PS 10-13-15 *Telepathy, History, Gaia, Nidle, Fulford

*First a few comments:

It was our day-off today. This morning, Sylvia and I saw a fairly thick fog surrounding our home. It remained there until after 9a. This was very unusual for this area we live in.

It felt magical. I told Sylvia it felt as if the “new Earth” was being created just outside that fog-layer.

(It’s almost Time to send this out to everyone and I just noticed that I used “10-11-15” in yesterday’s Posting instead of “10-12-15”.)

I wasn’t going to bore everyone with yet 1 more “in my head” message from Sylvia but this one hit me hard…

  • Sylvia has had me running our portable de-humidifier for the last few weeks while we’re home. (We don’t run it while we’re out.) Sometimes she wants me to place it in our bedroom and, at other times, in the front bedroom we use as storage.
  • A few days ago, it pulled a lot of water out of our front bedroom area. So Sylvia had me running it in there for several days in a row.
  • This morning, she mentioned that we should run it in our bedroom. After lunch, she suggested I check to see how much water it had collected. After emptying it, I asked her:
  • (me) “Do you want me to keep running it in here?”
  • (Sylvia) “Let’s put it in the front room, so we can continue pulling water out of there.”

What I heard wasn’t what I would call “Telepathy” but it was clear and it was “Sylvia”. I instantly started crying… hard.

I know what I heard but there’s no way, “right now”, that I can verify it was “Sylvia” or my “imagination”. Only Time will tell… BUT, we are getting SO CLOSE (to resolving this). So VERY close.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This article was written by HARALD KAUTZ VELLA from Germany. The title is: “FREEWILL and the fields of consciousness we have created for ourselves, cannot be dissolved by us humans.”.

In this article, the Author “claims” to have information on the true history of the Earth and Humanity. It’s a bit different from any Sylvia and I have read.

My comments: Is ANY of this information real? I have no idea. However, Sylvia and I believe until the StarShips land, it’s not over and we won’t truly know what we now “think” we know. So ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is always possible… BUT, “IF” his information is real, then it’s something I suggest we place on that “Big Picture” puzzleboard in the back of our collective mind.

If anyone knows if Harald has a website of his own, please let me know. I searched for it but could not find anything directly related to him… just other sites repeating his articles.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the article:

Here’s a link to “trinary”, that he mentions in his article:

Here’s a 15-minute video (part 1) of him providing some of the same information as well as some new details:

Here’s the link to part 2:


Here’s another Posting from “Gaia Portal”…

  • “Estuaries of Light prolong controls.”
  • “Lasting silence comes with the new flows.”
  • “Fortifications come with the silence.”
  • “Actuaries list the culprits.”

My comment: I can’t begin to understand this particular message. I’m including it because, to “me”, it feels important… as if this person has their finger on the pulse of something far greater than “I” can sense right now.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “This reality continues to shift as you enter a time of immense transition. The various prosperity programs are completing the movement of funds to their final distribution centers. The RV process as well as the global reset is now in position to be exchanged. All of these fund movements are a reminder that the new financial system is ready to go online. We are seeing at last that the financial aspect of this new reality is ready to manifest. The dark cabal is noting just how close this world is to formal disclosure statements by your major governments… We have some wonderful news from our many earthly allies.”
  • “Until recently, our ships have been under attack by the secret spacecraft of the US, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. These craft are in reality just a nuisance and we cannot wait for these dark pests to be finally grounded. Over the past Gregorian year, we have begun to station bigger craft in near-Earth orbit. These ships are able to more deeply monitor how Gaia’s surface is changing. Gaia is slowly activating a number of key nodes, which are to feature actions that are to immensely alter your surface world. However, most of these changes are not to be fully activated until you can safely go into Inner Earth.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken over the Khazarian mob’s main source of power, the Federal Reserve Board.”
  • “The Chinese coordinated with this move by announcing their China International Payments System alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system meaning their take-over of the US dollar system outside of the United States was proceeding as planned. The implosion of the big Khazarian mafia banks is now just a matter of time.”
  • “The real message of course is that the US military was ready to step aside and allow the Russians to clean up the mess in the Middle East.”
  • “The cut off of Middle Eastern oil money is going to be the last nail in the coffin for many of the criminal mega-banks that have survived thanks to petrodollars. That is one of the main reasons why the IMF, the UN, the BIS, Citibank, the Bank of England and others have been warning of an impending financial crisis. The financial head of the Nazionist octopus is being cut off and soon the various arms will stop their doomed struggles.”
  • “The blackmail against German auto-makers like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz etc. using a fake “emissions scandal” has only served to strengthen the German’s resolve to work with the Russians against their Khazarian tormentors. The flood of millions of “Syrian refugees,” many of them trained sabotage agents who were never Syrian, has also alarmed many sensible Germans. The Germans are getting ready to re-issue Deutschemarks if necessary and improve their relations with the Christian Putin regime in Russia.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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