • “As we are getting closer to the breakthrough, things are starting to get interesting on the physical plane.”
  • “The Rothschilds have contacted a certain Dragon group and began to negotiate:”
  • “The negotiations are proceeding and other groups are now involved in the process. For the first time in history, those negotiations have reached the point where certain agreements can be reached.”
  • “The key person in those negotiations is Nathaniel Rothschild:”
  • “There are many occult reasons why he is at the center of the negotiation process, let me just hint at the fact that his mother, Serena Dunn Rothschild, belongs to the Grail St. Clair bloodline from Rosslyn:”
  • “The Rothschilds are beginning to realize that their security is not flawless and they can be brought to justice. The flaw in their security was clearly seen already in 2003, when a „Robin Hood“ type of gang has broken into the Rothschild’s Waddesdon Manor for two minutes and stolen gold boxes worth millions, never to be seen again:”
  • “This has apparently shocked the Rothschilds quite much, as they have suspended gold trading early next year:”
  • “Then in 2012, the Resistance has removed all Rothschild gold reserves and taken them underground, out of reach of surface population.”
  • “Since then, the Rothschilds have put their focus and hopes on the AI fuzzy logic computer program of the global financial system. Now, in 2016, even those hopes are crashing as their system is vulnerable:”
  • “The Rothschilds hope to survive the planetary liberation process intact, they push for partial Disclosure and blame the Rockefellers, Bushes and other Cabal members for everything that happened:”
  • “The Cabal is clearly afraid of threat from space to their status quo:”
  • “Partial Disclosure is NOT an option, and you can see Disclosure process accelerating in the mainstream media, hinting at secret space programs:”
  • “The public private space programs are advancing fast:”
  • “Not to mention silent but ultra fast progress of space programs in Asia:”
  • “The Eastern Alliance will be using these space programs to their own advantage:”
  • “Mainstream science is beginning to accept the reality of hyperdimensional wormholes and teleportation:”
  • “We are on the brink of huge breakthroughs in technology that will change our world forever:”
  • “Changes mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg that is visible through the mass media, much more is coming.”
  • “Until then, you can connect with other Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in the huge planetary network of Light:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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