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*First a comment:

Wow! Sylvia and I spent a few hours today, working on our new song “Guided-Aligned” and… it’s not bad. The more we listen to it the more we hear it as “wanting to be that way” / “natural” as if all of its elements were meant to be that way. It’s still not a “typical’ song but listening to it more than a few times, just makes it seem like a good fit.

It took us 2 or 3 days to get her vocal lines to match the gaps in the music.

  • The way this song came-together is interesting… Initially, I was just testing some things on our new “BeatStep Pro”, Step Sequencer. The sounds its 3 Sequencers were triggering in our Korg Krome sounded like something we should record. So we did.
  • Some of those sounds are “wet”, “filter-splashy” types of sounds. This “song” needed a contrasting “melodic” or “wash” of sound around it. So we sifted through the Krome’s many offerings and found something that might work.
  • I basically just played “here and there” around the short punctuations from those 3 Sequencers. I didn’t try to make openings for vocals. They just “happened”.
  • I then sat down and tried to tune-in to the lyrics Sylvia wanted me to add. I couldn’t quite make a solid connection with Sylvia but I wrote-down what I sensed should be in this song. I have a feeling though, that I was more tuned-in to Sylvia than I realized because the words just flowed through me. They tell our story and Cyber Diva does an excellent job of bringing them to life. She’s no replacement for My Sylvia but she’s all we have to work with right now.
  • Cyber Diva isn’t perfect… There’s a line in this song which call for her to sing the word “together” across 3-notes (3-sylables). I tried changing “to” to “two” and “too”, as well as other adjustments, but there’s nothing I can do to keep her from pronouncing “TOO-geh-ther” as “TUH-geh-ther”. So that word sounds a bit odd.

The main thing we did today was take “Cyber Diva’s” vocal Track and export it out of its Cubase shell, so we could work with it in our preferred “GarageBand” software. That’s when we saw that this song is just 2-seconds short of being 6-minutes long!… and I thought “Time Machine” was long at 5-and-a-half minutes long!

Then we sent the “music mix” from the Krome to 2 Stereo Tracks in GarageBand.

I think we still have to add either “drums” or “random percussion hits” to it. I’m not sure at this point how that will unfold.

  • Remember, this is the 2nd song on this album. Each not only tells our story but brings with it the energy we both went through when Sylvia crossed-over. The 1st song should be so chaotic that it shouldn’t even be considered a “song”. This 2nd song is still somewhat chaotic.

Right now, I’m fairly proud of what Sylvia and I have created in our “Guided-Aligned” song.

During supper tonight, Sylvia and I were talking about this song and then remembered a documentary we saw several years ago. Electronic music was beginning to take-hold and this show was presenting the various ways “electronic”, “non-musical” pieces of technology can create “music”. At some point in that show, the Interviewer was talking with a Music Professor at a University about “what is music”. After his explanation, and a few examples, she asked him a very important question. They were sitting at a Grand Piano and she asked him to play something that was NOT music.

He thought for several seconds and then just “started banging randomly on the keys”. Later, Sylvia and I talked about this and realized that his “non-musical” performance could be taken, as a “musical phrase” and a song could be built around it. There are several works of music, throughout the Ages, which have incorporated various non-musical elements, in order to expand the audience’s interest in that piece or to add its melodic and harmonic textures.

  • In my mind, good music either makes you want to dance, sing or him along or surprises you with pleasant sonic embellishments.

This is something I’ve only told to Sylvia…

I checked about an hour ago and this information is now ok to pass-along. Up ’til this moment, it wasn’t.

Some say we pick our parents, name, lifestyle, location of birth, etc., before we are born through the Human female. Sylvia and I would back-up a bit from that and say we select the “aspects” of these elements and not our exact “parents” or the exact location of the home we will be born into. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I do feel that, at least me and Sylvia, have chosen our “1st names” before entering this thick-soup of a reality. This is an ironic statement from me because I have never identified with my 1st name. It has always sounded foreign to me. When someone calls out “Paul”, and I hear it, my 1st reaction is:

  • “This isn’t me. Just ignore it.”

There is another name that I zeroed-in on several years ago and I talked with Sylvia about it at that Time… but it’s not Time for that name to reach the surface of this illusion just yet.

What I wanted to mention here is “where” I was born. Besides Sylvia and my family, I have never mentioned this to anyone.

  • When I was born, my Mom kept careful records of everything about me. So, although I don’t remember “being born” or “what street my parents lived on at that Time”, I do know the “name” of that street…
  • I was born on: “Paul Street”
  • Yes, you could say my parents couldn’t think of a name so they just used the name of the street we lived on at the Time… but my feeling is that I really needed to be named: “Paul”, so either “I” placed them on “Paul Street” or I renamed that street to “Paul Street”. I don’t know.
  • My feeling is that I needed a fairly unique name and I couldn’t keep the name from my previous Life. So I had to select something which would be acceptable in the current Society.
  • I think the reason I don’t identify with “Paul” is because I “always keep 1-foot on the other side” as Sylvia always says and I must have an inner sense about “who” I really am but it’s just not allowed to manifest on this side of the illusion just yet.

