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*First a few comments:

This was sent to use today by E.R. (who’s on this list). Regarding last night’s “*DOOR” Section of our Posting…

  • “My first thought re doorways is that in olden days, they were called portals. Based on definition of front doors, now you have “opened up” an otherwise “sealed” portal into the past, back/ behind us. And of course, this isn’t even taking into account the fact that it is so unique and special; a freely opening portal had to be made especially and specifically created only for you and Sylvia’s home.”
  • “Maybe. Could be.”

I found this to be very insightful.

I’m including this because I want others to understand that there are many ways to interpret the multi-facets of our lives. Plus, “sharing” is good. In this case, E.R. opened my mind to looking at our “Back Door” as something much more than a mere “doorway”. As a “Portal”, this takes-on a new meaning and a broader perspective and, as thinking of our “doorway” as part of a TimeLine, I’m provided with even more insight.

  • “Past” is typically represented by the direction of “left” and “back” / “reverse”. “Future” is typically represented by “right” and “ahead” / “forward”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

I do my best to help open other people’s minds, whenever I can and “when” it’s appropriate.

  • Basically, the information Sylvia and I pass-along, whether through these Posting or one-on-one (in-person) are “selfish”. We both know that “I” have been so dumbed-down that I can’t “see”, “hear” or, otherwise, “sense” My own Sylvia and this makes us both very sad… and angry. We also know that my “Blinders” won’t be removed until the “Event” or when Humanity has raised its consciousness enough to bring ALL Lifeforms up with it and “over” or “through” the “Veil”.
  • So by Sylvia and I doing what we can to open yet another mind to bigger things, we are helping us (me and Sylvia) take 1 more step closer to being together again.

I’m including this experience from today because I want others to understand that it’s ok to talk to Strangers about these deeper subject but you should also “sense” (Read them) as you’re explaining things, in case they aren’t ready for what you are about to expose them to. This very scenario happened to me today:

  • Sylvia and I were sweeping the floor near the potato chip aisle, where we work, and a customer, who was trying to decided on which chips to buy, asked: “Are these any good?” I mentioned that those particular chips contain “canola oil”, which is toxic. She thanked me, pointed to another brand and said: “What about these?”
  • We talked about potato chips for a bit and she thanked me for that new (to her) information.
  • Feeling that she was ready and willing to learn about new things, I pulled my thoughts together and started to mention some of the alternative ideas that I Track each night. I was steering the conversation to a specific “Rabbit Hole” (of information) but we never made it that far. I didn’t sense that she rather not hear what I was about to say but then she mentioned that her dog was in the car and had to leave. So I knew it was Time for me to stop that projection of new energies.

What Sylvia and I are saying is… It’s very important to keep the “positive”, behind-the-scenes information flowing but if you push those energies onto someone who isn’t truly ready for them they will think you’re more crazy than they 1st thought or your information will “fall on deaf ears”.

Once in a while, when I’m beginning to sense that I need to speak to a certain person, I may also receive an urgency that this must be done, and done now because there is no more “Time” left. When this happens, I do my best to tune-in to Sylvia or the “Stream” (of knowledge which surrounds this planet), in order to find the right words and correct approach to provide them with the information that “they” may “need” and “be ready for”.

In other words, my “logical” mind may suggest that I explain the upcoming “Financial Reset” but the “Stream” may have me start with giving them information about the “Galactic Central Sun”.

  • Think of the “Stream” as following your Heart or something used by 2 Inventors who create similar things close to the same point in Time.
  • Many years ago, Sylvia read that there are Beings on the other side of the “Veil” who create devices, methods of doing things, art, music, etc. and need those energies to manifest on THIS side of the “Veil”. Those people who are resonating to that particular creation will sense it and pull it through. There seems to be more than a few people, around the planet, who match this pattern. Sometimes, if 1 of those manifestations is extra-important, many more people will sense it and begin examining its uses. This is in case 1 or more people fail to complete that manifestation, there will still be enough energy behind it, from the others, to bring it to Life.

As you’re talking and sensing the other person’s receptivity, be sure to “watch” and “listen” to the various happenings around you.

  • For example, if you’re in a grocery store, while explaining things, and someone interrupts you: “Excuse me. I just need to reach across here to grab that box of crackers”… then check the “Stream”. There are no accidents. That “tiny interruption” may be their Higher Self telling you: “Yes, I’d really like to learn more about what you’re talking about but my brain is about to explode. Maybe we can continue this later.”

Here are 3 links to articles which explain “canola oil”:

I didn’t know we are supposed to set our clocks forward 1-hour tonight. Yesterday, when I looked at 1 of our clocks, here at home, Sylvia showed me that it’s Time was wrong. After checking some things, I realized it was correct and I may have been looking at a shadow. This was Sylvia’s way of bringing my attention to “Clocks” and “Daylight Saving Time”. Once I figured that out, my still-not-functioning mind showed me: “Spring back, Fall forward.” I didn’t realize until this afternoon that it’s supposed to be: “Spring forward, Fall back.”

Sylvia and I would REALLY like to see the world rid itself of this un-natural Time-Shift known as “Daylight Saving Time”. In fact, according to this web page, MOST of the countries on the surface of this planet do not use that Cabal grounding-technique.

Some credit Benjamin Franklin as 1st suggesting this idea. Other sources mention a few other people having thought of a “Time change” before him. To me and Sylvia, the Cabal created our current illusion of “Time” and “Daylight Saving Time” simply stirs that pot, in order to keep Humanity reinforcing that false sense of alignment with ‘all that is”.

  • Think about it… What could be more Natural than the rotation of the Earth, orbiting the Sun, moving through the Solar System? In “my” mind (and Sylvia agrees with me), the Cabal use THEIR “Time System” and this twice-a-year “look over here” message, in order to keep us controlled and locked-in to their carefully interwoven Society energies.

So, if MOST of the world DOES NOT use “Daylight Saving Time” AND it’s more Natural to just “follow Nature”, why do we continue to go along with this nonsense?

Question everything.


This Channeled message is through Mike Quinsey. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The events that will change the course of Human evolution are proceeding well, and are your assurance that Disclosure will take place.”
  • “So much is taking place that you will find it almost impossible to keep up with, and it will ensure that you quickly prepare to take your place as an ascended being. At the level where all is in the Now, it would seem that Ascension has already taken place. However, in your level of vibration events occur in a sequence, that is subject to the outworking of your freewill. It makes exact predictions more difficult to make, but it can be stated that your Ascension is assured.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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