PS 10-26-15 *Random, *Birthday, *Tremors, *JP-08, Fulford, Goode

*First a few comments:

Just a few short and disconnected pieces…

  • After several days of “Pending”, our “Domain Name” Hosting Company just sent us an eMail saying that we can’t get the website name: “” because the organization which created that name has restrictions on it. This means Sylvia and I have to contact them directly, to see if they will allow us to buy that name. This happens with certain “TLD” names (Top Level Domains, such as “.rocks”, “.band”, etc.)
  • While at work today, Sylvia reminded me that in last night’s eMail, I forgot to include SoulSpeak’s Blogsite. So here it is:

Today went as well as it could be, under the circumstances.

  • The Manager and Assistant Manager, at different times, came over to me and mentioned my birthday. I told them “thank you, but I don’t want to make a big deal about it”.
  • After work, Sylvia and I decided to quickly shop at a grocery store that’s usually out of our way to get to. So instead of driving from “work” to the “music store”, we headed in a slightly different direction. We’ve been to this store several times but, today, I got lost. Stuck in the maze of back-streets in the downtown area.
  • After asking for directions, and learning that I drove in the opposite direction from where we needed to go, we finally found that grocery store. We wanted to pick-up some cereal that we like but can only find at 1 store in town. We also wanted to buy some “Amy’s” soup. We did find them in this store AND both items were on sale! We’re talking about “Amy’s” soup and “Purely Elizabeth” cereal. Both are high quality and expensive. This items rarely go “on sale”. Sylvia did this… because we’ve been wanting to get to that store for a couple of months now. It’s out-of-our-way but we made the extra effort today because it’s only a couple of side-tracked miles from the music store we were heading to. So, of all days for us to finally get there and by “accident” they have a “sale”. The “odds” are better in the Lottery. So I KNOW Sylvia set this up.
  • We were just about to step into 1 of the lines at the Checkout when an employee approached us saying: “I can take you at this Register”, which he was just about to open. No lines. No waiting. It must be my birthday.
  • While waiting for our pizza today, at a place that offers $10 16-inch pizzas on Mondays, Sylvia and I saw a cricket on the floor. I noticed its movement when someone walked by. It jumped right towards me.
  • In interpreting this as a “dream”… Some say “crickets” represent “luck”. According to this web page, crickets represent “success”:

After lunch today, Sylvia and I unpacked our new musical instrument friend, the “Roland JP-08” synthesizer. We were creating different sounds with it, when I felt a “sensation” in my head. It felt like a subtle but quickly-vibrating “tremor”… either in my brain, near my brain or on my 3rd-Eye. This happened 3-times within about 2-minutes. Each lasted about 2-seconds. I’ve never felt that before. I definitely sense that this happened because something has changed in the “Veil”. Changed in a “good” way… meaning the “Veil” now has a few more holes in it.

Have any of you felt this same type of thing recently?

*JP-08 (“Roland JP-08)
Sylvia’s birthday present for me arrived today.

From my many years experience with synthesizers, I knew this new product would be more flexible and more powerful than most of the critics have stated… but it’s even more than I expected.

It’s a little larger than a hardcover book and, yes, its knobs and sliders are very small but they’re not as difficult to work with as they appear in the photos and videos I’ve seen.

  • It “can” run on 4-AA batteries (which were included).
  • The sounds, through its built-in speaker, are better than I expected but then I ran it through a small Roland amplifier and, wow! The sounds are very rich and highly detailed. The sounds through the online videos don’t do this unit justice.
  • There are 2 built-in “Ribbon Controllers” (for “Pitch Bend” and “Modulation”) — 2 strips of plastic where you can modify the sound by placing your finger on that area and sliding it higher or lower. Since this product doesn’t have a built-in keyboard, you can place individual notes by touching the “Pitch Bend’s” plastic strip.
  • One of the reasons we bought it, is its ability to send extra MIDI notes (keyboard notes) out to another piece of MIDI gear. I connected the JP-08 to our Korg Krome, so I could use that keyboard to control the notes of the synth. I then connected the synth to our Novation UltraNova synthesizer, so it could receive (act-on) the “extra” notes that I played. It does work and the possibilities are a bit interesting but this does require a slightly different mindset.
  • It’s fairly intuitive to use but, as with any synthesizer, if you’re new to this type of instrument, it would be wise to learn what the basic synthesizer components (Oscillators, Filter, Envelope Generator, etc.) do.Within the 1st 30-minutes or so, I had created 5 or 6 very interesting sounds. A couple of times, I was confused at how this tiny unit was producing “Reverb” effects when it doesn’t have “Reverb”. It has “Delay” but it wasn’t turned ON.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “Arresting Richard Armitage and forcing him to talk may be final straw to break back of Khazarian gangster rule”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The information below was provided to us by CIA colleagues of Armitage as well as by Japanese government sources, members of Japanese yakuza crime syndicates and others. Armitage was given a chance, by phone and e-mail, to rebut what is written below but he refused to answer, meaning that he is not denying what we are hearing about him.”
  • “Armitage is but one of the key operators in the Nazionist Bush mafia. Benyamin Netanyahu is another and there are now signs he is being taken down by genuine Jews who have finally figured out Netanyahu actually works for their Nazi tormentors. Recent bizarre comments made by Netanyahu about Hitler show that somebody is forcing him to commit political hara kiri.”
  • “In Canada too, Stephen Harper, a notorious Bush operative and source of deep shame for Canada, was decisively ousted from power last week. Once the purge of political operatives appointed by Harper to the Canadian police and military command structure is completed, Harper’s crimes will be prosecuted for sure. Hopefully this traitor will sing like a canary about his handlers.”
  • “There are, in any case, growing signs that the US military are well under way in their own ongoing purge of Khazarian traitors in their midst. The biggest sign of this was the unprecedented veto by President Barack Obama (on orders from the Pentagon) of the 2016 defense appropriations bill because it blocks the closing of the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay. He also vetoed it to stop payment of $600 million to Syrian “rebels” and $350 million to neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, according to Pentagon sources.”
  • “Inside the US, the “Saudi loving, ISIS supporting” CIA Director John Brennan got his e-mails hacked and his contacts exposed as part of the ongoing purge in Washington DC.”

Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the links provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The following page contains a 48-minute video of a Corey Goode interview from October 23rd. Below that video, you’ll find background information on this former Cabal “black projects” participant and current whistleblower. Section titles and Time-marks are also Posted.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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