Now that this has been revealed, I have some homework for anyone who would like to help me with something…

  • Many years ago, my parents and I drove from our home in Florida to visit our family in Massachusetts. We had done this a few Times in the past but on this particular trip, they made it a point to drive by the home I was born in. We didn’t stop but I did see it. I can still remember the layout of the street. It’s not your average street design.
  • Here’s the “homework” part…
  • Many years ago, I began looking for that street on some of the online maps but cannot find it. If someone out there can locate that street on a “current” or even a “very old” map, please let me know. So I can see it.
  • This is what you’re looking for:
  • Paul Street, Brockton, MA
  • (Yes, there’s a “Paul Street” in “Stoughton, MA but that’s not it. It doesn’t even look like the street I remember AND it’s in the wrong town.)
  • Wait a minute…
  • I thought I’d better double-check that. My Mom did keep detailed records of almost everything that happened to me from birth to about 8-years old. So it took me a while, just now, to go through them. I finally found a reply to a birthday invitation that my Mom sent my doctor. He addressed it to “Paul Street, Stoughton, MA”.
  • “Stoughton?” Mom, I could have sworn you told me I was born in “Brockton”.
  • That’s why I could never find it… I was looking in the wrong town… BUT, that doesn’t explain the memory I have of when we drove by there. My memory does not match the Satellite view of that street on the map. My memory has that 4-street area much smaller and we could see our home from the main road. The map shows buildings and trees blocking the view to our home. When I saw it, there was our 3 or 4-story apartment building. In front of that was “Paul Street”. In front of that was a small park, which extended all the way to the main road… probably a total depth of about 200-feet (from main road to Paul Street). This is not what I’m seeing on the map.
  • Yes, things change but the 2-roads in question didn’t move and they are too far apart from each other in the online map.

(So no “homework” today. I left that part in because it was easier for me to explain everything.)


This message is from SoulSpeak and is directed at me and Sylvia. (She mentions a “posting” in her 1st sentence. I moved this to a spot below her comments.)

  • “Namaste’ Paul and Sylvia,”
  • “I wanted to share the above posting as This is indeed what I have been experiencing…seeing clearly Beings that are not in this physical time line with me…but with me nonetheless…and also the time issue she speaks of…and as you heard the radio announcer say Oct 19th when it was clearly Oct 22.. ( I believe that was the date when you was listening to the radio while at the workplace, as you were working)..but it was definitely a different date that had already passed…and this TIME LINE BLEED THRU is exactly what You, Sylvia, and I,… ( and many others) are experiencing. It’s like on Oct 21, I knew it was the 21st but my calendar on my phone said Oct 23rd…and so I even refreshed and still said the 23rd…i took this as a message about something on the 23rd…and didn’t  think anymore about it.I got in my car and my readout on my dash said Oct 21st and i picked up my phone and looked and it said Oct 21st…i felt fluid energy all day.andfelt waves…immense waves of energy that I literally could see “forms” or silhouettes of beings thru these waves….”

In SoulSpeak’s eMail, she also mentioned how “open” Sylvia and I are in our personal sharings:

  • Shortly before Sylvia and I went to hospice, she mentioned that it’s time for “us” and “everyone” to be more “transparent”. While we were IN hospice, Sylvia emphasized this again. (That and “tell our story”, is what she told me to do.)
  • So I am doing my best to “tell our story” and be “transparent” about it.
  • Although Sylvia and I are musicians, and have played in front of lots of people, we really shy away from crowds when we’re not performing. We also maintain a very private and protected life. Once she crossed-over, however, 2 pieces of information came to me:
  • I am not going to cross-over. Unless something unpredicted by me or Sylvia happens, I won’t be leaving this “existence” the same way trillions of others, over eons of Time, have done before me. This Time is different… VERY different.
  • I have nothing to lose. If someone “tries” to send me to the “other side”… (well, that’s a very different scenario and one they will really regret)… but if something does change and Sylvia and I agree that I need to “leave through normal channels”, it’s ok because I’ll be with My Sylvia. Game over. Sylvia and I win.

The following is the link SoulSpeak mentioned in her text above. This information is called: “Waves of Truth, Timeline Shifts, Dimensional Doorways Opening” and was written by Diane Canfield.

I was reading this message, to determine whether or not it should be included here and then this jumped-out at me:

  • “It is more important now than ever to find and be with others who we resonate with on an energy level. As more step into awareness and out of the 3D matrix this becomes easier. Our Twin souls are ready to merge with us as this awakening begins.”

My comment: NOW I’m awake. This really caught my attention.

  • “I had two different experiences during this time of dimensional doorways being opened. I saw two men in different locations, one in my yard and one in my house that showed themselves to me and then disappeared. What does this mean to me as a psychic clairvoyant that sees beings including ET’s and things from other dimensions all the time? These men were very solid and their energy was different from spirits I see everyday. These men looked as if they were in another reality and me being able to see them was a bleed-over from their reality to mine. It looked as if they were also able to see me for that split second that I caught their energy. It was very interesting as I saw them both in motion, walking and fully dressed. Time line bleed over.”
  • “Then I also had a plate that I had just put on the counter to put my food on crack as I turned away to get my food. This is evidence of time line shifting. In a different dimension this plate was cracked so in this moment we changed timelines. Many reports have come in with others experiencing loss of time, their watches showing different times and days than what it is, all evidence pointing to the same thing.”
  • “The continued weakening of the magnetic shield is partially responsible for many of these timeline changes and earth changes taking place. The magnetic shield is connected to the earth resonance and time line shift anomalies as in more people being able to see beings from other dimensions.”
  • “As the ascension process continues, all of these things will continue. The ascension process is not stopping, it is in full force going forward. More and more will join this process to create the 5D reality we are all heading for.”

My comments: Early-on, in these last 237-weeks, I mentioned a similar idea to Sylvia, and in these eMails… that as the “Veil” thins-out, we should start to see “anomalies” and “bleedthroughs”.

I also told Sylvia, those many months ago, that anything can happen at any Time now. As soon as I can see “her” or she can see “me”, we are to wrap our arms around each other and not let go. No matter what happens at that Time. We must remain glued to each other. Once we’re fully aware of each other, we can re-group and decide what we need to do, based on whatever is happening around us.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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