PS 1-19-16 *Dates, *Waking, MOE-4000, Nidle, Fuel

*First a comment:

If you’re responsible for creating Blogs, Posting videos, maintaining web pages, etc., it would be helpful to have a “Date”. When I collect information, I need to know that the information I’m viewing is current. Of course, if I’m digging into “ancient knowledge”, then I need to know the information is before a certain TimeFrame. So, again, a “Date” would be helpful.

Sylvia and I received this message today from SoulSpeak.

When someone sends you a message, which they were guided to do, especially if that person is known to be in-touch with the unseen energies surrounding this planet, you sit-up straight and pay attention to their message. This is what was sent.:

  • “Namaste’ Dear friends,”
  • “I am guided to send this vibration to you. This spoke so repeatedly
  • Freedom is a strong energy to behold at this time. It takes on new frequencies in this Waking life in this new dimension..beyond this bend of our light.”
  • “I step so softly on this new this rise in consciousness, that the the freedom we experience ..and we are free to fly”
  • “Then when I sat in silent witness, another answer is that of this WAKING life..where we walk beyond the “awakening” and step into THE WAKING..this is that in-between on this journey, as we sip the sweet nectar of our knowing and yet..un-wanting SELF. This is where the Souls desires become manifest…..”

The “Subject” of this eMail message was: “immense Shifting“. I took this to mean that we are all now in the middle of the process of “Waking”… not “Awakening” (there’s a difference).

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Here is a followup message, sent by SoulSpeak a few hours later:

  • “immense shifting is proceeding and indeed the timing of the veils opening are becoming more present. There are many signposts. The clues are within our human senses…for this is the triggering…we remember through the hearing and smelling…this is a time now to also witness our Vision..our physical sight..beyond the bend of the light. It is like peripheral sight …glimpses turn into more solid focus.”

This is SoulSpeak’s Blogsite:

  • Remember, SoulSpeak did not Post this on her Blogsite. She simply sent this directly to me and Sylvia. So I can’t provide a link to this information.


This comes from a Blogsite that Sylvia and I are “Following”. This particular Posting is so interesting that we thought we include it as a “MOE” (Mind Opening Exercise). Here’s an excerpt:

  • “Today 4000 Mummies Have Awakened After 6000 Years…”
  • “What Does this mean?)  many individuals were mummified and their consciousness frozen in a movement to preserve the knowledge and higher level of consciousness that was available at that time to initiates and those who were masters.’

The rest of the information is not that long. While reading it, think about the possibilities this new information presents.

  • So if 4000 Beings have now been “Awakened” and “IF” this is true, then we have to ask “Why now?”.
  • is this possible? Why not? (All things are possible.) So “IF” this is real, then 4000 instant “Awakenings” of a group of Beings who still have knowledge, real knowledge of why Humans are here, who are our “friends in Space”, what is the true history of Earth, etc. will mean a HUGE leap-forward for the collective consciousness of Humanity.

Think about it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “All is well and wonderful with Gaia! Those who are designated to deliver your goodies are poised to complete this grand task! The delay, which overtook these valiant warriors, is over. The operation to take down the dark oligarchy is resuming… New rules on elections and general guidelines for procedures are to be built into these public organizations. This is to allow these organs of governance to truly be made of conscious legislators and judges who willingly follow the honest dictates of Common Law. This is formally to signal that your freedom from the tyranny of the bankers and their many allies is now over.”
  • “All of this is merely a prelude to our formal arrival.”
  • “The dark oligarchs were strongly bent on making you mere pawns in a method to permanently isolate you from your families in Spirit and in space. These possibilities are now thwarted.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Every Time Sylvia and I drive anywhere, typically we’ll talk about the gas prices as we pass the different Gas Stations along the way.

Although I’ve mentioned gas prices in previous Postings, this is not something I normally Track. However, we are watching these fuel prices very carefully because they are 1 indicator that the Cabal has lost their power and control over this reality. This is a VERY good sign.

Tonight, while doing my research, I found the following link on an “alternative news” digest page. It’s a short video which states that some people are now seeing gas prices BELOW $1 per gallon in various parts of the U.S. One location is selling gas for 79-cents per gallon!!!

  • Please don’t connect the “dot” of “continuing to fall” gas prices to a “doom” or “fear” scenario. I still feel that we are all on a “Positive” TimeLine and these happenings are very “positive” pieces of feedback for all of us.

For the longest Time now, my gas price “motto” has been:

  • “99-cents or free.”

…and if gas prices have already dropped below $1 per gallon, then my “99-cents” is not correct. This means gas prices will eventually go down to… “free”. Why? Because:

  • We’ll all have those “Prosperity Packages” (containing a LOT of money), and
  • The Cabal will be trying to get every last penny out of their illegal and “Gaia-harming” oil extraction methods, and
  • …because “Disclosure” will happen soon. Those people who decide to remain here on Earth will have “Zero-Point Energy” devices and won’t need fuel. The rest of us will be going home and will no longer need the Cabal’s “gas”.

So things ARE happening, which indicate a massive change in the TimeLine but those changes are appearing in small ways. This is why Sylvia and I are including this type of information.

  • Remember, when a house is cleaned, old dirt is stirred-up before the “new clean” can shine through. In other words, the old saying: “Darkest before dawn” applies here.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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