PS 9-9-15 *Dream, *Ringing, Cobra, Nidle, Parkes, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

Sylvia and I got to bed very late last night (almost 3a), and it was a “work-day” today. So this morning when the alarm went-off before the crack-of-dawn, I immediately turned if OFF and went back to sleep for a 1 or 2 minutes and during that very brief TimeFrame, I had a very short dream…

  • It was almost nighttime and I was walking through a brand new house. In the part of this dream I can remember, I was at the doorway to the bathroom. There’s still some sawdust or floor-tile powder on the floor.
  • As I get closer to the toilet, I notice 3 or 4, 1-inch square, blue “lights” which have just-now been activated. These are embedded in the toilet “seat”. When they are not “lit” they cannot be seen. Each light represents a different factor of that toilet… “Ready to be used”, “Cleaning in progress”, “Seat temperature”, “height adjustment”, etc.
  • The bathroom “sink” projects multi-colored laser-light from its “faucet”. These beams clear-away or dissolve various types of “dirt”, “germs” and other unwanted energies from your hands. Water, for cleaning or drinking, is also available.

My interpretation
I feel as though this is a “real” / “tangible” / “slightly future” dream and not a “Lesson” of something my inner-self needs to work on.

Since Sylvia was not in this dream, as far as I can remember, it’s not what I call a “Progressive” dream, where each dream containing “me” and “Sylvia” have been “continuous” / “in-progression” from each previous dream.

Several months ago, I mentioned that the “technology” of our Star Visitor “familys” and “friends” is “cooperative”. Meaning, those “tools”, “objects” and other “energies” are almost (and sometimes they actually are) “self-aware”. They simply “cooperate” with whatever YOU need them to do or whatever they need to accomplish.

  • For example… Let’s say we buy a fresh-baked pizza take home and the box is “cooperative”. If we eat a quarter of the pizza but don’t have enough room in our refrigerator for a large pizza box, that box will automatically change its shape and only take-up enough room to protect the remaining pac-mac-shaped pizza that’s left.

I feel that the “technology” is that bathroom is not “cooperative” but is, instead, “A.I.”… Artificial Intelligence. Not “self-aware” and not as intelligent as “cooperative” technologies but still very helpful.

As always, your mileage may vary.

I don’t experience these very often but, when I do, “I” feel they are very important… Tonight, around 8:45p, I had a sudden, and loud, ringing in 1 of my ears. It lasted for about 20-seconds and the stopped.

Some people have said these are some type of “medical” problem. Others have said this happens whenever a “Spirit” or “Star Visitor” is near you. For me and Sylvia, whenever these happen, it’s because another layer of the “Veil” has been peeled away. So this is a VERY good thing.

Each time I experience 1 of these, I always tell Sylvia, in case there’s something she needs to know about… Maybe she perceives a “ripple” in an energy-field and my feedback to her let’s her pinpoint what is really happening.

Question everything.


This is the latest “cryptic” message from Cobra:

  • “PlMOSS RescueNodes Operational”

My comments: (Cobra has mentioned that his “cryptic” messages are only for the “RM” (Resistance Movement). They contain “status” / “progress” reports.

I have no idea what these messages really mean but this particular message looks encouraging.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “Originally, Gaia had three major continents above her oceans. Each was queen of one of her oceans. There was Mu in the Pacific, Atlantis in the Atlantic and Greater Sri Langka in the Indian. All three of these continents sank between the start of the last great Earth year and about 13 millennia ago. These great tragedies are a hidden memory. They are to be found in the legends and myths that dot your history. Each is a great thought that everyone on your world distantly remembers. Those who now study the world’s oceans note only that the remnants of these are rising. Many can therefore say that the re-emergence of these ancient lands is not far off. As we study your history and get accounts from the Agarthans, it seems that this set of events is a major part of what Gaia is presently planning.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This helpful information is from Jennifer Hoffman. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “We do control the outcomes of any situation and it’s our willingness and ability to keep our intentions and energies high that enables positive outcomes to be possible. As my father used to say, ‘believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear’. This is a good time to activate your discernment and connect with only what feels good to you. The rest you can disregard.”

Question everything.

Be sure to visit her page (below) and watch her 7-minute video which explains this further.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


I’m also including this as ‘bonus’ information…

This 8-minute video is an excerpt from a longer interview with Simon Parkes, ex-illuminati and now-whistleblower.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

This is Simon’s website. This particular link will take you directly to his interview, including the longer version of the above video:


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