PS 9-3-15 *Chemtrails, *Earth, *Music, Pulse

*First a few comments:

It must be “long-winded-comment” day for me. So brace yourselves.

Today, I was thinking about something in a video I included last night. It was by “Crrow777” and I placed it in the “Moon” Section.

He videoed and talked about heavy layers “Chemtrails”  in New England. Especially over the skies of Washington, D.C.

  • “IF” any of this is true… I’ve been wondering “why” would the Cabal spend all that money and add all that pollution over the breathing area of their own puppets? Wouldn’t those “puppets”, very easily, pass laws and “find money” in order to send those Chemtrails somewhere else?
  • So why would they spray themselves?
  • When I was watching the video in the “Pulse” Section below, I realized that “maybe” they’re not spraying the sky to keep us from “seeing something” near the Earth but “maybe” they’re spraying the sky so the “Ascension-level” energies from the Sun do not reach the inhabitants of this planet.
  • When I 1st heard of “Nibiru” (or whatever you want to call it) and the increased Solar Flares from our Sun, I’ve always thought that everyone has it wrong… We are in “changed Times”. The old rules do not apply any more. So when people say… “IF” there’s a large planet near the Earth, we’ll be torn apart by its influence. People repeat this information because we have all been listening to the Cabal’s “half-truth science” for so long we actually believe “everything” they tell us. Of course, more and more people are waking-up. So that’s not entirely true anymore.

…and when people tell me… “IF” large Solar Flares hit the Earth, we’ll be fried, our technologies will be disabled and we’ll all be living in the Age of the caveman.

  • Ok. If we truly are on a “positive” TimeLine… If people are now “questioning everything”… If the Cabal are being revealed and arrested at every turn… Why should any of us believe in even MORE of the Cabal’s lies? The only “doom and gloom” heading our way is coming from the whispers in our ears by the only bully left in the playground.
  • Then, 1 kid notices there, in the bushes across the playground… and there under the stairs by the school… and there in the trees near the Jungle Gym, are LOTS and LOTS of scared kids — the “99-percent”. That 1 kid then steps out from the shadowed corner where he was hiding and calls the bully’s bluff. The bully yells, as he always does, trying to reinforce his authority but that 1 kid now knows the secret.
  • He turns to the other kids who are still in-hiding: “We’re only scared because we believe in what he’s saying! Look around. Everyone, look around! There are HUNDREDS of “us” but only ONE bully. If anything happens here today it will be that this “bully” realizes that WE are in charge and that HE has no control over us anymore.”

We have been on a “Positive” TimeLine for many months now. These happenings, such as the appearance of extra planets, 2nd Sun or even high-energy Solar Flares are coming in to the Earth, and all of Humanity, at this Time in order to HELP us.

  • In Ages past, when, “supposedly”, those same elements came near the Earth, did they really cause all those disasters? How do we know this? Remember, they say Humanity and the Earth has been through these changes a few times before. Each time the Galactic Central Sun bathes us in the Light of who we really are, the Cabal step-in somehow make sure we remain asleep. In our confused state, we are grasping at any knowledge around us and the Cabal are right there to help us… stay under their control with their lies, half-truths and the swirling of the pot, to keep us focused on “us versus them”, so we don’t figure out what is really going on.

This morning at breakfast, my mind drifted around, searching for something to think about. Sylvia suggested I look again at the recent information I included in these eMails regarding the:

  • “Flat Earth”,
  • “Spherical Earth” and
  • “Concave Earth”.

As I looked at this information, Sylvia reminded me of what I included last night — the information on the Earth being “towed” through Space. So my tiny mind started working on these pieces. What I found was a link to something else I included last night, which is the 3-minute video where the Author shows the edge of the Moon having 2 different colors… and, maybe more importantly, I linked-together some information presented by a YouTuber known as “Crrow777”. He claims to have videoed the Moon as, what I would call, an “image adjustment” wave moves across it.

I don’t know if any of this is true. I’m just presenting pieces of information… but “IF” this IS true, those Moon videos would support what has been mentioned in the “Concave Earth” scenario… maybe the started being towed in 2012, for whatever reason, and this is why the “Sun” went from “yellow” to “white”… why “some” in the “Concave Earth” community think the “Stars and planets” are on the INSIDE of the Earth, etc.

In other words, “IF” the Earth is being towed, and “they” didn’t want the Beings residing on her to know this, they would have found a way to project the Moon and Stars onto our “Sky”.

  • A note to our Star Visitor friends and families…
  • Since the Cabal doesn’t have this type of technology, it’s YOU who are doing this. If you are currently projecting our Sky — our “Moon”, Stars, etc. — I have to asked you: “Why?” The Beings who reside on this planet have come here to “experience” everything. If you are blocking our perceptions of what is truly happening, you are violating our “Free Will”. Yes, a few Humans will lose their minds… seeing 2 Moons, a 2nd Sun, extra planets and the multitude of StarShips around the Earth at this Time but this is OUR journey. Those of us… those many, many Humans who will NOT go crazy at that Time will gladly step forward and help those around us to understand what is happening.
  • Please stop denying us this “experience”!

