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*First a comment:

This morning at breakfast, I was thinking about what “some” are saying… that 3 or 4 comets are coming close to the Earth in September, as well as the other “physical” problems currently laid on Humanity’s table to think about.

While I was thinking about all these puzzle pieces, Sylvia brought something to my awareness…

  • Humanity is facing its final challenge. Up until now, this Earth and its inhabitants were controlled by a “masculine” energy on various “physical” properties (of those energies).
  • We re now under the influence of “feminine” energies, which work from the “Spiritual” realm.
  • This means, our final challenge isn’t something anyone can blow-up, attack, visit or hate.
  • This final chapter of our 3rd dimensional Earth is on the “unseen” levels. It’s for us to “go within”. To cooperate.

This means, “negative” and “physical” energies have no place in our future… which is happening “Now”.

Several Sources, over these last few months, including input from my own observations, provide me with feedback that “something” is happening… “something” is changing throughout this planet. Is it from the energy now coming into us from the “Galactic Central Sun” or are we feeling these changes because the Cabal’s “psychic” and “technological” grip is continuing to lessen? Only Time will tell.

I mention this because, in “my” small world, I’ve had a few people tell me that they have been feeling a bit “different” lately and something happened to me, “personally” / “directly” today that also tells me “yes, there IS something happening”…

  • I’m a very careful driver. In fact, ever since Sylvia and I met, she always feels most at-ease when “I’m” driving. After the 1st few times of me driving us somewhere, Sylvia will not ride with another Driver unless she absolutely has to.
  • With that said, this is what happened this morning…
  • When we go to work, as we did this morning, we always travel the same route. So I know the:
  • • “roads”,
  • • “general traffic pulse” and the
  • • “rhythm of the signal lights at the Intersections”.
  • So, we’re traveling a little under the “Speeder’s Limit” (about 40mph) and the Signal Lights of the Intersection up ahead are about 60-feet in front of us. It’s a 3-lane road (in each direction). As we got to that point, I looked at the Signal Lights and all 3 of them were “Green”. So there was no need to slow down. We’re in the far-right lane and the only vehicle in that lane.
  • As we approached the Intersection, we saw a car, in the Turn Lane in the opposite direction, turn in front of use — across our path. I didn’t think much of it and continued.
  • A 2nd, 3rd and 4th car were behind that vehicle, waiting to make their turn across our Lane.
  • We got a little closer and that 2nd car crossed in front of us and barely made it.
  • That 3rd vehicle started to do the same thing but we were now in the middle of that Intersection. That vehicle stopped and blew its horn.
  • Now directly under the Signal Lights, I looked up and saw that ALL THREE LIGHTS were RED! There wasn’t enough time for them to change to “Yellow”. They never did.
  • We did make it through that Intersection without anyone “connecting”. As soon as we did, I asked Sylvia: “What just happened?”. I couldn’t find her response within my Senses but I did feel that either something influenced my energies or we went through some type of “TimeFold”.
  • Once that situation had passed, the feeling of everything being “surreal” set in. It was a bit strange.
  • At this point, the “accident event” had passed. So we continued driving but now the Signal Lights ahead of us were out of sync with what we usually experience.
  • Then we saw something strange in the sky (while driving). The Sun was behind some clouds and there was a small, bright, yellow object in the blue patch of sky just under the Sun. Thinking that “something” finally happened that we can actually “see”, we pulled into a nearby parking lot to get a better look.
  • When we stopped, the object had “lengthened” and became an airplane flying and leaving a contrail (water vapor). Although this turned out to be nothing, we were now back in-sync with our typical energies. So “Sylvia”, my “Guides” or “something” side-tracked us, in order to adjust us back into the TimeLine. Of course, your mileage may vary.

So this entire “happening” was very unusual for us.


The OP (Original Poster) of this forum thread is going through a similar situation with his Loved One from another lifetime.

Basically, he began having dreams of “this girl”. They would talk, go on trips together, be in class together, etc. One day he asked for more and he had a breakthrough… He remembered her from another lifetime. He remembered her name and that they “were” and “still are” married and that, for some reasons, she “didn’t” or “couldn’t” incarnate this Time with him.

This forum thread also contains more “very interesting” (and helpful, to “me”) information… At least 1 other person Commenting, said they were in the same situation.

The “OP” states that he’ll have to wait until his mission here is complete before he can be with her again. Then someone wrote this Comment:

  • “RavenSpeaks – posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 09:59 PM link”
  • “There may be another way other than medicina and meditation.”
  • “It is out there in the future.”
  • “How far , I do not know.”
  • “Maybe in our life time, or perhaps not.”
  • “My “teacher” has hinted as to it’s coming.”
  • “But I was made aware of it only perhaps because I asked the right question ,or was seen doing something that signaled it was time to for me to come to the knowledge of it.”
  • “You must ask the right questions.”
  • “Maybe your shaman knows more.”
  • “I suppose that you will have to ask the right questions.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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