These are just some thoughts in looking for how all these pieces fit together. As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to “Crrow777’s” “Lunar Wave”:

I’m going to include this here as well. This is not something I normally Track and I really don’t want to get into a Space-technology debate. I am simply “putting this out there” in a “take a look at this with an open-mind”, “question everything” idea…

  • The Author of this 13-minute video presents information which, he or she “claims”, proves that “rocket technology” is a NASA lie and does not work in the vacuum of Space.

So “IF” this information IS true, it brings yet another “puzzle-piece” onto our table and “may” help us figure out the “Big Picture”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

After about 3-weeks, I was finally able to break-through some crusty energy, so Sylvia and I could work on some music together. Since the “T.M.” song (not “transcendental meditation”) has been on my mind a lot, that’s the song we worked on today.

It was still a bit tough… I kept getting side-tracked. At one point, I almost turned on our keyboards and that would have been a BIG side-track. Then Apple’s “GarageBand” program wouldn’t cooperate. So we were forced to restart our Macintosh into a newer Operating System version, which we don’t like using. Then, because of its many new features (being 3 or 4 versions ahead of the “GarageBand” we’ve been using), I had to keep looking things up.

Anyway, we did accomplish what we set-out to do, which was to move the blocks of very rough vocals to their approximate position in the song. Right now, as we suspected, that song is almost 5-minutes and 30-seconds long. It’s currently in a VERY rough form. As we refine it, I think there’s a higher possibility that it will get “longer” and not “shorter”.

  • As I’ve mentioned in previous eMails, this entire album is about Sylvia and my current journey. It begins at the point where Sylvia crosses-over and evolves through my chaos and confusion… my re-connecting with My Sylvia and then into the strong bond of pure Love that we have now.
  • As a very faint “hobby”, I’ve always admired the filming-psychology in the “Film Noir” style. I’m going to use a bit of that style in the videos… Right now, I only see it in the video for the very 1st song. That is “IF” Sylvia and I can ever manifest the “album” and “videos”.

Anyway, we just wanted to share a short update on the album’s progress.

(I almost forgot this. I was just about to turn off the computer so we can get some supper when Sylvia reminded me of 2 things…

While working in GarageBand, there was 1 brief moment when I could “see” and “feel” a “Deja Vu” energy about to hit me. This “advanced” feeling has happened to me at least once before;

  • 1 – About 10- to 15-seconds before it hit, I sensed it.
  • When it did hit, I knew that I had that same “DeJa Vu” moment MANY, MANY times before. Maybe I sensed the start-point of an energy “loop” as it rolls back around to begin another cycle… Maybe I did something recently to trigger this old “loop” to dust itself off and become energized. Only Time will tell.
  • 2 – When Sylvia and I finished working on that song today, I backed it up. As I was doing that, I remembered a computer Client we had several years ago. She was writing a book and asked us for some computer help, over the course of a few months. During 1 visit, we explained how to backup her work each “day”, “week”, etc.
  • On the next visit, I had her go through her backup procedure, so we could see that she’s doing everything properly.
  • She did backup that file to at least 3 different places… but she kept saving the “current” version OVER the previous one — deleting it in the process.
  • So just as Sylvia and I are doing with this song, and every big-project we work on, we want share something which many of you should already know… Always keep every “version” / “revision” / “iteration” that you create. Save each in more than 1 place, including OUTSIDE of the computer — the “Cloud”, a “CD’ or “DVD”, extra hard drive, Flash Drive, etc. Then, once that project is finished… the book is printed… the CD is pressed, etc. and only then do you go back and trash all the files except the FINAL version… and ONLY do that if you really want to. There’s no harm in saving all those versions. Just be certain you know WHICH COPY is the FINAL version.


I don’t know if this is real but, “IF” it is, we may want to add this to the many puzzle-pieces some of us are doing our best to put-together.

This 8-minute video presents “radar-imaging” video of the Earth and “supposedly” shows an unnatural “Pulse” extending across the Atlantic Ocean. Later in the video, red “Sprites”, in the sky are shown. (I’m not sure I’ve even heard about this type of happening before this.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


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Paul & Sylvia

Since Sylvia "crossed-over" on 4/9/11", we have been working "through the Veil". In 2016, we finished an album together. Sylvia wrote it "over there" and sent the songs to me as "images", "feelings", etc. The various Rhythms, Melodies, Harmonies, Song Styles, etc. came to me as pieces, which I assembled into Songs. You can listen to this entire album for free from this page: (Be sure to scroll down, in order to read the Background information.)

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